2021/10/24th  –  LAPALMA Eruption and earthquakes – artificial attack?

. 1 – Actor ?  slip up ?  or something better ?   2 – Incredible dot connecting. If you need a massive dose of positivity, listen up   this’ll BLOW YOUR MIND!!   It is from Jan 2021 3 – Visit Original Source…


1 – Actor ?  slip up ?  or something better ?


2 – Incredible dot connecting. If you need a massive dose of positivity, listen up   this’ll BLOW YOUR MIND!!   It is from Jan 2021

3 – Lots of Max Igan’s latest here


5 – LIVE continual : La Palma Volcano Eruption,

6 – Did you forget about this one ?

Japan Spectacular Huge Eruption of Mount Aso in Kumamoto, Kyushu, Oct 20, 2021 

[embedded content]

7 – The nurse who passed out on cam  Dec 2020 – what really happened

8 – John Wilson, Former President Trades Hall 

He tells it as it is and calls out the politicians and Labor Union movement. Union members have to start a new Union movement to protect Australian workers.

Andrew Wilkie tabelled our first petition with 8782 signatures in Parliament & it’s going to the next level Andrew presents a petition on lifting suppression orders and a Federal Integrity Commission


Andrew Wilkie is a Politician representing the Treasonous Political Parties status Commonwealth of Australia as a sovereign, independent and federal nation. He is a Traitor just like the rest. If Political Parties created a Commission into Paedophiles, they would write up the Terms of Reference to suit them. They are in Treason now, since the 1960s so why change for a few people writing a petition when their necks are in a noose.

9 – Is Gates alive ?  but the Cabal want to continue his legacy 

10 – The Mysterious Disappearing Flu

Why is it that the official government number of influenza deaths in Australia in 2021 is ZERO, and that there has not been a single flu death recorded since April 2020? And that the number of previous flu deaths in Australia are coincidentally similar to the recorded Covid deaths?

Why is it that we must wear masks whenever mask manufacturers state that they provide no protection against Covid (and that they are Single use only)?

Why are we using the PCR test to determine whether someone has Covid or not, when the inventor of the PCR test stated that the PCR test is not meant to be used as a diagnostic test and certainly not at the significantly elevated number of cycles that it is being used at – since it will produce erroneous results?

Why is it that the governments of the UK, Europe, and the USA maintain that “the vaccines are safe” yet 5-million adverse events (where approximately 50% will result in life-time disablement) have been recorded in the voluntary reporting systems – which have been acknowledged in numerous studies to under-report adverse events by a factor of between 10 to 100? And why was the vaccination program not stopped in Australia given that the number of adverse events recorded in 2020 were 2 x number of adverse events recorded for the previous 20-years combined?

11 – Q phones

12 – Updates – click to open

Military is the Only Way Forward

Update Sat, Oct 23, 2021

Hydrogen Water is Proven Technique


13 – When you can afford only one guitar



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