2021/11/01st  All is being revealed, for the world to see

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Despite many requests to join up, people continue calling me saying – duh .. haven’t had any emails from you lately. – I have written many times that I do not do big emailouts any more – takes too long – Please subscribe on – FOLLOW LATEST NEWS VIA EMAIL >>> 


1 – On tonight’s news, Monday November 1, 2021 which will go down in the history of infamy, they are lauding Jeanette Young as one of the most deserving persons to have ever been given the honour of being our Governor. I almost threw up.   (You saw item 6 yesterday of course)  How could this Mass Murderer shoving the jab down everyone’s throat which they must know that it is killing people (her husband does the pathology tests and gets $110 for each jab), get elevated to a position such as this?    Defies any logic I can think of.   Rule 303 sooner than later ?


2 – Why get the vaccine?   The question to be vaccinated  Why do the “protected need to be protected” from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection? That did not protect the protected in the first place? If the vaccine works to prevent infection, then the vaccinated remain at some risk, and the unvaccinated would be less likely that obviously doesn’t work very well.


3 – If you become forced into a compromising situation with someone attempting to jab you – get their name and address and advise them they will be charged in the Nuremberg 2 Trials. The look on their faces is pure gold – so do it even to jabbers you already know.



4 – Possibly the hardest thing we have to accept is that the ignorant (those who will not listen or think) will not wake up.  Don’t bleat that they are brainwashed or don’t wanna know – their kind of ignorance is willful –  so you are wasting your time – in fact you are placing yourself in physical danger by associating with them.   Did Jesus and the Apostles run after people who were not interested … or did they just move on seeking those who wanted to hear?

Almost as fearful is the reports of potential doom and gloom scenarios of things one can do absolutely nothing about. So why make yourself sick with worry and panic. Why panic over a replayed speck by deceased Klaus Schwab or even a dead Clinton. If you still wanna believe that the Cabal under Lucifer is in charge – you may as well join the sleepers.  


5 – Practical solutions to some things are emerging all the time and I have put some of those in the Remedies Category


6 – Luke 8.17 For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.

[Forwarded from Hold The Line – Australia (Freedom For Australia)]  Interesting facts coming out of supreme court on NSW lockdowns… All is being revealed, for the world to see…for those interested…

BOMBSHELL REVELATION  From the court filings in the NSW Supreme Court case on mandatory vaccination. The lead vaccine researchers driving all government policy in Australia received $65,330,038 in government grants covering 2020-2023. Grants of this size are unprecedented.

Remember when Clive Palmer said in a press conference two weeks ago that Gladys Berejiklian was being paid tens of millions of dollars by a lobbyist in Sydney? 

Notice that the name “K Macartney” appears next to every single one of the grants. This is referring to Professor Kristine Macartney who is a paediatrician specialising in infectious diseases and vaccinology at the University of Sydney. She is also a director of the National Centre for Immunisation Research & Surveillance (NCIRS). Most revealingly, she is also a member of the Advisory Committee on Vaccines (ACV) of the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). Yep, the same TGA that BANNED lvermectin as an early treatment option for treating COVlD despite its high efficacy in other countries. Prof Kristine Macartney has also acted as an expert consultant to the *surprise surprise* World Health Organisation (WHO). She was also one of the contributing authors of a peer-reviewed paper entitled “Constructing an ethical framework for priority allocation of pandemic vaccines.” Read paper here:

Now you know why lvermectin was banned.

Now you understand what’s driving lockdown policy and vaccine mandates in Australia. The love of money is the root of all evil.


7 – A Coming False Flag in Australia


8 – It’s all happening   well worth 34 mins


9 – La Palma – Predicted or by Design   There are some very clever inspired people watching what’s going on – so pay attention.  Learn how predictive programming works and is being used daily


10 – Bill Gates is listed as deceased (+ Melinda) & not executed, which seems to give credence to the fact that maybe they were killed in India by angry villagers when the vax damaged the children. What we are seeing are the clones / doubles being arrested, I guess to notify the public.

What happens is that the MSM keeps showing the fakes so much that people see a similarity but don’t go back [3-5 years] to an old photo to check. Some of the fakes are so bad that I think they are doing that to wake people up – like Alec Baldwin doesn’t look like him at all.

We are told old Lizzie has been dead for about 2 years but the MSM is now preparing the public that she won’t live much longer – they will pick an important date like they did for Philip, I expect her death to be announced any day [31 Oct = 13 or maybe 5 Nov – Gay Fawkes day???]

Can I prove it? No, can only made a decision based on info I’ve seen.


11 – Absolutely vital prophetic word for Australia

Hi my name is Steph. I live in QLD, Australia and I come before you with some very important and weighty words and warnings from the LORD for the body of Christ, specifically here in Australia. Please know that I am very aware that we are in the end times; we have been since Jesus walked the earth. The words from the LORD in this video, however, are not about the tribulation period, it is not that time, this is not the end. At 12:40 I referred to the second army, one of the allies of the Midianites, that came against the “Midianites” – I meant to say, that came against the “Israelites”. The burden of carrying these words, to share them and to warm God’s people, has been immense. Please, please seek the LORD like never before. Prioritise time in the secret place with your Heavenly Father. Come before our LORD Jesus in worship as your process these words. May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13    36min


12 – VAXX repair PROTOCOL

Posted August 11, 2021

What do I do if I am vaccinated already?

NOTE:  Clif is a PhD in Mechanical Engineering; holds many patents; created the linguistic software programs used by the Webot.   10/30/21

 QUOTE:  “I’ve just got to the point now, where I’m simply not going to answer emails asking for assistance on preventative protocols on shots…Don’t send me emails about that…

“I do have ‘what you can do if you’ve taken the vaxxination’ pinned on my Twitter account

“It’s gonna get really weird, it’s gonna be years of this really weird sh*t to go through. You need to pace yourself, understand where you’re at and you need to understand it is a war and in a war, you must fight.

REPORTER NOTES:  (rough transcript; go to the link for details and accuracy)

The best thinking available at this moment:

NAC (an amino acid) for cellular repair

C60 for apoptosis to get rid of damaged cells and repair mitochondria

Ivermectin (12mg dose for regular adult body weight is a factor for dose use package)

Glutathione to flush out graphene acids and SPIONS

Vitamin D (critical) minimum 10,000 IU daily (35,000 IU in winter) probably daily rest of life – immune system support

Vitamin C (intracellular vaccine “cement” repair and other uses) Minimum 3 gms daily Episomal

Chaga tea daily (couple of cups should suffice – ¼ tsp chaga powder to 8 ounces hot water – ok to drink the chaga powder in the mix)

“Balanced Zinc”  (15 zinc to 1 cu) Amazon to locate by that label.  Protects against covid and will degrade SPIKE PROTEINS and SPIONS.

SUMMARY of VAX Side Effects

Released by ShariRaye… (16.44 minutes) on video October 8, 2021

Pfizer – Blood clots- Mycarditis – Pericarditis – Bals palsy – Death

Moderna – Blood clots – Myocarditis – Pericarditis – Bals palsy – Death

AstraZeneca – Blood clots- Mycarditis – Pericarditis – Bals palsy – Death

Johnson & Johnson – Blood clots- Mycarditis – Pericarditis – Bals palsy – Death

Novavax – Blood clots- Mycarditis – Pericarditis – Bals palsy – Death

Science Files:

“Until now, the development of vaccines against Corona viruses has regularly failed because RNA viruses mutate too quickly and often, which means that vaccines also “mutate”, which ultimately leads to the fact that they not only become ineffective, but also contribute to infection with Corona viruses.

 There are already mutations that are no longer recognized by the vaccines currently on the market.

 Booster vaccination, which is currently already being carried out in the USA, is most likely not only ineffective, but also harmful: it not only does not prevent any infection / disease / death from / from SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19, but also contributes to their popularization.

 Another study provides evidence of antibody-dependent enhancement occurring after vaccination. Ultimately, a result is achieved that is the opposite of the result that the vaccines were supposed to achieve.”



13 – The good news: Ivermectin is now scientifically recognized as an effective drug, in the prophylaxis and treatment of Covid-19 by researchers at the Pasteur Institute in France. The results of their studies were published in the journal EMBO Molecular Medicine on July 12, 2021, so that’s recently. Analysis of the results of other research published in the American Journal of Therapeutics strongly calls, with supporting evidence, to bridge the guidelines of health agencies and include Ivermectin as a standard of care. Macron’s government knew about it. Be good and don’t hesitate to cheer up people who don’t want to get vaccinated:


14 – Sunday Update with Judy Byington 


15 – A mass awakening is happening 


16 – *On Main Stream Media they admitted Clinton’s are reptilian or Aliens*


17 –  Victorian officials refuse to release vaccination status of virus deaths by Editor, cairnsnews   


18 – Unpaid covid fines


19 – click PDF Update Sunday, Nov 1, 2021



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