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2021/11/05 ChinaInsight

[video src="墙内世界-2021.11.05.mp4" poster="墙内世界-2021.11.05.mp4"]The migrant workers in “high growth urban eras” can never afford an apartment even with their lifetime’s salaries. Source… Visit Original Source…

001 Netizens exposed that a young female baby lived inside a garbage dump in Hunan Province. The local gornvenment-run womens association excused their responsibility to take care of the girl for “respecting her own mother’s right to raise the child.”

002   November 1st, netizens exposed that in Affiliated Hospital of Binzhou Medical University in Bingzhou, Shandong Province, the hospital are filled with children with high fever, many of those are infected with lobar pneumonia.

003   November 3rd, Kangle Village, Guangzhou. Tens of thousands of people can’t fiind a job here, and they joked that this is now the “Kangle jobless village.”

004   Dongguan, Guangdong Province. Former trade hub is now a deserted ghost town with the collapse of the real economy. Many shops are now turned into parking garages.

005   The migrant workers in “high growth urban eras” can never afford an apartment even with their lifetime’s salaries.

006   How parents are blackmailed: A kindergarten’s teacher in Anhui notified the parents to send designated brands of instant noodle buckets and empty snack buckets (outer packaging) to school. For the sake of his child, the father can only be forced to accept it.

007   Man that severely ill relies on a home-made ventilator to stay alive due to Communist China’s prohibitive medical costs.

008   Residence are told to self-isolate for a week, or they will get arrested and put into an isolation camp for half a month.

009   Food delivery services threatened the interest of school canteens. A college in Guangdong blocked delivery persons from entering the school.

010   November 4th, Chongqing. Old man bought 50 kilograms of rice, but found out that they are covered in mold.

011   November 3rd, Huzhou, Zhejiang Province. A customer suspected that the seller had increased rice price to double in two days. The shop owners said the price from two days ago was a “promotion price”

012   Novemebr 4th, Langfang, Hebeig Province. A lady offered some cash to an old vegetable seller who was cheated earlier by customer with fake notes.

013   Are the great rivers and mountains of China still great? Look at the footage of China’s polluted rivers.

014   Novermer 3rd, Zhong Nanshan from Chinese CDC: The Covid virus could last for much longer with us, but there are ways to control its spread. What is the evil intention of “Chinese Fauci” this time?

Nov. 5th, 2021

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