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. 1 – They wouldn’t lie – surely ? ************************************** 2 – Riccardo  belligerent   but sanitised ************************************** 3 – NSW Police officer Belinda Hocroft wins court case claiming mandated vaccine is unlawful and incorrect Tue 21/09/2021 6:31 AMBREAKING Yay! For Visit Original Source…


1 – They wouldn’t lie – surely ?


2 – Riccardo  belligerent   but sanitised


3 – NSW Police officer Belinda Hocroft wins court case claiming mandated vaccine is unlawful and incorrect

Tue 21/09/2021 6:31 AM

For anyone following the Court proceedings against Hazzard, the Hocroft vs Hazzard case was settled out of court in favour of the Plaintiff (Hocroft)  Thank you Anestis Mantzouranis. This was the case of NSW Police officer Belinda Hocroft who was told that she needed at least the first shot by September 19th or she would be fired and not be able to return to her work. Belinda was represented by Charly Tannous of Sage Solicitors who argued that Belinda, a mother of four, was very concerned about the long term effects of the vaccine and felt it was a breach of her right to choose.
This case now becomes a reference case for anyone else in the same position, and sets a precedent that proves that the Government claim of mandate is UNLAWFUL and INCORRECT. This should encourage everyone in the same position to hold on to your values, to fight back where you are being coerced and to know that you are on the right side of history! It sets a precedent for everywhere in Australia. We now have a reference. LETS GO FOR IT AUSTRALIA


4 – 3000 South Australian health workers protest


5 – Vaccines are our enemy – the promoters can’t help themselves – they know it


6 – Brian Shaw – Dan Andrews charges explained  

Dan Andrews was served papers from a magistrates court in rural Victoria and he is being charged with treason against the people of Australia. 1st Nov 1999 all of Australia was corporatised, in other words, police force, courts, Parliament, councils, everything! has an ABN, we are a corporation and registered in the US and no longer have a government, it is all false. 8th Nov 1999 all of Australia voted in referendum to be either a republic(what they thought we would choose) or stay under the Queen (which is what Aust did vote) but too late, oops, they sold us already.

Everything a lie since. All those in government who swear in to the Queen know this and are guilty of treason. That’s the charges being laid against Andrews. Obviously everyone in Parliament is guilty but he was the chosen one to go after first for obvious reasons. Now he must attend this criminal court on the 17th of December and if he does not attend (which is what they are expecting) the criminal court magistrate must place a bail upon Dan Andrews. He then has a criminal record. No person in government can have a criminal record and he must stand down.

So Dan Andrews is done for.  Further ramifications…, the emergency power Bill he wanted to pass is now also put on hold and can no longer proceed through Parliament because of court proceedings. Further ramifications are that letters are going out to the other State Premiers and other MP’s asking that this information about Dan Andrews and the corporatisation of Aust be read into Parliament. Now here’s the thing right, if they refuse, which they most likely will, they can also then be charged with treason!!! So we are at the beginning of the end for them all. We need to let every person we know, know this information because so many are scared and this is so so important it comes to light because they and the media will try to hide it.

Already Dan Andrews used police and fire departments yesterday to try and cover it up. On the news it was said that his office “received a mysterious package” and they boarded up the front windows. Nothing mysterious about it, it was stamped with magistrates Court seal and signed for upon receipt. He knows what it is. All courts in Vic are by video now so we are going to try and see if we can find out if it can be openly viewed by live stream. Info yet to come and I’ll try and keep you all informed as I find out.

But wait there’s more… someone else has filed papers and another different case and proceedings against Andrews yesterday at the world Court in Hague, apparently there is no court higher than this across the world. I’m only guessing but I’d say these proceedings are tied in with the work toward the Nuremberg trials. I have not been given any more details about this one yet. Now nothing like this has ever happened in history so no one knows exactly what will happen and there’s probably a tonne of questions we all have. But there is so much hope.

There are many people working tirelessly to bring these evil people down. It will happen. Stay focused on the light and exactly as @Ak Ak said, keep as much in the positive and away from the negative vibrations as possible

Dick’s comments  PDF     Dick Yardley overview of current situation with D.A (003)


7 – Overcast skies force UK to turn on gas and coal for Glasgow

Terry McCrann The Australian November 3, 2021

Deliciously, Gaia rolled out its own special welcome to the 20,000 or more carbon dioxide-belching, bloviating carpetbaggers, main chancers and assorted climate hysterics flocking by private jet and first and business class into Glasgow. Right around the British Isles, onshore and offshore, the wind stopped blowing and the sun stopped shining through cloudy and overcast skies. With the Climate Conference in full swing, coming up for midday on Tuesday, the entire British grid was getting just 1200 megawatts of power from wind and zero, zip, not-a-single-watt from embedded roof-top solar.

To keep the lights on at the conference – and the heating, as the temperature struggled up from near-zero – and across Glasgow, and indeed all of Britain, as Boofhead Boris was demanding we all abandon fossil fuels, some 21,000MW was coming in Britain from, cough, cough, that CO2-emitting fossil fuel known as gas. Yes, gas generation was supplying 61 per cent of all of Britain’s electricity. Another 6.5 per cent was coming from burning woodchips – and pumping out more CO2 than comes from coal.

And indeed, most deliciously of all, Britain even had to turn some coal-fired generation back on.


8 – Eceti Skywatch Mothership?

I really do not know what to make of this – real or a giant hoax ??  we will soon know which it is – eh

AWESOME ‘PLEIADIAN MOTHERSHIP’ Moves Across The Night Sky For All To See (Video) 5:26 min.  ECETI Stargate Official YouTube Channel
Premiered May 25, 2021  Pleiadians are increasing their presence near the surface of the planet. Here you can see their mothership. This footage was captured by James Gilliland at the World Famous Eceti Ranch located in Beautiful Trout Lake Washington.

Something weird is getting real now ???


9 – UPDATE  Click to open PDF

Update Sunday, Nov. 7, 2021



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