2021/11/13th – Daniel Andrews Charge and Summons – the docs

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Thanks and welcome to the new people

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KILL THE BILL rally Melbourne 13th Nov 2021
Estimates show there were at least 50,000 there!
The people have spoken…KILL THE BILL

1 – Daniel Andrews Charge and Summons

Issued FYI with permission from Brian Shaw.

There are other guilty Premiers and mongrels in various Departments – you know what to do now

Andrews charged on Two Counts     



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2 – Reiner Fullmich  W.H.O. concedes the Covid Virus is just like the Common Flu.

Covid Tests are totally fake and the vaccines have nothing to do with Covid – the jab is designed to kill as many as possible


3 – Wales, UK. a Barrister plays back a recording of Boris Johnson admitting Vaccines don’t work. 


4 – This prick saysYou’re crazy if you don’t get vaxxed and you won’t be able hide – Well that prick is another candidate for Nuremberg 2 and he and the Ch Nine prestitutes should see the above items at least

and they better know this


5 – Report A Business Here That Is Banning The Unvaccinated. They Will Be Issued A Legal Warning Letter


6 – People in the know…. KNOW… that things are happening.

Operation London Bridge… is the beginning of the Grand Finale… and the Coup de Grace (take down of the deep state)… The “death” of the Queen of England will be announced… (yes, we know this is staged for military purposes, because the Queen died long ago and the deep state used doubles). 

We are witnessing the END of the Ancient Masonic Financial System…. and a transfer to an entirely new and better way of living for the entire planet …. with “Light Hats” in control of the new system. 

The New World Order…. is dead.

UK police who have served in the metropolitan police force of London and who are now stationed in other parts of the country are being called back to London on temporary assignment.

Some military units being brought to the capital to share barracks with London military units.

Police speculate that it’s something to do with the Queen…


7 – Queensland Nurse speaks out about the communism that’s now in full swing. With Carolyn Gaschk

Today on The AJ Roberts Show we are joined by Queensland Registered Nurse Carolyn Gaschk. Carolyn, a RN of 39 years, has witnessed nothing short of medical apartheid, high levels of coercion, gagging orders and injuries from shots across hospitals and medical facilities in southern QLD. This has lead her to taking a stand and speaking out and she’s here today, exclusively on The AJ Roberts Show to share the horrors that are now rife in QLD and across Australia.


8 – Don’t fear the Cabal 5G Phones  Click PDF  Space Phones


9 – South Australian Senator Alex Antic today became the second Federal Coalition Senator to issue Prime Minister Scott Morrison an ultimatum on vaccine mandates.

Breaking: Second Senator Gives PM Ultimatum on Vaccine Mandates


10 – Fill it out.   Get it witnessed, carry or upload to your medicare if you have it,   (so I’m told)

Medicare PDF  medicare


11 – Planning a trip to Queensland? Beware of the fine print around COVID-19 vaccine requirements  –  all mandate BS  to scare 

They are all bloody Mandates – not one is a LAW


12 – More from the Lying Qld Govt – Benchmark creeping is when they keep moving the goalposts. Well, they did it again. Just when folks thought they’re immunised, think again. The insanity continues along with the jabs   –

take a deep breath before you read this arrogance

Please note – you will no longer be classified a fully vaccinated unless you maintain your booster schedule as directed. You may also require a digital identity to maintain your status.  You may also be required to comply with further vaccination mandates in order to maintain your status. Governments and vaccine manufacturers are protected from any liability in the event of harm or deaths

and this – QR code


Update – click –  Judy Byington RV Excerpts from the Restored Republic via a GCR


Michael Flynn drops a Bomb on MSM    11 Nov

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