2022/01/13th – Why is there plastic on the payment keypad?

. Yes this site was under stress now temporarily repaired   Sorry for so many articles here – I had to catch up a bit while it is still possible.  Use your time to catch up on recent posts and other Visit Original Source…


Yes this site was under stress now temporarily repaired   Sorry for so many articles here – I had to catch up a bit while it is still possible. 

Use your time to catch up on recent posts and other categories  Do not do much downloading as it increases site stress. Considerable $$ are needed to upgrade and increase protection,  Note new details for Direct Deposit   (sender = your name – gift)

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1 – Variants now of concern

e have news about further variants now circling the globe, following the discovery of the moronic variant. Please stay alert as to changes in the demeaner of associates which may mean that they have contracted one of these new variants.  Rest assured you are, however, safe as no doubt those non infected by a non existent variant, will continue daily to test test test, with a test that cannot find anything, let alone say if a person is ill. However those testing are of course doing their public duty in keeping this absolute farcical circus going, for which the elites and those in power thank them.

  1. The idiot variant.

This variant seems to attach itself to the unthinking and affects the brain to the extent that the infected cannot critically think and the person then relies on Jeremy Vine for updates as to what is really going on in the world. Other symptoms are glazed eyes and a deep desire to get a 4th and 5th booster whilst knowing the vaccines don’t work

  1. The imbecilic variant

Like the idiotic variant but worse as the person also has a wish to listen to Dr Hillary Jones and even, tragically, may want to buy his book. Other symptoms present as triple masking and involuntary shouting at anyone not following the narrative

  1. The asinine variant

Again similar to the above 2 variants but has more affect on the eyes as those presenting with symptoms have an inability to accept the truth of the empirical data presented in writing to them, both about vaccines not working, and survival rates of the non flu virus. Broadly, people affected by this variant still watch the BBC, so do check your older relatives for this one, and watch them closely

  1. The ludicrous variant

The most dangerous variant of all, this may have infected alot of the population already. People can present as symptomless, but you can soon recognise they are infected as they continue to repeat certain phrases such as “I’m following the science”, “my mask protects you”, and “you need to get a vaccine so my vaccine that didn’t work, works better”. Beware of coming into very close contact with anyone infected with this variant. They can become hostile and aggressive especially if you mention the words Yeadon, Malone and Vanden Bossche.

     5 – Anothercon

We will bring you further public service updates as they become necessary. In the meantime, stay sane and carry on living your life free from fear.   Stand by for more variants soon



Me: Why is there plastic on the payment keypad?
Cashier: To reduce the risk of catching or spreading COVID.
Me: but isn’t everyone touching the plastic the same as touching the regular keypad?
Cashier: No words, confused look.
Me : Why don’t you pack the grocery bags anymore?
Cashier: To reduce the risk of catching or spreading COVID.
Me: But the staff took it out of a box to put it on the shelf, a few customers might of picked it up and put back, I put it in my trolley then the conveyer belt, YOU pick it up to scan it, but bagging it after you scan is risky?
Cashier: No words, confused look.

Server: (holds tray out the window with bag of food for me to grab)
Me: Why is my food on a tray?
Server: So I don’t touch your food.
Me: Didn’t the cook touch my food? Didn’t the person wrapping my food touch it and again when placing it in my bag? Didn’t you touch the bag and put it on the tray?
Server: No words, confused look.

Society: Cough or sneeze into your elbow or sleeve. Don’t shake hands or hug anyone or you will spread the virus, instead tap your elbows.
Me: Elbow tap? Isn’t that where you tell people to sneeze or cough? Now you want people to tap each other with that elbow. Wouldn’t it be safer to sneeze into elbow and shake hands like we did before COVID?

Hostess: I can seat you at this table 4 feet away but I will need you to wear a mask to the table.
Me: What about at the table?
Hostess: You can take off the mask.
Me: So it is safe over at the table?
Hostess: Yes.
Me: Are those fans blowing above the table? Is that air-conditioning I feel? Is the air circulating in here?
Hostess: no words. Confused look.

You are not allowed to stand and drink at the pub or bar, you have to sit down. But at the shopping centre you are not allowed to sit down, all the chairs are roped off.

Who thinks this stuff up?    process and execute logic.

3 – Covid In IC Around The World. 

China and Australia pics are identical.  Texas and Italy pics are identical.  Texas and Sweden very similar.   All in the same ward at different times?


4 – The lies that bind – the left’s COVID lies already being overtaken by the truth


5 – Palaszczuk’s pathetic police pounce on cafe patron, takes four pigs her

by Editor, cairnsnews

Link to pass around:

from Matt Straight   Hervey Bay: This is Australia now people. Such a sad day when five disgusting individuals in police uniform come to my cafe, Interrogate me as to whether I’m allowing un-vaxxed people dine at my establishment and then proceed to check all guests and arrest this lovely lady just because she wouldn’t show her medical records to them. So disgusted and embarrassed to be Australian right now. (so is the rest of the world)


6 – These 2 sites are highly recommended and will definitely assist anyone fighting Covid Tyranny   The first is a legitimate global study of the unvaxxed amid Covid. The site has great resources to assist the unvaxinated in the study to not be discriminated against.

The Second is the Global Economic Forum which is in direct opposition to the World Economic Forum (which is completely corrupt). On this site you can report businesses that discriminate against the unvaxxed. Once a complaint is lodged they send an email to the business which is a legal notice of impending legal action and gives the business 21 days to respond.


7- “Novak Djokovic is a lying, sneaky asshole!” – so sayeth the media 

The lies of the Australian Main Stream Media Channel 7 exposed to the whole world! Undeniable proof that the MSM are anti-Novax Djokovic. Your honour, I rest my case.


8 – Police deploy pepper spray on Novak Djokovic fans!

[embedded content]


9 – Djokovic wins court case against Australian government

it’s ENTIRELY about politics – as the whole world watches on to see if the Austr Gov is as tyrannical to foreigners as it is to its own peopleFortunately the legal system took notice of the stupidity of the Victorian decision to lock him up & the Court decided to order his release, with an costs. Naturally Djokovic will be well compensated by the Commonwealth purse (our money’s) for trying to bully and sully the reputation of a world class athlete. How dumb these people are to think that the political mafia can bully foreigners  We really do have dumb %$&^* as leaders in this country, the “yes men” bunch


10 – The real reason they are vaccinating your child


11 – Covid Camps = follow the money 




I’m disturbed by it, but not only from the physical damage because I feel so duped. I did what I thought was best at that time with the information I had.  So I’ve had to let that go and know that when I know better, I also have the power to do better. Same here it took a while to get over being duped! Luckily I always ate  fish and cheese during my vegetarian/vegan leaning years. And it is slightly disturbing when I think about the social programming going on with veganism and how they will be forever reliant on the allopathic system.

Nah when I was vegan for a year I experienced brain fog so bad I couldn’t remember my phone number and 6 digit clock in number at work. Depending on the person it can happen really quickly. But it can also be healed with animal fats and protein. I was vegan for 2 years 2018-2020.  I was the most pushy I’ve ever been about anything. I think I got quite a few people doing it.  I was like ‘you do realize you are eating chickens periods !’Type of thing 🙄 I think I may have been tired a lot but not sure I’m always tired. I’ve never enjoyed eggs more now than in my whole life. Oh and when I learned I’d been duped?!  I felt like a right chump.


12 – Conspiracy No More. The Sleepers Are Waking Up WHEN THEY GET SIDE EFFECTS


13 –  Epstein & Maxwell Are Israeli Spies, Planned Bioweapon Shots, Says Doctor


14 – Hervey Bay Qld Dayman General Store Cafe


15 – Covid vaccine rollout for kids slammed by parents, doctors: ‘Ridiculous’

Angry parents have vented their frustrations after their children’s Covid vaccine appointments were cancelled due to lack of supply.


16 – Camps in USA


17 – CAMPS in Scotland


18 – NHS doctor tells Health Secretary he won’t get jabbed


19 – No insurance if you are jabbed 

So, just in from France. See link below. Rich elderly man with lots of life insurance (millions) for his family’s benefit dies from covid jab (not disputed by the doctors, nor his life insurers). Insurance company refused to pay out because the taking of experimental drugs, treatments, etc., is excluded from the policy. The family take the insurance company to court, but lose. The judge states, “the experimental vaccine side effects are publicised and the deceased could not claim not to have known about them when he voluntarily took the jab. There is no law or mandate in France which forced him to be jabbed. Therefore, his death is essentially suicide”. Suicide is also excluded from his policy. If anyone ever challenges you on whether these jabs are experimental or not, and that neither the pharma companies, nor govts, nor anyone else but YOU are responsible for accepting them and if you die, legally you have committed suicide. No insurance, no payouts, no refunds. You are on your own!


20 – Pfizer admits Vaccines don’t work, but new Vaccine coming March 2022


21 – Nikola Tesla’s Greatest SECRET Finally Revealed.


22 – Medical Genius Rudolph Steiner on the true purpose of Vaccines

⁣Excerpt from “The Fall of the Spirits of Darkness (CW 177), a cycle of 14 lectures” by Rudolf Steiner. Given in Dornach from the 29 of September to the 28 of October, 1917. Translated by Anna Meuss FIL, MTA. Brought to you with the permission of Rudolf Steiner Press of London.


23 – Another brainwashed TURD pushing vaccines – we are surrounded by these Zombies


24 – Mass arrests on going


25 – More updates Click to read

Restored Republic via a GCR as of January 14th, 2022 




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The Covid-19 Vaccine Kills!

What is going on is a bio weapon heart stopper – the elites call a ‘vaccine’

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