2202/03/03rd – A lot to see – you have 2 days

. All items are opinions and anticipation. No one knows the full truth nor the future which changes continually. Thousands read my post daily  If you haven’t already subscribed, please enter you email address to  receive notifications of new posts Visit Original Source…


All items are opinions and anticipation. No one knows the full truth nor the future which changes continually.

Thousands read my post daily  If you haven’t already subscribed, please enter you email address to  receive notifications of new posts by email.   >>>>>

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1 – There won’t be a nuclear conflict

I learned decades ago from Bruce Cathie that such bombs are impossible. Yes there are huge bombs as per Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but they are not nuclear as we are lead to believe. it’s merely for fear mongering.


2 – Actual billboard sign in Pennsylvania     amazing


3 – Fully vaccinated people account for 9 of 10 COVID deaths


4 – Why so much rain ?

A nice way to take the heat off the chook. Ties in with her land grab strategy Abolition of land titles; pushed thru quietly in 2019 under the cover of CV19.

Kick the Aussie battlers when they’re down and make sure they don’t get up to pay their mortgages. No jobs, no repayments, No Food, No more fun. 

We received more rain in 3 days than we normally get in a year. The weather system above Brisbane sat their stationary for 4 days. Wonder if someone was fiddling with the sky.

If you wanna kill the economy, try tampering with the weather. No one will suspect that one.

Brisbane flood predicted by a man in Liverpool, England   See first 2 rows for his forecasts which came true. Floods to quash freedom rallies ?

Click to open    2020_Cloud-seeding-operations-report


5 – Qld Health Alert – New mandates ? 

More people have died in QLD from the flooding in 3 days than have died from COVID-19 in two years. From 6pm 1st of March it will now be mandatory to wear floaties when outdoors even if you are nowhere near flood waters. This is for your safety and the safety of others.

UPDATE: It will also be mandatory to wear diving fins at all times. We understand that a lot of people may not be able to wear them for various reasons therefore we are making it mandatory and you will not be able to work, go to pubs and restaurants etc without them.

Remember you must stay splashing distance away from people and never sit as water can come from nowhere and kill you. This is for 2 weeks to flatten the water but can change at any time if we get a new weather pattern. 



6 – Within 6 hours, COVID LETHAL INJECTION begins the transhumanization process of cells. Literally, you become a mutant!

A new independent medical study (meaning no conflicts of interest) shows the Beast’s LETHAL INJECTION begins transhumanisation of cells within 6 short hours. Literally meaning, technically, you become a mutant!      

Also here, it appears Governor Ron DeSantis has now sold out to his Beast master by providing legal cover to hospitals so they can continue their federally funded (financially incentivized) standard euthanisation protocols. If you think otherwise, convince me!


7a – Fake News stories coming out of Ukraine


Watch the full vid here


8 – Putin Delivers Speech on Moral Crisis of Western States    from the Australian Nation Review

Putin Delivers Speech on Moral Crisis of Western States

9 – Russian Columns Are Tolerating Molotov Cocktail Attacks and Giving Way to Ukrainian Civilians at Intersections    Read the comments


10 – Proof of labs and organ harvesting in the Ukraine


11 – Putin Bombs Biden-Owned Villa in Ukraine while Hammering Biolabs & Pedophile Rings

Putin said his fighter planes had destroyed a Biden-owned, 200-acre villa 35km west of Kyiv. Over a year ago it was reported that soldiers found shackles and childrens’ remains in the basement of this villa. He insisted that Biden was deeply enmeshed in Ukraine’s criminal enterprises, “many people within Biden’s demonic den” profited massively from the “conflagration of evil” that had rooted itself on Ukrainian soil Putin’s attempts to find, isolate, and wipe out child trafficking covens that had been running with impunity in Ukraine, an operation that began after Russian Special Forces, while searching for weapons of mass destruction, stumbled upon a brick building filled with captive children.


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  1. The Alliance was looking for the “Wizard behind the curtain” who directed the entire Earth for Lucifer and they found him at CERN

George Mark Malloch Brown, Baron Malloch-Brown KCMG PC is a British diplomat, communications consultant, journalist and former politician who has served as president of Open Society Foundations since 2021. Wikipedia Born: 16 September 1953 (age 68 years), England, United Kingdom    See more about him below

  1. Ben Fulford has reported that Switzerland announced that it would end its “neutrality” status and that opens the way for arrests and prosecutions of the many very bad guys in Lake Geneva.  Also, he reports that Russia has NOT USED the SWIFT system for many years, so the BS from MSM can be ignored.

  1. Insight… Dr. Ward has been correctly reporting…on behalf of the Alliance that we are “watching a SHOW”… but the definition of the term show or pantomime that we normally use is the wrong definition.  The Alliance is correct … we must change our own understanding.

INSTEAD:  We are watching an operation… a meticulously well written DRAMA… This show is very REAL… and often DEADLY…. but there is nothing “we, the little people ” can do about it… but work at our local levels to stabilize this Process.  When History is rewritten to reflect the truth, and the present chapter is written, then it will make sense to us.

Notice there is humour… real COMEDY in this show for stress relief, like Biden and his three hands last week or Biden tripping three times up a flight of stairs.  “Eat popcorn”… means pay attention to the plot, so that you understand what is happening before your eyes.

FACT:  We know the Cabal had their own plan, “The Great Reset” with population reduction and the Alliance had to let the criminals “do the crime” before they could be arrested.  That is how law works.

Example;  You cannot arrest a shoplifter until he actually steps out the door with the goods.  (I worked in retail and know about that process.)

Example:  You cannot arrest a person who looks like a criminal, the person has to perform a crime first.

  1. So rearrange the molecules in your brain, accommodate new facts as we go, keep your own Journal about events, decide how to yank the bad officials out of their chairs either with arrests or elections. WE ARE A PART OF THIS SHOW, It is a REALITY show, and not a fiction.

  2. President Trump did “hear” Simon’s message.  He said, “The White Hats are persecuting the AWAKE people and not the sleeping people” and it appears that Trump  has already reacted to it.  Yesterday, per Dr. Mount, there were 3 governors told to get the Mask mandates off of the people, they refused, and they are now replaced.  Washington State was one of those governors.

  3. I am adding Real Raw News today, the author calls his work “fiction” but he is using real FACTS given to him by the Alliance.  Understand this is a normal part of war, there is fake news in the media, and real news in the Tabloids.  Very old military procedure.  The trick is knowing which tabloid has the real news … AHHHHH

  4. Stay prepped and ready to go through a HUGE SCARE EVENT, with outages.  It is real.  It will hurt people.  But, when the smoke clears and God is moving, we will be the victors and the global evil will fall. 

Looks like we are now in the GRAND FINALE…. time for FIREWORKS….


13 – Restored Republic March 1st


  • Lord Malloch Brown controls CERN, which controls the Vatican, Soros, Rothschilds, etc. All links to U.N & W.H.O, Dominion & Smartmatic. Think DAVOS, WEF and CERN in Lake Geneva.

  • Something really big was going on in Switzerland & Luxembourg. The Spetznaz raided the Vatican. The French Foreign Legion raided CERN


14 – Dr. Francis Collins Hanged at GITMO

By Michael Baxter February 23, 2022

Another Deep State actor has bitten the dust. On Monday, 21 February, Dr. Francis Collins was hanged to death at Guantanamo Bay, but he did not go quietly into the night, or, in his case, the dawn. Whimpering, bawling, snivelling, and moaning, Collins tried to bargain for his life as a uniformed Marine shoved him up the shallow steps leading to the gallows. (continues at the site)


15 – Special Forces Seize Strategic Petroleum Reserves after Biden Gives Away 35,000,000+ Barrels

By Michael Baxter  February 26, 2022

U.S. Special Forces last Saturday seized control of the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) after learning that the criminal Biden regime had donated to France approximately 35,000,000 barrels of crude, 5% of our nation’s protected fuel supply, a high-ranking military source told Real Raw News.

Last November, the criminal Biden regime siphoned the SPR for 50,000,000 barrels, a move usually set aside for war, saying his actions would arrest rising gas prices and “put money back in consumers’ pockets.” Motorists, he touted at the time, would see a gradual decrease in pump prices over the next few months.

Instead, the opposite transpired; the median cost of a gallon of gas has increased 47 cents, an aberration not seen since the Carter years. At the time of this writing, the average gallon of gas cost $3.61, with some pumps on the west coast charging nearly double that figure.  (continues)


16 – Putin Tells Trump, “We’re Burning the Trash.” Biolaboratories Destroyed

By Michael Baxter    February 25, 2022

Vladimir Putin has kept frequent contact with Donald J. Trump as Russian soldiers, aircraft, and warships continue to bombard eastern Ukraine, targeting not civilians but Western-sponsored bioweapons laboratories that zigzag the countryside like a child’s connect-the-dots puzzle, a Mar-a-Lago source told Real Raw News.

Our source emphasizes he is reporting only what Putin has told Trump; he is not attesting to the veracity of Putin’s statements, and Trump, he said, has yet to independently verify Putin’s claims.

On Thursday Trump reportedly took a third telephone call from Putin and was told the Russian military had obliterated 13 bioweapon facilities across Ukraine. Some were subterranean and struck several times to ensure their destruction.


17 – Shock Claim: Russian Spetznas Liberate Child Trafficking Victims in Ukraine

By Michael Baxter   February 27, 2022

It seems an implausible tale.  Valiant Spetznas searching for an alleged bioweapons laboratory in central Ukraine accidently stumble upon a child trafficking den, a dimly lit bunker holding 100 young boys and girls whose eyes dilate when the soldiers’ flashlights illuminate the decrepit chamber. Some are emaciated, while others, mostly little girls, appear in better health, as if their jailors pick and choose who to feed and who to let starve to the bone. They are children of eclectic nationalities—Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Romanian, Swiss, French, and, yes, American—and many have a wrist or ankle shackled to the floor or a wall. Many children tremble at the sight of a dozen Spetsnaz sweeping assault rifles from side to side, undoubtedly uncertain of the soldiers’ intentions.


18 – Putin Lights Purifying Fire to Cleanse Ukraine of Pedophiles

By Michael Baxter   March 1, 2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday told President Trump he harbored no ill will toward innocent Ukrainians caught amid conflict but will not forsake his mission to “sanctify” Eastern Europe of ungodly “Western influences,” a Mar-a-Lago source told Real Raw News.

The influences he mentioned include Western-funded bioweapon labs and child sex traffickers who found safe harbor in Ukraine after it declared independence from the USSR in 1991. He said both Zelenskyy and his predecessor, Petro Poroshenko, not only allowed sex traffickers to operate with impunity in Ukraine but also encouraged the “industry’s” proliferation, as they received enormous kickbacks from international predators booted from their own respective nations.

Putin called Kyiv a “den of pedophiles” and said only a “purifying fire” would purge the country of interminable sickness. His diatribe on the topic came several days after a Russian Special Forces detachment “accidentally” stumbled upon a child trafficking den in central Ukraine. The facility, described by the rescued children as hellish, filthy, and demonic, was a temporary home to 100 abductees from six countries.


19 – Putin Vows to Crush Child Traffickers in Ukraine

By Michael Baxter    February 28, 2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin has given himself a new mission in addition to ridding the Ukraine of Western-funded biolabs, said a Mar-a-Lago source privy to a 5th telephone call in as many days between the Russian leader and President Donald J. Trump.

Considering revelations that click foreign child traffickers had kidnapped Russian children and transported them to the Ukraine to sell into child slavery,     Putin on Sunday told Trump that he intends to isolate and destroy child slavery covens on Ukrainian soil.

According to Putin, the Russian Children’s Welfare Society interviewed 6 Russian children, ages 12-16, who were among the 100 multinational kids freed by Spetznas in central Ukraine Friday afternoon. They shared similar, harrowing stories. Three were abducted from their homes, at night, near the border city of Belgorod, which sits 10 miles inside the Ukrainian border. Their abductors captured them as parents worked or slept; rural southwest Russia is rife with destitution, and parents, unable to afford babysitters, often entrust God to care for their children whilst they hammer out a meager living. The remaining 3 said they’d been abducted at shopping centers, when momentarily separated from parents or guardians.

Real Raw News has not received information on circumstances surrounding other abductions.

Four of the six had endured captivity for one or two weeks, but two children had difficulty estimating their time in bondage; prolonged confinement in a dark, windowless cell had skewed their perception of time and space. One guessed “six-to-eight weeks.” And of the six, three said their jailors had shuttled them to their point of rescue from other internment camps that held “many, many, many more children.”

“Putin told Trump that, at least to the kids’ account, the traffickers all spoke fluent Ukrainian but only sparse or broken Russian, and some Armenian. They wore ski masks, so the kids never saw the faces. The total number of children there was 100, 76 Russian, 9 French, 1 Swiss, 5 American, 6 Ukrainian, not sure of others. Apparently, the Ukrainian children translated for the rest,” our source said.

Putin, our source added, said 46 are being medically treated for a broad spectrum of maladies: Malnourishment, lacerations, puncture wounds, dysentery, dehydration, respiratory infections, STDs, and sexual abuse. A 13-year-old girl had been violently sodomized.

“I will find who did this and crush them, all of them,” Putin reportedly told Trump.

“Putin claims he wants to repatriate all the kids, but since European countries have closed airspace to Russian flights, and no one will talk to him, he’s stuck in a barrel. Trump will bring our children home,” our source said.

In other news, Putin also said the Russian military had destroyed four 18-wheelers that “Western terrorists” had converted into roving bioweapon laboratories.  Moreover, he said fantastical stories about him appearing in Western media were a product of CIA invention, citing specifically a NY Post article claiming paranoia and pandemic-induced isolation had driven him mad.

As always, RRN is merely reporting what Putin told Trump; we do not know whether his words are true, partly true, or propaganda.

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20 – Click  Restored Republic via a GCR as of March 3rd, 2022 



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