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4,200 Deaths Increase in Europe Every Day, WHO Warns: The Number of Deaths May Exceed 2 Million in March Next Year

COVID-19 virus has become the leading cause of death in Europe. Recently, an average of 4,200 people has died every day. If we do not try to control it, the cumulative death toll in Europe in March next year may exceed 2 million. Source… Visit…

Author:Fangyu Zhang via ETtoday
Translation and Commentary: Thomson

Many restaurants and public places in Germany require complete vaccination or recovery from the infection before entering. (Photo/Reuters)

Commentary: Viruses and vaccines ravage the world. Europe has once again become the epicenter of the epidemic. Facts have proved that the vaccine is not the savior of the virus. All this has sounded a wake-up call for people. The righteous people from all over the world unite to pursue the truth and defeat the evil forces.

According to The Guardian, the WHO warned that Europe has once again become the epicenter of the pandemic. The number of deaths reported every day reached 4,200, twice as many as in September. In Europe, including the United Kingdom, the cumulative number of deaths has exceeded 1.5 million. If we do not try to control it, the cumulative deaths in Europe may exceed 2 million by March next year.

According to the WHO, hospital beds in 25 of the 53 countries in the entire European region will face extreme pressure. The intensive care units in 49 countries will also face the same situation. The number of confirmed cases in Europe soars again. The reason is the highly contagious Delta variant and the slackness of epidemic prevention measures since this summer. Only 48% of the people wear masks when they go out. As the weather gets colder and people begin to gather indoors, the infection rate may become more severe.

At present, more than 1 billion doses of the vaccines have been injected in Europe, and an average of about 53.5% of people have been fully vaccinated. However, this figure hides the great differences between countries. Some countries have less than 10% vaccination rate, while others have more than 80%. The WHO says that vaccines are an important tool to prevent severe illness and death. It calls on the government to give priority to high-risk groups for booster shots to “save” thousands of lives.


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