5 MEPs Respond to Ursula von der Leyen’s Proposal to Talk About Mandatory Vaccination in EU

ER Editor: MEP for Roumania, Cristian Terhes and 4 colleagues lead once again another attack on the fascism that is fast characterizing the European Union, led by Ursula von der Leyen. See also this article […]
The post 5 MEPs Respond to Ursula von der Leyen’s…

ER Editor: MEP for Roumania, Cristian Terhes and 4 colleagues lead once again another attack on the fascism that is fast characterizing the European Union, led by Ursula von der Leyen.

See also this article on von der Leyen:

The Crooked, Proto-Fascist EU President, Ursula von der Leyen [VIDEO].

Here is the video address of reassurance German MEP Christine Anderson made for Australians a few days ago:

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  • MEP Cristian Terhes: This press conference has been called due to 2 controversial statements Ursula von der Leyen made publicly on December 1, 2021 (he reads out a lot of text). The first involved the EU giving the vaccinated a grace period of 3 extra months with their digital vaccine certificate. The second was about having a debate about making vaccines mandatory. So we are answering her invitation to have this debate. This is the reason for the press conference.
  • MEP Francesca Donato:  Italy has introduced mandatory vax in various sectors, including boosters regardless of people’s immunity status or medical status. A more rigid green pass has been introduced, even involving freedom to use public transport. Freedom of choice over personal medical treatment has been taken away, as well as travel and educational opportunities. Young people are getting myocarditis and other health problems. Unvaccinated Latvian members of parliament can’t vote; Greek old people get fined for not getting vaccinated; a lockdown will start in Austria next week, & etc. Von der Leyen wants this mandated all across the EU. The EU will betray its fundamental values of liberty and protection of human rights in doing this. The EU Commission is turning authoritarian. We need to restore freedom and human rights.
  • MEP Stasys Jakeliunas: This is a pandemic of fear and of PCR tests, producing unreliable statistical data. People are being pushed into being vaccinated. Von der Leyen is calling for ‘discussion’ but we are already getting forced into being vaccinated. We should have a scientific debate, but we don’t have one over vaccines, PCR tests or anything else. It’s all being censored. As a Russian in the Soviet system, I never realized that the Europe we moved to would become like this. Is von der Leyen a victim herself of manipulation, or is she manipulating others? The data don’t indicate we need vaccination for everybody. We need to fight for our right to live in a free world.
  • MEP Christine Anderson: I am simply doing my job to speak out about these issues (ER: she’s referring to the video message she put out to Australians a few days ago for which she was congratulated). My job is to support freedom, democracy and the rule of law. The majority of representatives are selling you down the river. Forcing people into compliance is not democratic or legitimate. And it’s not about your health, either. Big Pharma companies are as interested in your health as arms contractors are interested in peace. We cannot afford this nonchalant attitude to government given what we stand to lose. Just because we can’t fathom our govt having an ill-will toward us doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. The decisions we make today shape the society our children will live in – a free and democratic society or a police-surveillance state. Dear Government, bring it on – let’s see what you’ve got! I am not afraid of you. You will not be able to shut me up or force me into compliance. Trying to buy me off – really? That isn’t going to work either.
  • MEP Ivan Sincic: No, you cannot mandate these medical products because data has shown us that they are not what was promised. The Big Pharma heads were here in Brussels: They gave us high percentages of ‘efficiency’ on these vaccines, but the real data show us otherwise. And more side effects are being reported on these vaccines than all vaccines combined over decades. You cannot mandate products of questionable quality. Our constitutional rights and human rights have been kidnapped. We have to pay every few months to have our rights. That is unacceptable. Rights are inalienable. They cannot be taken from us. We will accept nothing else. The Croatian govt had decided that the public sector must use green certificates; then the resistance started and it’s growing. Yet starting tomorrow, the govt is going further with this unconstitutional situation. If von der Leyen tells them to do something, they’ll follow it regardless. The constitutional court of Slovenia ruled a few days ago that the govt’s decision, which had been suspended up until a few days ago, is unconstitutional. So it’s a huge victory for constitutional rights in Europe. It’s one of a few rulings that are being made at various levels of courts. So it’s clear confirmation that human rights are still in power, but yet we have to fight for them on a legal and scientific front. And this is what we will continue to do.
  • MEP Cristian Terhes: One death is a tragedy, a million is statistics. Stalin said this. Von der Leyen at the Dec 1 press conference said there are 150 million people in Europe that are not vaccinated. I was shocked. When we look at the citizens of the EU, we don’t look at these people as a number but as persons, individuals with basic fundamental rights. This press conference of von der Leyen was a turning point for western civilization in the EU. We are talking here about a set of values that created the ‘west’. Millions from around the world are trying to get here: it creates prosperity for people and gives them basic rights. That’s why people come here – to pursue freedom. So the press conference she gave on Dec 1 was a game-changer for the EU. It’s an unbelievable attack on the members states of the EU. She is questioning the basic fundamental rights of every person living in the EU. Why do we need to discuss forcing people to do something against their will?? How can we give over this power to unelected bureaucrats? It’s an attack on the very existence of EU values as inscribed in the treaties. Citizens choose their own options; they are not given them. A DEBATE about stripping away fundamental rights of people is not acceptable. The EU charter speaks about human dignity being inviolable, that free and informed consent is inviolable. EU must be an area of freedom, security and justice as defined in the treaties. These are foundational values. So is she challenging these values? Von der Leyen is doing what is wrong for the EU and those living inside it.
  • Terhes: Thanks to the firefighters who led a protest march in Brussels this past weekend. The EU Commission was surrounded by barbed wire, with police, set against the people. In the East, we’ve seen this before, but not in Europe. We are here to fight for you, the citizens. Merry Christmas. (Q&A session follows)


5 MEPs responding to Ursula von der Leyen’s proposal to talk about mandatory vaccination in EU


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