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In light of COVID-19 pandemonium and throughout the freedom movement there has been an onslaught of poor legal advice being given to both individuals and businesses.

While every check and balance meant to be in place to prevent unjust civil liberties infringements has failed, it is equally as disheartening for those with knowledge of the law to listen to inadequate and, in some instances, dangerous legal advice being given to the general public.

Feeling ethically compelled to correct this misinformation is exactly why Suzanne Coles began to speak up at rallies and protests.

As a former prosecutor turned paralegal, Suzanne had concerns that people were being misled legally and that this misinformation would cause a ricochet effect for poor precedent setting and bad law.

She now dedicates her time to helping people navigate the legal system and has been trying to dispel the poor advice that is circulating throughout the freedom movement. Her hope is to educate and inform others on how to adequately challenge legislation that violates Charter Rights with integrity and professionalism.

During our interview, Suzanne and I discuss the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and how the Bill of Rights does not supersede it.

She helps to make sense of what the Ontario Human Rights Commission is really for while clarifying what Notices of Liability can, and cannot, do.

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