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Jennie’s Diner is a fixture in Bonnyville, Alberta.

The 1950s themed diner, owned and operated by Jennie Hamel and her husband, has been serving up milkshakes and burgers to the oilpatch community two and a half hours northeast of Edmonton for close to a decade.

But the repetitious COVID lockdowns have really tested the business and the Hamels themselves. We first met Jennie last spring when she was part of the restaurant rebellion in Alberta. She refused to close her doors to dine in customers after the government mandated all restaurants to move to take out only. She immediately drew the ire of the health inspectors and the COVID cops. But the community rallied around Jennie’s diner.

Now, once again Jennie is resisting government overreach into her business. Although the Alberta government has required any restaurant that wants to allow dine in customers to participate in the vaccine passport program, Jennie is refusing to invade the medical privacy of her customers just to serve them up a decent meal. Once again the COVID cops have descended and have issued her a closure notice.

The community, save for a few tattletaling COVID Karens and Kens, is still by Jennie’s side as she decides what to do next and what her business going to look like in the future. But Jennie told Rebel News that no matter what, she is sticking to her guns and not matter what the government says, she’s going to mind her own business while she’s doing business.

If you are a small business owner like Jennie Hamel who is standing up for medical privacy and the rights of your customers, visit We will send you some stickers for your door and we might even come out and tell your story.

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