Daniel Andrews’ criminal hearing thrown out after thousands hijack livestream

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A criminal court hearing for Daniel Andrews descended into a circus as thousands joined the court livestream to express their disdain for the Victorian premier.

The court was set to hear charges of ‘concealing treason’ and ‘fraud’ after they were successfully filed with the Myrtleford Magistrates’ Court.

For almost an hour court staff struggled to gain control as thousands were able to join the stream, many with their cameras running.

One participant was even dressed as Santa Claus while another managed to take over the court’s screen, sharing a ‘Dictator Dan’ meme with a photoshopped image of the state’s leader dressed as North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

Many participants called for the absurdity to end as others continued to troll the hearing, with one user switching their camera to a flock of chickens.
The beeping sound of new participants joining the call only added to the farce.

Andrews did not attend the hearing and after a solid hour of insanity, a court representative declared that the matter had been concluded and the hearing dismissed with the court later clarifying that the matter had been thrown out without greater explanation.

The charge was initially brought forward by Jim Rech and Dezi Freeman, a pair of anti-lockdown campaigners active in Victoria. Their charge against Daniel Andrews has been rejected on several occasions, but this time it was successful.

Meanwhile, ‘Living with Covid’ is proving difficult in Victoria, with Andrews himself sent into isolation after he was exposed at a party in Elwood on his first day of Christmas leave.

He has since returned a negative test result and has been allowed out of his temporary isolation.

The ‘high society’ party attended by dozens of guests has been officially listed as an exposure site. All close contacts, including the Premier and his wife, were sent a text message about a positive Covid case which instructed them to isolate.

Daniel Andrews and his wife were at the Elwood Bathers for the 50th birthday party of Fiona Waller – wife of Damien Waller who founded iSelect.

Despite putting Victoria into a ‘state of emergency’ in November using the new and highly controversial pandemic powers, the Premier went on his holiday break as normal.

Both Covid cases and deaths have been rising since late August despite draconian health orders, lockdowns, and mandatory vaccination requirements.

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