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If Pastor Artur Pawlowski is indeed the most persecuted person in Canada under the COVID-19 restriction regime we have been living through these past two years, his brother Dawid Pawlowski is very likely the runner up in this sad, anti-democratic pageant of political theatre.

Neither Dawid nor Artur ever imagined that feeding the homeless, opening their church and praying with protesters at freedom rallies and with truckers at the Coutts blockade would land them behind bars, and at any other time in Canadian history it likely wouldn’t have. But in the world of pandemic politics, people daring to speak out or standing by their Charter rights is evidently punishable by jailing, especially if you are a Christian.

You likely know that Pastor Artur has been in jail for weeks now and that he was denied bail for the above mentioned alleged “crimes”. Artur has faced five arrests and three incarceration in the past two years, and Dawid has been right by his side throughout all of this. He was even thrown in jail with Artur during his first two stints in jail.

This time, however, while Artur languished behind bars Dawid had remained free, though his freedom did not last as long as he might have hoped.

On March 2, Dawid was pulled over at a check stop and then arrested based on a breach of probation resulting from sanctions assigned by Justice Adam Germain.

You may recall Justice Germain’s bizarre ruling against both Artur and Dawid, which prohibited them from travelling and implemented Soviet-style compelled speech mandates on the brothers insisting that they read a court prepared statement on COVID-19 after making any public commentary on matters critical of the government’s pandemic response.

Many of those sanctions were stayed pending an appeal, which Sarah Miller, the Pawlowskis’ legal counsel, is working tirelessly on to ensure the troubling ruling is overturned altogether.

We do have some good news to report, though. While Artur unfortunately remains behind bars, thanks to the efforts of Sarah Miller and JSS Barristers, Dawid has already been released and is at home resting with his family. We joined Sarah to discuss Dawid’s arrest and release and to get an update on the latest legal news in the ongoing saga of the Pawlowski family.

If you want to help pay for Artur and Dawid Pawlowski’s legal defence, you can make a tax receipt eligible donation to The Democracy Fund at

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