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Greta and Ed Dueck are a Canadian couple living in Belize and when Greta’s mom took ill, the pair knew they had to do whatever it took to get back to Manitoba to see her one last time.

The Duecks did their homework. They read the ever-changing regulations that Canadians had to follow just to get back into their own country, and they did their best to follow them right down to the letter of the law. They even had a private place to isolate themselves together upon arrival.

But when the Duecks tried to cross the land border into MB, they were hauled aside and issued over $16,000 in fines!

The Duecks reached out to the civil liberties project,, where through a partnership with the registered Canadian charity The Democracy Fund and with the help of your generous crowdfunding donations, they were put in touch with a lawyer at no cost to them to fight their fines in court.

That lawyer was Stephen Whitehead, with Grey Wowk Spencer LLP, and he was able to have the Duecks tickets stayed — they would not have to pay that $16,000 homecoming tariff for trying to say goodbye to a dying parent.

Thank you to everyone who has made this win possible for the Duecks! Unfortunately, there is so much work left to do because 2,200 other cases just like the Duecks remain as part of the Fight The Fines system.

To donate to help these other families, please visit where all donations qualify for a charitable tax receipt from the Democracy Fund.

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