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Isn’t it downright incredible how fast the world changes these days?

Indeed, just last month, during the 20th anniversary of 9/11, first responders in New York City, and the world over for that matter, were being justifiably hailed as heroes. After all, on that horrific September day in 2001, it was the firefighters and the police officers who were running into the Twin Towers as regular citizens were fleeing out of those buildings. And of course, many of those first responders paid the ultimate price. And we must never forget that sacrifice.

Yet, just look how the climate has changed in just one month pertaining to first responders. Now these very same people, who were being hailed as heroic mere weeks ago, are now being ordered by their political masters to either get the COVID-19 jabs — or kiss their jobs goodbye. Wow, talk about “what have you done for me lately?”

Take for example Peter van Oordt, a firefighter with the Puslinch Fire and Rescue Services in the Township of Puslinch, Ont. Peter chose not to reveal his vaccination status to the township. And then he shot a video at the firehall explaining his decision. That did not go over well with the Puslinch powers-that-be, and the end-result is that firefighter Peter was promptly shown the door.

And the ostensible policy reason for these dismissals is… safety? That’s interesting, because if an increasing number of firefighters are fired in the weeks and months ahead, how is that going to adversely affect emergency services? Especially when it comes to real emergencies — such as, you know… fires? And how odd that frontline workers who were so celebrated as frontline workers before COVID-19 vaccines even existed are suddenly deemed to modern-day Typhoid Marys? And if a potential firefighter manpower shortage results in unnecessary injuries and deaths, this will surely be a disgrace.

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