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While the majority of provinces in Canada, have started to return normalcy by lifting all COVID-19 restrictions or committing to do so soon, B.C. is doubling down on COVID mandates instead. That’s we’ve created a petition you can sign to say enough is enough.

On February 9, BC’s Public Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, announced that come March 24, all health-care workers in the province will need to have been inoculated with at last one COVID-19 jab to remain working in their profession, and will need two shots within a month after that. The order has affected a new wave of health-care workers that previously escaped the provinces medically coercive vaccine mandates last year. It now includes doctors with private clinics, dentists, ophthalmologists, chiropractors, and pharmacists on the long list of medical professionals who have to surrender their bodily autonomy to the state in order to care for British Colombians.

B.C.’s authoritarian approach to addressing life with the significantly less deadly Omicron variant shouldn’t be all too surprising to Canadians. The province experiencing a health-care worker shortage for years, didn’t stop them from putting enforcing vaccine mandates that fired and put more capable health-care workers on leave without pay than any other province in the country last year.

Additionally, while other jurisdictions are dropping vaccine passports like hot potatoes, Dr. Henry has extended B.C.’s passport until the end of June. Not wavering a bit, even even though Vancouver’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Patricia Daly admits the passports cause segregation in society and were not put into place because they “were seeing COVID transmission” in the areas they are mandated for, but is instead designed to be a “incentive to up our vaccination” compliance.

That’s why I created this petition, calling not just on the usual political suspects Dr. Bonnie Henry, Premiere John Horgan, and Health Minister Adrienne Dix to stop these health-care mandates, but also to those who are supposed to be the voices of opposition in the provincial government, like Health Critic MLA Shirley Bond and the newly-crowned Leader of the B.C. Liberals Kevin Falcon.

Sign and share this petition to demand our unvaccinated health care workers be accommodated so that they can care for us, instead of kicked to the curb when we need them the most.

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