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Highlights of Mr. Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on February 26, 2022

Mr. Miles Guo discusses the essence of education and the framework for GEDU. The New Federal State of China (NFSC) will unshackle and restore education to eliminate inequality. Good teaching is about providing a suitable environment for growth. Source… Visit Original Source…

Translated by: MOS Translation Team – GBW

In Miles Guo’s live broadcast on February 26, 2022, Mr. Guo discusses the essence of education and the framework for GEDU. The New Federal State of China (NFSC) will unshackle and restore education to eliminate inequality. Good teaching is about providing a suitable environment for growth. Below are the highlights of the broadcast.

The NFSC will unshackle and restore education.

The first goal of the NFSC’s education (GEDU) is to unshackle education from the CCP, the West, and the whole world, who hijacked education for politics. Second, we must free education from money and clean the stink of capital off teachers and students. Third, we must know what education is. The last goal is to teach people to grow up, discern the world, and understand the meaning of being good and evil.

A tree growing in the woods is called a tree. An artificially produced tree should not be called a tree but timber to be exploited. The NFSC’s education has no requirements or purposes associated with the politics and economy of the NFSC. Every aspect of education is for nurturing men and providing the environment for growth.

The CCP’s Education is a fraud.

Yesterday, one of our brothers in arms in China said, “Miles, the CCP claims a higher education enrollment rate of 50% plus, but this is all fake.” Can Yang Gailan and the chained woman afford an education? Education in China is a privilege and the source of corruption.

Society will head to a disaster once it regards teachers as a tool.

Education is all about role models. All teachers in Taiwan and Hong Kong have healthy lifestyles, good families, and sincere respect from the community.

The CCP does not allow entrepreneurs to get too involved in education. Why? The CCP considers education as politics regardless of education for everyone’s participation or CCP’s monopoly. 

I met many teachers in Qingfeng Detention Center. They were the first to enlighten the Chinese people and demand democracy, the rule of law, and freedom. Many of them were shot. Teachers are the force of human civilization. Education is the compass pointing to a society’s future and the light in the darkness. Once a country and a society’s positioning of teachers is unclear, unhealthy, and instrumentalized, it will definitely head to a disaster.

The Essene of Education

The essence of education is to develop character, stimulate interests, unleash potential, and avoid destructive mistakes. Making mistakes is allowed as long as the errors are turned into abilities and experiences. Tragically, we face a modern, technological and civilized society that imprisons and brainwashes people. 

The Importance of Environment to Education

The essence of education is to provide a learning environment. The student needs to get along with each other, but the most important thing is to familiarize him with the future environment he needs. Any country that loves traveling is a strong, civilized, inclusive, and progressive force.

Education in evil states is the political tool of the rulers.

In all evil nations, education is a means and an instrument to rule the people in the long term and a monopoly on spirituality to suppress faith. We have learned this is called the Five Strategies of Enslaving People.

Prussian education trains people to become machines.

Prussian education emphasizes the collective mindset, following the rules, obedience, and professional skills. This is why Germany is strong in industrial manufacturing and automobiles. Japan learned from Prussia and achieved behavior and social culture similar to Germany.

Finish and British education are very successful because they commercialize education.

Finnish education has abandoned the Prussian education philosophy of training people to become machines; instead, it adopts a humanized approach. Britain was the first European country to completely professionalize and commercialize education, quickly shedding the shadow of political, theocratic, and government education. That’s why there are so many great private schools in the English countryside.

Three Components of Education

There are three components in basic education: logistics, management (administrative staff), and front-line teachers.

Just like today’s war in Ukraine, there are professionals on the front lines and logistical reserves and administrative supply systems. How we find good principals and teachers is the key to the success of GEDU.

Second, we should figure out how to maintain the healthiest relationship between the teacher, the principal, and students and construct a pleasant environment suitable for education.

Third, the combination of online and offline classes is essential for modern education. If anyone takes a child for a walk around Ukraine, the kid will learn more important things from the walk than what he will experience in 100 years. 

Experience brings new life.

You don’t need to tell a child what to do. He’s smarter than you. He wants to see, smell, and hear the world. He needs to feel the warmth on his skin and feelings with people.

I (Miles Guo) went to Australia and walked down the riverfront in Sydney. I went to Rome and saw the back of the cathedral that was closed to the public, the true story of Michelangelo, and the history of the relationship between homosexuality and art. I went to France to visit the best museum and learned about the character and culture of the French. Those are the things our offline education should focus on.

The core of education is teaching art and humanity.

The core of human beings are art and humanity. Now it is all about functional education that  teaches utilitarianism, desire, and fulfillment.

Elimination of Inequality in Education

Academic degrees divide people into classes. It is also a society’s tool to distinguish between the civilized and the ignorant. Education can significantly promote the progress of civilization but can also be counterproductive and cause catastrophe. Instead of dividing people into classes, a good education will separate men from God, men from animals, men from the world, and fools from the civilized. 

Education is a tool to eliminate social inequality. The CCP’s education caused the biggest wealth disparity, anti-social, anti-humanity, perverted personality, and absolute unfairness. The CCP’s education is a religion of enslaving, politics, stupidity, and cult. Even education in the United States and Western countries is full of Darwinian competition.

Online, Off-line, and AI Education

Modern society ignores modern education in an era of information and technology explosion. Online education is about cutting down boring time in the classroom and turning dull classes into engaging, inspirational, and personalized experiences. What to do with the time saved? Take the student to his favorite museum, a restaurant, a bar, or even a nightclub.

GEDU teachers are stressfree people.

GEDU will adopt a new model of education that allows teachers to live carefree lives forever. Teachers, students, and all people should not study for the sake of diplomas and examinations. We should avoid vicious competition and stay away from labeling and grading people. Teachers are human beings and need to make a living, but the reward mechanism should not be the purpose of the teacher but only a necessary tool for the teacher’s living.

The Cleanest Teacher

Independent third parties will monitor and evaluate the teacher in various situations with complete respect and privacy. First, there should be a red line between teachers and students regarding sexual relationships. Second, there should be no financial links between teachers and students. Third, teachers should never bring political views to the classroom. Last but not the least is the relationship between teachers and parents. These are all abused by the CCP.

How To Find a Good Principal

First, the stability of a principal will attract a stable team of teachers. Second, administration and teaching must be separated. The services to the teachers must be as professional as the British butler of the Queen.

GEDU Teachers’ Compensation and Benefits

First, any student and teacher should be subject to initial qualification and eligibility reviews before joining GEDU. All of our teachers, online or offline, will receive a minimum of $100 per class. 

Second, our administrative staff will earn a monthly salary from $4000, 5000, $7000, to even $10,000 in the future. Our principals should receive at least $300,000 and $500,000 annual salary after tax. Regional school district heads’ compensation should be in the range of $500,000 annually. It is tenure, and you can cancel it without reason, and vice versa. However, one thing should never be allowed: firing individuals experiencing illness or physical hardship, or other unexpected events at home. GEDU will pay you for life. All teachers and principals are required to sign for life insurance. If you resign, you can take the insurance benefits earned during the employment, but the life insurance will be terminated.

Source of Funds for the GEDU Education Foundation

We will ask the investors of the Himalaya Exchange, Gettr, and other G series to unconditionally agree to allocate pre-listing shares automatically to the GEDU Education Foundation. Miles Guo has found related investors to contribute to the start-up fund for the Foundation. 

GEDU education is free of charge.

Students don’t have to pay a penny in tuition. 99% of our offline education is probably going to be free. There are some things that you must pay for. For example, we take you to see Freemasonry Norway’s underground museum, and you must pay a $1 entrance fee.

GEDU is looking for sites.

A year ago, I (Miles Guo) was already looking for sites in upstate New York, the coast of Assiniboia in Australia, a mountain by the sea in New Zealand, a mountain in Japan, the middle part of Taiwan, and South Korea. We are talking with several existing schools in the UK about acquisition or leasing for 100 years or 1000 years. We look for the best offline teaching environment and experience in the world. We will neither squeeze pennies on education nor seek profits.

Initial Idea of GEDU’s Framework

I (Miles Guo) am convinced that our education is international, not limited to Chinese, the NFSC members, or yellow-skinned people. It is global, regardless of race, language, and religion. It is a new form of education that combines technology and faith for the new humans.

Parent Education

In a perfect education system or society, parents are the first to be challenged and surpassed. Objectively speaking, any child has the potential that the parents do not have.

What is teenage rebellion? The rebellious period is not only physical; the child opens his eyes and starts to have his most direct, undisguised, and unscrupulous opinion of society, i.e., the critical attitude towards people and things around him. This kind of instinctive criticism and skepticism is the greatest potential of man, the last chance given to him by God, the beginning of his independence. But political education labels this behavior as ungratefulness, disobedience, and rebellion! Just look at the parents who have been given the poison vaccines; how stupid the parents!

Student Engagement and Interest

Teachers’ biggest challenge is engagement and interest in learning, which is the essence of education. It is impossible to have a system where a school, a teacher, and all students have the same level of attention and interest. The question is how to allocate resources on engagement and attention reasonably.

The teacher only needs 30 days to give students hope and let them display all potentials, strengths, weaknesses, and interests. It takes only 30 days to distinguish students. 

Blockchain, Digitalization, and Teacher Qualifications

Many education curriculums will be digital and posted on the blockchain available for everyone, provided you come and apply for funding. You won’t receive a penny until you’ve been vetted. We will standardize applications of contract work that brothers in arms can apply.

GEDU will not partner with any commercial organizations.

Once again, GEDU is a non-profit organization and will always be fully funded by the NFSC. We will not partner with any commercial organization, nor will we ever enter into a joint venture with anyone! We will not accept donations from anyone, including brothers in arms.

Suggestions for Special Needs Education

Our digital education and special needs education is the most important. Apple, Google, and Microsoft incorporate humane designs to help people with special needs. 

Education is the solution to a life without regrets.

Our education is the solution to life without regrets. By being afraid of making mistakes, we lose many opportunities for creativity and expression. All students are afraid to make mistakes. Making mistakes in itself is creativity and the beginning of civilization. Once men are repressed and humiliated for making mistakes, they march towards disasters or the devil.

Not an inch of grass grew in the Death Valley in America, but flowers bloomed everywhere due to the rain in 2014 that provided a suitable environment for growth. Education should provide an equal opportunity for people with disabilities and special needs and for the elderly and children. When you give someone hope and the last chance, you will encounter a sunny tomorrow beyond your imagination.

Education is the cornerstone of human civilization, social security, real strength of the state, and peace of humankind. The history of a nation is the result of its education. Among all the civilizations created by the Chinese, the most important one is the family culture, i.e., the interpersonal relationships. We should restore this most valuable part of Chinese civilization. The Chinese should learn to respect and have confidence, selflessness, and courage.

(All contents are subject to Mr. Miles Guo’s live broadcasts.)

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