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There is no shortage of artwork depicting one of the most horrific and tragic chapters of human history: the Holocaust. But recently in Toronto, artist Rimmel Khan hosted a display of his artwork in an exhibit entitled, “There is No Denial.”

What is perhaps unique about Rimmel is that he is a Muslim, originally from Pakistan — a country that forbids its citizens to visit Israel. Indeed, as Raheel Raza, president of Rebel News’ advisory board noted at the exhibition, a Pakistani passport is valid for every country in the world — except the Jewish state.

Yet, while the Pakistani regime is anti-Semitic, this cannot be said of either Rimmel or Raheel, who are both members of the Council of Muslims Against Antisemitism, a not-for-profit organization that is comprised of Muslim thinkers, professionals and activists committed to fighting antisemitism.

As for the artwork on display, Rimmel said he has always been fascinated by the Holocaust, even as a youth, and it was his fascination with this profound tragedy that inspired him to paint Holocaust-themed works of art. Indeed, his artwork is equal parts saddening and horrific. It is also most certainly thought-provoking, and to be sure, some people at the showing were moved to tears.

Still, attendees were grateful for Rimmel’s works. After all, we live in a world in which antisemitism and Holocaust denial are inexplicably on the rise. For someone of the Islamic faith to render Holocaust-themed paintings is certainly an indicator that even in grim times, hope, as always, abounds.

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