INTENSE VIDEO: Hours-long police negotiations lead to gun battle, end with home in flames and suspect dead

LAGRANGE, Ga. — Georgia police have released new video and 911 audio of a standoff last month that left a man dead and a home in flames. [embedded content] The following is a summary of events provided by the LaGrange Visit Original Source…

LAGRANGE, Ga. — Georgia police have released new video and 911 audio of a standoff last month that left a man dead and a home in flames.

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The following is a summary of events provided by the LaGrange Police Department: LaGrange Police have released a condensed culmination of 911 telephone calls, police radio traffic, police bodycam footage, drone footage, and social media messaging leading up to and including the active shooter situation involving Brian Jessee, occurring between November 15 – 17, 2021, at 118 Sunny Point Circle. The recordings document the original 911 calls for service for Jessee and the medical and police responses.

LaGrange Police spent approximately six hours on November 15, 2021, negotiating with Jessee in an attempt to coordinate medical treatment and to ensure the safety of his two young children, who were located inside the home with him. During the negotiations, Jessee refused medical treatment and threatened to shoot police officers. Police negotiations were suspended after the children were safely outside the residence and taken into police custody. Jessee continued to refuse medical assistance.

On November 16, 2021, the LaGrange Police Department initiated commitment proceedings for a mental health evaluation for Jessee and a court order was issued. Prior to the court order being served, credible information was received that led LaGrange Police to secure arrest warrants for six counts of felony Terroristic Threats, one count of Cruelty to a Child in the Second Degree, and one count of Felony Obstruction. Based on additional verified information that Jessee had multiple firearms and explosives inside the residence, an immediate operation plan was developed to evacuate the neighborhood.

At approximately 3 p.m., the LaGrange Police Department began evacuating residents from the area. While evacuating the neighborhood, Jessee was observed in the 100 block of Sunny Point Circle with an AR-15. Jessee fired multiple rounds from that rifle placing officers and residents in imminent danger. Incident Command and a perimeter was immediately established along with a response from the Troup County Sheriff’s Office, LaGrange Fire Department, and American Medical Response (AMR). As the active shooter incident developed, additional public safety resources were requested and responded, including the Peachtree City Police Department, Coweta County Sheriff’s Office, Fulton County Police Department, Newnan Police Department, and the Georgia Bureau of Investigations Explosives Division.

Over the next 16 hours officers made multiple attempts to communicate with Jessee in order to safely resolve the incident, but were met with additional and continuous gunfire.

Jessee retreated into his residence where he remained barricaded. As officers attempted to breach areas of the residence with use of armored vehicles they were met with gunfire. Officers deployed CS gas and smoke in an effort to minimize the risk of danger to Jessee and the officers as they attempted to take Jessee into custody during the early morning hours of November 17, 2021.

When provided with a tactical opportunity, Lagrange Police Officers exchanged gunfire with Jessee. After that exchange no further shots were fired. At approximately 7:35 a.m., officers observed a small fire inside the garage of the residence. The LaGrange Fire Department was on standby at the perimeter of the scene and responded immediately to extinguish the fire. However, despite their best efforts the house was unable to be saved. Brian Jessee’s remains were recovered inside of the residence and were transported for autopsy to the GBI Medical Examiner’s Office.

Because this matter involved an exchange of gunfire between Jessee and police the Georgia Bureau of Investigations is continuing their inquiry into the incident and questions regarding the status of that investigation should be directed to the GBI.

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