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The airline industry has been at the centre of many controversies since the onset of COVID-19.

From cancelled flights with no refunds to mass layoffs, there has not been much good news, and that trend is only continuing.

Now, not only are paying customers facing exclusion from air travel based on vaccine status thanks to Justin Trudeau, but airline employees are also facing potential termination based on their vaccine status.

This is the story of one airline employee who will have a chance to defend her livelihood thanks to your generous support at

We are concealing her identity in an effort to safeguard her employment for as long as possible, but hers is a story that we thought you needed to hear.

After decades of service this Air Canada employee, who works from home and has no in-person contact with coworkers or customers, may lose her job because she is unwilling to be vaccinated.

Worse still, she already had COVID and has lab-confirmed COVID-19 antibodies. Despite her natural immunity, and the fact she works from home, Air Canada is not willing to make any reasonable accommodations for her.

We met up with this client for an interview to learn more about her story, after which we joined Sarah Miller of JSS barristers, who is serving as legal counsel for the client at no cost to her, for a legal update on the plan moving forward.

This is just one of countless stories we are telling across Canada.

These stories matter because for every person that is brave enough to share their story, there are undoubtedly countless people at home going through something similar.

These aren’t just stories; they are also vital legal defences which may set the precedent for employees facing termination based on their vaccine status. We are counting on your help now more than ever to keep up this fight, please sign our petition and give what you can at

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