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Back in May, Member of the Legislative Assembly for Cypress-Medicine Hat Drew Barnes was ejected from the United Conservative Party for daring to question some of Premier Jason Kenney’s policy decisions.

Drew has always maintained that he was only doing his job and representing the interests of his rural constituents. With rural issues and representation being given a back seat in Alberta, and particularly in the UCP according to Barnes, he penned a paper discussing the potential need for a party in Alberta that can be entirely focused on voicing rural concerns.

While the paper remained at the time purely theoretical, Barnes says that he has received ample positive feedback from his constituents.

Should a party come to be, it would only run within rural constituencies, so that their message and focus would not be muddied by concerns driven primarily by large municipalities.

If and when such a party were to exist, it would aim to operate in cooperation with parties running in major cities to form a provincial coalition of sorts.

We joined Drew Barnes in Medicine Hat to talk about a potential rural-only political party, equalization, Jason Kenney, the latest municipal election results in Calgary and Edmonton and a variety of other decidedly-Albertan topics.

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