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When faced with the possibility of Senate, and yes even Liberal appointed senators, voting against Justin Trudeau’s outlandish invocation of the Emergencies Act, our tinpot Prime Minister folded and revoked the order in a shameless ploy to save face. Fortunately, no one bought the act, and Justin was indeed wearing egg on his face when all was said and done. This coming mere days after the NDP and Liberals alike voted in haunting uniformity in the House of Commons to maintain the absurd Emergencies Act. The incident was especially embarrassing for NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, who was broadly derided for ramping up Trudeaus despotic disposition… and all for two more days of overbearing state power.

While the act may be revoked for the time being, it is still incredibly concerning that Trudeau so quickly seized control of Canada and did away with due process, and how so many Canadian elected officials were eager to march alongside him when any objective spectator could easily see that this was a power grab and an effort to silence his critics.

I joined John Carpay, president of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, to discuss whether there was any legal basis to justify the invocation of the Emergencies Act, how Canada is rapidly declining into, as John puts it, a banana republic with polar bears, and the thought policing that keeps arising under the guise of COVID-19 enforcement.

Freedom of speech is absolutely under attack by Justin Trudeau, now more than ever we need strong independent news sources that tell the other side of the story and hold politicians accountable. We have seen far too often that state funded media happily takes handouts while refusing to do real journalism.

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