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On September 22, The Salvation Army Canada — a church, and one of the largest social service organizations in the country — internally released their policy that requires all of their officers, employees, contractors and volunteers to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19. Those who do not comply will be laid off without pay on November 15, and be unable to serve their communities through their positions with the organization.

Possibly more concerning is that despite the organization being a Christian church, we have received reports from staff that the organization has been rejecting vaccine exemptions based on religious and/or consent-related reasons.

If churches such as The Salvation Army won’t stand for freedom of religion in Canada, then who will?

That’s why we have come up with two simple ways you can help us get The Salvation Army Canada back on the right side of history, and far away from segregation-based policies.

1. Donate here to help fund the legal action being started to challenge The Salvation Army’s exemption refusals. In partnership with The Democracy Fund, our civil liberties initiative has hired the top-notch civil liberties lawyer Leighton Grey to represent a Salvation Army Canada employee that is about to be tossed aside on November 15 for not being fully vaccinated. The client has been working for the organization for nearly 20 years, helping individuals who struggle with addiction, homelessness, and other hardships.

Never would she ever anticipate falling into hardships based on a policy from this organization, that is now denying her right to work because of her strongly-held religious beliefs and consent matters. By donating what you can at you are pitching in to help cover the legal fees to defend this client’s God-given rights, which ultimately fights for all other Salvation Army Canada employees in the same position.

2. Sign this petition that we have set up for those who would like The Salvation Army to honour religious and other exemptions, so that your voices may be heard.

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