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Let’s Create a Better Future for the World Together With New Federal State of China

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A Chinese female intern-journalist from Bloomberg just wrote a story about Himalaya Coin (HCN), which just launched on Nov. 1.

  • Miles has few questions for this reporter:What does the good or bad of HCN have to do with Miles’ wealth and Mr. Steve Bannon?Why did she say nothing about how advanced the blockchain technology and compliance management system used by the Himalaya Exchange are? And why she didn’t want to relate HCN to Whistleblower Movement (WM) and tell the world how WM fights against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)?
  • This reporter probably is from Jiangzhe (江浙) as Bruno Wu (吳征), the CCP’s top spy, trusted people there the most.
  • Anyway, this report brought more attention to HCN and served as an advertisement.
  • HCN has only been on the market for 13 days, and we will come across many more such things in the future.

China’s Sixth plenary session now decided to seize the wealth of Chinese businessmen to achieve what they call “common prosperity.” They are taking away their assets overseas and replacing their company’s executive management team.

  • In the next round, the CCP will “share” their private properties. And eventually, they may “share” their wives and daughters.

Miles tells some of the stories behind the pictures he posted yesterday, which were taken in 2002.

  • One of the pictures was taken in Miles ‘office when someone provide him some sex video of former Vice Mayor of Beijing Municipal Government Liu Zhihua (劉志華). And they also gave Miles the tapes of the conversation between Wang Qishan (王岐山) and Liu.
  • And in another picture, the wife of a CCP top leader was holding Mile’s hand. She came that day to tell Miles that the CCP would go after him. Because they thought Miles was a Freemason sent by the United States to perform espionage work in China. But later, Miles learned from the lady that Brother Tao (Miles probably refers to Hu Jintao-胡錦濤) had taken care of it for him. Without her help, Miles would have disappeared from this world long ago. 

Miles wasn’t born to eliminate the CCP. However, he always acts with the following principles:

  • He has faith in the truth, has courage, and never compromises. 
  • He believes in God. 
  • He respects seniors and treats his friends with integrity and honesty.

Ms. Ye Zhaoying (葉釗穎)and Mr. Hao Haidong (郝海東)said before that they had never been to Pangu Hotel which means they had never been with the gangster CCP.  But Miles has seen so many other world-class athletes become the CCP lapdogs.

The Whistleblower Movement (WM) has some major arrangements for Miles’ previous colleagues and their families who fight against the CCP.  

  • WM will have a third-party asset management company to hold some HCNs and GTV stocks. Once the CCP is wiped out, these employees will be able to take the money and stocks that are kept under their names.

Miles questions how come Mr. Steve Bannon hasn’t been arrested yet. 

  • Miles believes true heroes and men of faith only come in times of darkness, war or when facing death.

Miles will have another GTV Broadcast tomorrow (November 14).   

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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