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Translator:HTSG Miles Telling English Translation Section
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Translator:HTSG Miles Telling English Translation Section
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1. Any action with privilege and fraud is crime.

2. Always remember we must be prepared for the worst situation.

3. Our horizon is not limited to the earth. We must look beyond and above the earth! The earth is a fulcrum for us, we need to go higher and further!

4. Without effort or dedication, you will not own anything. Gains are always accompanied by risks. Gains and pains are relative concept!

5. Xi Jinping is really the biggest “gift” to our Whistleblowers’ Movement and the support of extinguishing the CCP.

6. Always remember that the cause of all disasters lies in your inability to use your wisdom! If you can’t, you will become gullible and cannot distinguish the right from wrong, good from evil. It wouldn’t be so bad if you can use your wisdom well!

7. The CCP’s fear is our weapon.


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