Nova Scotia gov’t rejects all 56 religion/creed vaccine exemption requests it received

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The Public Service Commission of Nova Scotia has confirmed that it rejected all 56 requests for religious/creed exemptions for COVID vaccines, according to newly released documents.

The requests were made in response to Premier Tim Houston’s Progressive Conservative government’s demand that all provincial employees were required to be vaccinated by November 20, 2021, or be placed on administrative leave.

In response to a Freedom of Information and Privacy of Protection Act inquiry, the commission confirmed that 56 exemptions based on a religion/creed were requested by December 13, and that zero approvals were granted.

“Appropriate legal assistance to ensure an understanding of the obligations pursuant to human rights law, incorporating the concepts of religion/creed as established in statute and case law” were undertaken, according to the documents.

Those responsible for reviewing the requests were not named, but are instead referred to as “senior staff within the PSC [Public Service Commission] and DOJ [Department of Justice] with the appropriate skills, knowledge, experience, level of accountability and familiarity with the Workplace COVID-19 Prevention Directive.”

In December, Rebel News reported on internal government documents showing that the PC leadership were told that voters felt “betrayed” that their summer electoral win did not put a stop to vaccine passports.

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