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Last Saturday, hundreds of residents of Bonnyville, Alberta and surrounding areas took to the main street of the oilpatch town to protest COVID vaccine mandates.

The crowd, estimated at 400-500 people walked from the baseball diamonds to the provincial building before linking arms in silent protest against mandates that are dividing families, alienating friends and neighbours, causing firings and cutting the unvaccinated and their conscientious objector allies out of participation in public life.

The baseball diamonds are next door to the C2 Centre, the region’s main recreation centre, where on Saturday mornings like last week, parents sit in the stands to watch their children play hockey. But now, with the vaccine pass system in place, unvaccinated parents are excluded from doing that are forced to wait in the parking lot while their kids look up at empty bleachers.

Rebel News is fighting back against the vaccine mandates through a special project, Fight Vaccine Passports, in partnership with the registered Canadian charity, The Democracy Fund.

Strategic litigation is being launched in several Canadian jurisdictions, financially supported by the Democracy Fund, in an attempt to overturn the imposition of mandates and passports.

To donate to this important civil liberties work, please donate at Donations qualify for charitable tax receipt.

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