Opinion by Australian Defence Personnel on Rumours the Army Is Being Trained To Forcibly Jab Civilians

Opinion by Australian Defence Personnel on Rumours the Army Is Being Trained To Forcibly Jab Civilians By Staff Reporter This seems more realistic. From an ADF Source: I’ve seen the video, LOL! Shooting a moving target from a vehicle, wow, Visit Original Source…

Opinion by Australian Defence Personnel on Rumours the Army Is Being Trained To Forcibly Jab Civilians

By Staff Reporter

This seems more realistic.

From an ADF Source: I’ve seen the video, LOL! Shooting a moving target from a vehicle, wow, big deal. I’m an instructor in Advanced Combat Shooting and urban. We always do that especially before a trip if you are in the upper armour SUV convoy we train Kinetic fighting with Paul Cale shooting from vehicles. Combat shooting tactics keeps involving.

That exercises not long ago involving biological warfare, nothing to do with jabbing civilians. Even if that was true they aren’t enough soldiers and cops to enforce that kind of crap. Defence is already struggling with retention problem and to find soldiers to deploy to covid assist in Victoria, QLD border, hotel quarantines them bushfire assist, flood assist, TS, Hammel. Soldiers are sick of this shit, and we are tired. So many soldiers are discharging, no more Afghan trips, the morale is low. Some infantry battalion have to shut down companies, not enough full tracks left and chokos can only work temporarily, that’s the reality.

That type of misinformation is the reason why the majority of soldiers are laughing at the “Freedom Movement”. They know the rumours out there, they go online and when they read this type of crap it’s just inforce their conviction that the government is right.

But I’m sure and certain that the Defence act 2020 was introduced to come into play in a near future, but this will eventually involve UN foreign troops maybe after most of the ADF loses the capability because of the side effects from the mass jabbing (it’s just an assumption)

Novotel thing is just fake news to entertain the masses, people need to stop spewing crap about the ADF. This is the end of the year, time for postings. Defence is busy trying to move troops with their families interstate, they have to relocate entire Defence families and quarantine them in hotels. This is not an easy task with all the covid rules of the premiers. The day soldiers walk on the streets in combat uniform with weapons that’s when people should worry, but that ain’t gonna happen anytime soon and right now soldiers can’t wait to go on holiday with their families, go camping take a break from work.  All that disinformation and fear-mongering in regard to the ADF is a distraction and an absolute waste of time. People should focus on their local politicians to keep the pressure and STOP the income mass jabbing of our kids, the focus should be on saving our kids not on the ADF.

Saying that, I’m pretty sure all hell is gonna break loose after the summer when their imaginary cases skyrocket with the excuse of people travelling freely, and we will go in lockdown this time harder with segregation and imposition of the digital passport. Whatever happens in the Northern Hemisphere during their winter in North America and Europe, the same or worse will happen here.

That’s why instead of sitting down paralysed by fear of the ADF dragging them out of their houses, people should start organising in local groups communities right NOW to survive the possible economic collapse in 2022. We need to be able to help and trade with each other out of the system, find a way to grow food and get access to freshwater, self Defence, educate our kids. But people are too stupid and weak, they are already addicted of that fear-mongering, gives them something to buzz online and that’s exactly what the system want them to do.

Australians have to do more than just protest and just say we oppose mandates.  They have to stop being so blindly obedient and be non-compliant.  MASS NON-COMPLIANCE IS ONE OF THE ONLY WAYS TO END THIS HORRIBLE NIGHTMARE OF DETERMINATION THAT IS GOING ON RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR EYES!    No one is coming to save us not the Fascist US Empire or the Trump saviour syndrome.  The ADF Reservists, not the regulars are part of the problem that are assisting the police with their tax-free earnings of working against “We the people.  We only have a couple of police who have come out after they resigned or retired, which are bringing in more crowds of protest. The rest of the states and territories are mute.  It is us who must stand up or perish!

It goes beyond just Ivermectin or any similar product.  The criminalising of such products by this Fascist corporate entity is unforgivable and the appropriate multiple criminal charges will apply eventually.  It’s inhumane and it is hindering the recuperation of peoples health as well as monopolising the health and welfare of society and just another Crime against Humanity.  We have a medical-pharmaceutical-vaccine monopoly cabal that is critically controlling the free-will decisions of this nation to funnel them solely into drugs, vaccines and now this insidious mRNA Experimental Genetic Inoculation.

If people would adopt good eating habits and stop eating too much junk food and too much protein, then they wouldn’t get the so-called cold which is mucous, phlegm or catarrah in which you do not hear these descriptions anymore especially from doctors.  The more one continues to eat improper foods the more this waste product continues to build up as the human organism can only take so much until it reacts.  I test for pH acid-alkaline health issues as the body needs to be in the neutral zone for best performance for its natural INNATE immune system to function well.  Taking a regular dose of a good quality Vit. C with bio-flavonoids, a multi-vitamin, is an excellent way of not getting sick.

One has to look after their own health, and you would not require so many doctors to dispense prescribed drugs that hide, disguise, cover-up mask and suppress symptoms into recession not cure.  You also have the side effects and adverse reactions with drugs that affect your stomachs microbiome instead of using natural remedies people have to have fresh fruit and vegetables on a daily basis and drink non-fluoridated water that is not toxic with the sodium fluoride which is a rat poison and is listed on toothpastes as a “S1 poison that says do not swallow”. The body requires calcium fluoride. I have not been ill for 40 years.

In addition, we have a most unhealthy Australian population that is 2/3 RDS obese or over-weight with multiple health issues as well for decades where lots of toxins are stored in fat.  Automatically they are immune-comprised with their health costing this nation $Billions of dollars unnecessarily in sickness, lost productivity and insurance claim payouts which could be prevented.  Remember the motto Prevention is better than cure?  That has been abandoned by the dangerous white coats with First Do No Harm and the people have abandoned common-sense and critical thinking concerning this murder by Injection with this Experimental Irreversible Genetic Modification Inoculation that is falsely advertised and promoted as a vaccine in which by any definition it is clearly not!

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