Privacy Policy

: Debt-Stop in this document-refer to all Debt-Stop-functions & : staff of the Debt-Stop.
: Debt-Stop need the customer’s-personal-data such as customer’s-name, customer’s-postal-location (as written on the customer’s corporate debt collectors claim letter) & : customer’s-contact-e-mail.
: Debt-Stop are with commitment to the privacy & : security of the customer’s-personal-data.
: Debt-Stop, Debt-Stop-staff-bind to a strict-security-policy to keep customer’s-personal-data with the security & : privacy.
: Debt-Stop will never share or : sell any of customer’s-personal-data.
: Debt-Stop can be held-liable if the customer’s-personal-data is of compromise.
: Debt-Stop’s-strict-customer-personal-data-security-policy & : strict-confidential-performance-office-oath-applies to all Debt-Stop-staff.
: Debt-Stop-staff have had training with the handling of any sensitive-customer-personal-data & : with their strict-confidential-performance-office-oath & : with them personal-liability for any customer-personal-data-security-breach.
: Debt-Stop-store-data on a secure-computer-database which is held & : run by the Debt-Stop & : secure by the security-systems of which monitor, control &: secure-access.
: Debt-Stop-computer-base-customer-personal-data is with security through the access-passwords & : data is with frequent-back-up.
: Debt-Stop keep all personal-data & : data-history for a period of the six- (6)-months. After this six(6)-month-time-line all the erasing of the customer-personal-data & : erasing of the data-history is with the commencement of the automation by the Debt-Stop-computer-system.
: Debt-Stop-website-utilise-cookies to give better-user-function.
: Cookies are the small-data-pieces that a site or : service-company- transfers to your computer’s-hard-drive through your web-browser.
: Cookies-support us to know of your browser & : capture & : memorise- certain-data.
: Most-browsers-allow you to stop-cookies.
: We use first-party-cookies & : third-party-cookies to help compile & : monitor-data about the site-traffic & : site-function. This will let-us for a better-site-participation & : tools in the future.
: Debt-Stop are not contactable by the phone for the keeping-overhead-costs-low.
: Debt-Stop is closed on national-public-holidays.
: Contact of the Debt-Stop is with e-mail to the
: Questions about the Debt-Stop-privacy-policy or : general-questions is within the three(3)-business-days with the reply-from-Debt-Stop.
: Debt-Stop’s-aim &: function is to help-People.