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Rape Incident in Virginia High School – An Epitome of Marxism

Events surrounding a rape incident that happened in Loudoun County Virginia Stone Bridge High School has triggered a standoff between parents and the school boards, which attracts the attention of worldwide media. Source… Visit Original Source…

Author: MOS Education Group – Maverick

Events surrounding a rape incident that happened in Loudoun County Virginia Stone Bridge High School has triggered a standoff between parents and the school boards, which attracts the attention of worldwide media. It also becomes an important factor for the Republican victory in the gubernatorial election of the U.S. State of Virginia. The case is a miniature of what will very likely happen around the United States when Marxists disguised as “democrats”/ “liberals” come into power, meaning, the complete cultural and ethical degeneration of the United States – the country that represents “lighthouse” of human civilization, a place where the most talented brains around the world assemble, and decay into a dystopian society.

The rape incident happened on May 2021, when a boy who wore a dress sexually assaulted a girl in a female restroom stall at Stone Bridge High School, Loudoun County. On June 22, the father of the victim, Scott Smith blames the School Board for covering up the incident, which Superintendent Scott Ziegler, claims “to my knowledge, we don’t have any records of assaults in our restrooms”.

Smith struggle to investigate further and claim justice for his daughter, he was subsequently being arrested due to he showed a sign of “losing his temper” in a heated discussion with a left-leaning woman named Jackie Schworm, who accuses Smith of lying about her daughter being raped. Subsequently, mainstream media around the U.S. depict Smith as a “far-right delirious paranoid”. The case was temporarily cool down from public attention.

The boy who committed the rape was transferred to another school (Broad Run High School). He allegedly assaulted a second female student on October 7.

On October 22, an email sent from Superintendent Scott Ziegler to the full School Board on May 28 was exposed, showing the school was actually informed about the incident, and Ziegler and the board have lied to the public on June 22.

Ziegler would later address the media again in mid-October, admitted that he “misinterpreted” the situation at that time, and bring out the then proposed Policy 8040 (passed and become valid since August) which protects the rights of transgender and gender-expansive student. This policy permits the student to use the restroom that corresponds with their gender identity. It was actually required by the Virginia State Law to be effective in the district by the start of the 2021-22 school years.

Therefore, it is suspected that Ziegler and the board deliberately covered up the case so that Policy 8040 could be passed smoothly. This has triggered public outrage in the district, and parents urged school board members and Ziegler to resign. Many parents were angered and confronted the school district regarding the issue of transgender students, critical race theory, and COVID-19 policies. Eventually, some members of the school board resigned and Ziegler simply apologized.

Throughout the 2 weeks from late October to early November in Steve Bannon’s “War Room Pandemic” broadcast, guests who were invited to speak, including numerous Virginian parents. They expressed their anger and are fed up with all the nonsense taught to their young children by the school, such as the twisted concept of sexuality including the normalization of transgender, that there are total actually thirty-three gender identities rather than two, and encouraging the kids to “question and investigate” their own sexuality. Apart from this, young children are also instilled with concepts such as critical race theory. In a nutshell, critical race theory means if one is White, then he/she must realize that he/she is born an oppressor due to his/her skin color, and need to feel guilty to be born White because White people’s achievements are based on the exploitation of people of other skin-colors and races.

One can see the core spirit of Marxism in the above-mentioned concepts, which is to confuse people and encourage people to abandon traditional values, embrace the twisted values the elite promote through plausible statements, and instigate conflicts and struggles between different groups according to given labels. Since the 1970s, a sign of cultural degeneration started to emerge in Western society, starting in North America.

Starting with the Sexual Revolution in the 1960s, which encouraged people to be promiscuous and disloyal in their relationships, various social movements in the West that were originally benign have been hijacked by Marxists and twisted into something that favors their own agenda. Another example is the so-called climate change/global warming and policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which is an excuse to tax people and reduce personal mobility by making car ownership more and more expensive, reinforcing the government’s control. Other examples include feminism (third-wave) is obviously designed to create hostility and conflicts between men and women and aim to destroy the traditional family unit through introducing a series of biased policies towards one side or the other e.g. the marriage and divorce laws in Canada and the U.S.; the above-mentioned perverted sexual education to young children in which many of the ideas originated from the work of anthropologist Alfred Kinsey; and critical race theory, which deliberately emphasizes the physical differences between humans in terms of different “colors” and races, as well as to bring out the historical misdeeds and atrocities of White colonizers at the past so as to emasculated and incapacitated the White population, which is the pillar member of Western civilization, and the pioneer of human civilization since the Age of the Renaissance.

Fortunately, more and more people in the Western world have finally realized all the nonsense which the ruling elites try to use to poison the brains of young children, which will be the society of the future. The election results in Virginia, which was a solid blue state, with Republican Glenn Youngkin becoming the next governor is a sign of awakening in the United States. The sexual assault case at Stone Bridge High School actually becomes a determining factor for Terry McAuliffe, the former Virginia governor, to lose the election due to his attitude of condoning the rapist and the clear attempt to take children’s education rights away from parents.

To conclude, the main purpose of this writing is to remind people that they need to realize the cloaked, insidious, and sinister nature of Marxism, which can take different forms to inflict damage on people, particularly on a mental and cognitive level. Young children are vulnerable targets for the Marxist ideological venom. Many Westerners do not properly realize the danger of Marxism and simply see it as a failure of a grand social and economic experiment in the Soviet Union and Communist China. The reality is that the shadow of Marxism has already deeply corrupted Western society. Miles Guo, leader of the Whistleblower Movement, has exposed that the Chinese Communist Party has played an important role in the degeneration of Western society through their “BGY plan” (Blue – Propaganda, Gold – money and financial benefits, Yellow – sex) which is infiltrating all walks of life in Western society.

Therefore, in order for the Western world and all of humanity to rejuvenate their civilization and retrieve their traditional values, we must take down the CCP and say NO to radical liberal Marxist ideas!

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