Sandy Hook, Part 14: Recap and a List of Additional Problems

Angels — a roadside memorial for the victims, Photo: Reuters/ Mike Segar by Mary W Maxwell, LLB This is a recap of the 13 parts of a series which has been running since August 2021 at, Melbourne, Australia. It Visit Original Source…

angels roadside memorialAngels — a roadside memorial for the victims, Photo: Reuters/ Mike Segar

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

This is a recap of the 13 parts of a series which has been running since August 2021 at, Melbourne, Australia. It is about the Sandy Hook school massacre of 20 children and six adults (real or fictional). No need to read this recap if you have been following the series — just skip to the end where some additional problems are brought forth.

Part 1. There are ways to make a judgment as to whether a news story is fake. I mentioned the mugshot of Adam Lanza, the alleged gunman. The media wanted us to see him as a wild creature, just as they did with Martin Bryant who was wrongly accused of doing a massacre in Australia in 1996. My take on this is that the pushing of the wild-man hypothesis by the media tells us that the media needs to persuade us of something that we would not otherwise be persuaded of.   Nine other ways to evaluate the genuineness of a media story were given.

Part 2. A gun manufacturer, Remington Arms was sued by Donna Soto and eight other purportedly bereaved persons. The court found that, per Connecticut law, a weapons-grade gun was not included in the immunity generally granted to gun manufacturers. Although filed in 2014, the case is still open with the now-bankrupt Remington having offered $33 million in settlement. It is significant that the pro-gun lobby did not press for Discovery in this case. There are also several suits, especially by Leonard Pozner, against “Sandy Hook denialists.” Among the defendants are Alex Jones and Jim Fetzer; Jones has apologized, Fetzer has not.

Part 3. Is it OK to use actors to play to a part where it is not admitted that they are actors? I said it was OK in an ad where a housewife praises furniture polish, but not OK where a doctor advertises medicine. I said it is not OK, and is criminal fraud, and perhaps terrorism, to play a role that deceives the public where the objective is to scare the public.

Part 4. James Tracy, a professor of media studies at Florida Atlantic University was fired, despite having tenure, because he blogged that the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax. No group of academics came to his aid, as would normally be expected even if everyone disagreed with his point of view. Tracy sued, but The First Amendment was left out of his trial.

Part 5. There is a paucity of evidence in support of the story of the massacre. Actually, the word paucity may not even do justice. No one claims to have identified Adam Lanza in the flesh. There is no evidence of blood at the school, despite the fact that a Bushmaster gun would make a victim’s body burstopen. There is no indication that Adam Lanza did anything before December 14, 2012 that would suggest he had a motive for shooting children. And so forth.

Part 6. I posed the question “Who other than Lanza might have done the killings?”  This was when I still believed that the hoax-interpretation was not strong enough to counteract many positive discussions about the deaths. Thereafter, once I decided that the Sandy Hook story is a hoax, I abandoned the quest of whodunnit.  Probably no one was killed on that campus that day.  It’s said that Lanza suicided there; but it’s unlikely. Still, if he died anywhere in December 2021, we should try to find out who did it.

Part 7. If someone comes down hard on whistleblowers, this shows that someone is desperate to keep the facts secret. Among the persons who have been punished for investigating the case are: Jim Fetzer (to pay damages of $450,000), James Tracy (loss of employment), Wolfgang Halbig (loss of money to pay to defend himself in court, and endurance of rough handling by police in Florida and intimidation by police in Connecticut), and William Brandon Shanley. Some say the state medical examiner, Wayne Carver, spoke reluctantly at a press conference about the children’s autopsies. Perhaps he was punished. He is now deceased.

Part 8. This part, called “Housekeeping,” was devoted to rattling off some miscellaneous criticisms made by truthers. For example, the fact that Gene Rosen, who lived nearby, changed his story. I don’t think it is required that we solve every issue, some of which may have been planted in the story specifically to cause a distraction.

Part 9. In the light of the massacre of 16 children and their teacher, in Dunblane Scotland in 1996, we see that it is possible for an actual murder of children to take place under official or semi-official auspices. By comparison it should be even easier to run a “murder” where no one gets murdered. (There won’t be any lawsuits or potential criminal trials.)

Part 10. Comparing Sandy Hook to the Boston Marathon bombing case, I said:

“And I think a further purpose is to make us throw up our hands in frustration.  We can state the truth — Jahar’s boat-wall confession is a crock — and yet face serious magazines such as The New Yorker telling us that the boat-wall confession reveals Jahar’s inner love for Allah and jihadism type thing. After a while you say ‘There is no standard to measure truth — it’s all relative’.”

Part 11. Robert Steele, a former CIA man, who died recently at age 69, wrote that he had himself managed a false flag, and that participants were assured that Congress passed a law that legalizes lying when it’s done for national security. He said that actors at Sandy Hook would have been given money for doing it and would have been warned of serious consequences if they did not cooperate!

Part 12. There must be many members of the state government of Connecticut who aren’t happy with having been made to fake it, in regard to the massacre. They must worry that the truth will come out, to their great embarrassment.  I suggested generous pardons for these people on the proviso that they confess what they knew. I also stated that locals who are aware of the hoax must now be unable to trust the authorities in regard to any matter.

Part 13. The Sedensky Final Report was published in November 2013, by the State’s Attorney Stephen Sedensky. I did not read the thousands of pages of the report, but picked out only the sections on the death of Nancy Lanza and the behavior of her son Adam. The investigation greatly lacks plausibility and sounds like made-for-sensationalism. Anyway, if the FBI says they found such-and-such bullet casings on the floor, how do we know that’s true?

Parts 15 will inventory any legal redress that can be sought if it can be shown that the massacre of 20 children did not take place. At the very least there must be some way to prosecute the fraud involved.

Additional Problems

It is not my duty to record all the complaints about Sandy Hook that have been published — whether by genuine truthers or by trolls. I came into this research subject only in 2021, and now that I see it’s patent that the whole thing is deceitful, I don’t want to pour time into it. Other problems of our day, such as “vaccine martial law,” that are more deserving of attention.

Still, it is worth a lot to show people how they get fooled. Many private researchers already worked hard at digging for the real facts, and we must be grateful to them.  I will now mention a few whose products did not get included in Parts 1-13 above. Each is listed in Robert David Steele’s book “Sandy Hook Truth: Memo to POTUS.” Each has to do with persuading you that the official story is not true.

The License Plate

Citizen-Investigator Ms Sylvia Sledge undertook to trace the history of the licence plate on the car, a black Honda Civic that Adam Lanza drove to Sandy Hook school on December 14, 2012. The Department of Motor Vehicles does not show this plate (Connecticut 872-YEO) as registered to Nancy Lanza. Rather the plate is owned by the Dane County Sheriff’s office in Wisconsin, even though Nancy owns the car. Sledge writes:

“The CT license plate also returns search results for a 2010 Ford Silver Crown Vic Police Interceptor, issued, 03/29/2012, which was prior to the Sandy Hook shooting…. Its listed activity is “PTT” and Registration Type is for “GOV” use. Separate databases yield conflicting results for the same license plate … Department but also listed as a 2010 Honda Civic and the license plate is listed as a police interceptor [a sedan made by Ford].

“What more direct and obvious proof could we have that law enforcement was in on the scam? Does anyone think they were unable to track the license plate on the car of an alleged mass murderer?”

Furthermore, Ms Sledge found that the Dane County Sheriff’s Department plays an important role in Active Shooter Training and has their own training academy. According to their 2012 Annual Report:

“The Dane County Sheriff’s Office Special Events Team (SET) has been successfully deployed to large gatherings, protests, and disturbances since the 1960’s. SET is comprised of sixty-four members and utilizes a mini-team model. This model facilitates communication and addresses issues of consistency [??] and accountability. Given the target rich environment of large crowds, this structure provides for an easy transition to an active shooter scenario or other rapidly evolving threats.”

Set yet!

Sledge’s website is

The Age of the Mothers

Carl Herman, a schoolteacher, says he has found, from open sources, that the average age of the 20 moms who lost a child in the massacre was 36 when that child was born. Adding on six years, as most of the kids were 6 (four of the 20 were 7, he says), this means the mom was 42 at the time her first-grader was killed in 2012. Indeed, many of the interviews conducted in subsequent weeks by CNN and other MSM with the parents are not as young as you would expect.

I hasten to say that the 36-at-birth figure is only an average; some of the moms were older than that and some younger. Still, the CDC says the age of mothers in the US at the point of giving birth was, on average 27. That is 9 years younger than the Sandy Hook average.

Some have said that this may explain how the “Sandy Hook school choir” that sang at the Superbowl in February 2013. It is alleged (I do not endorse this as I have not looked into it) that, say, little Mary who is said to have died at age 6, is there on the stage singing at age 11. This fits the nobody-died-at Sandy-Hook idea.  It requires that the pix of little Mary, little Barry, and so forth, which we all saw and mourned, were ordinary photos taken five years before the massacre. Mary and Barry are now, at the Superbowl, healthy 11-year-olds.

The Cremation of Adam Lanza

Ms Cinderella Broom writes a blog on Sandy Hook, or should I say wrote a blog “until it was suspended by WordPress on August 15, 2018 for no stated reason.” She says:

“The story we’ve been told about Sandy Hook is so laden with anomalies, contradictions and absurdities that, were it proposed as a screenplay, producers would likely reject it as simply ridiculous. One aspect deserving more discussion concerns how the faked deaths involved the fake disposal of bodies. What do you do to cover the disposition of bodies in works of fiction?”

Ms Broom inquired as to which mortician was assigned to deal with the body (assuming there was a body) of Adam Lanza.  She found (with the help of Dr Eowen, I think) that it was a man who had recently got convicted after pleading guilty to larceny.  I don’t think that tells us enough to dispose of the case — there are so many liars that even the most respectable mortician in Connecticut may have been willing to say he had cremated the body of Lanza when he hadn’t.

Still there us an interesting aside.  The convicted criminal had “landed a lucrative contract worth $500K with the state of Connecticut to provide decent burials for people who died with no immediate families to care for them.”  A subpoena may lead us to find out if that mortician dipped into the fund by claiming that Adam had no rellies.  But he had a brother Ryan Lanza and a millionaire father, Peter Lanza, who, even if estranged, could have been expected to pay his son’s funeral expenses.


At this point, I think it is up to the authorities to prove to us that a massacre took place, rather than it being up to us to prove that it did not. And it is up to Facebook, WordPress, YouTube, etc. to give the American public a reason why it can take down from publication an inquiry into a major crime.

Or a major “crime,” as the case may be.


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