Scott Morrison and the Mirage of ‘Choice’

Scott Morrison says electric cars will be a choice, not a mandate. But he said that about vaccines, too. Is he to be believed? If I hear our Prime Minister telling us about one more thing that will not be made mandatory but will be……

Scott Morrison says electric cars will be a choice, not a mandate. But he said that about vaccines, too. Is he to be believed?

If I hear our Prime Minister telling us about one more thing that will not be made mandatory but will be ‘completely voluntary’, I might get ill. His latest chimera about choice has to do with electric cars. Our new green PM has just said that $250 million of taxpayers’ money will be spent on a subsidised electric car industry. He wants to spend this money on 50,000 charging stations within people’s homes and the like.

He insisted that it will not be mandatory for citizens to get electric cars – it will be up to us and our free choice. Like our free choices about Covid-19 vaccines ScoMo?

ScoMo’s Backflip on Net-Zero

In his push for electric cars, the Prime Minister has been turning a bright shade of green in recent months. This also goes for his bizarre embrace of net-zero.

All this stands in marked contrast to Morrison’s position of just a few years ago. His 2019 election campaign comments are still entirely true. He said back then that Labor’s push for new electric vehicle (EV) technology was a declaration of war against the weekend:

I tell ya what, its not gonna tow your trailer. It’s not gonna tow your boat. It’s not gonna get you out to your favourite camping spot with your family. Bill Shorten wants to end the weekend when it comes to his policy on electric vehicles.

But now, the Prime Minister has become a green zealot, trying to outdo Labor. And he insists that his new push for electric vehicles will all be a matter of choice:

We are not going to tell them what to buy or what to drive or where they can’t drive, we aren’t going to tell them how to live their lives and interfere in their way of life, we’re not going to put their petrol prices up to make them buy electric vehicles, do anything like that.

After saying the same thing about the vaccine, I am not at all reassured. Indeed, as ScoMo gets more and more green, you can be sure that what is a choice today will become compulsory tomorrow.

Where Has Our ‘Miracle Man’ Gone?

As Andrew Bolt has asked, what happened to Scott Morrison? He seems to have gone walkabout. There used to be a politician by that name who was more or less conservative. But now we have some guy using ScoMo’s name who seems to be someone else entirely – a politician smuggled in from the Greens, perhaps. This is no longer the ‘miracle man’ that voters elected in 2019.

The Liberals have won several recent federal elections by simply showing how loopy Labor and the Greens were with their policies on climate change. Voters wanted sensible and workable policies that did not kill jobs and the economy. But now ScoMo seems to have gone full circle and is competing with Labor for his green credentials.

The truth is, electric cars today are far too expensive for most Australians to afford. EVs are around four per cent of the world car market right now (and only one per cent in Australia). So it will take a lot of incentives to get Australians to make the switch. But these incentives will increasingly penalise those who are hesitant – just like our vaccination ‘incentives’.

Will this radical change even be feasible? Imagine all these households plugging in every night to an already overloaded electricity grid. It is a big ask. Like Morrison’s net-zero campaign, he wants us to put our money into something whose success is speculative at best. In any case, 70 per cent of our electricity is coal-based!

Sure, some will benefit financially – big time. It will be a jackpot for car manufacturers who will be happy for us to junk millions and millions of cars running on petrol and diesel and be forced to buy these new EVs. They will be laughing all the way to the bank.

Missing in Action on Vaccine Coercion

To circle back to vaccine choice – what choice? ‘Jab or job’ is what we now have in most states. Either get the injection, no matter how hesitant you might be about it, or be prepared to lose your job, your livelihood, your ability to feed your family, and your ability to exercise basic human rights.

Vaccine apartheid (the word means ‘separate development’) is now alive and well in Australia. ScoMo promised us that vaccination would be totally voluntary, with no coercion at all. Nevertheless, he is allowing leaders like Dan Andrews and Annastacia Palaszczuk to make it very much mandatory.

We already know that Dictator Dan insists on a two-tiered society, with the new Jews or the new lepers being the unvaxxed. He wants this diabolical discrimination to continue indefinitely. He is quite happy to strip tens of thousands – perhaps hundreds of thousands – of citizens of their most basic human rights and freedoms.

The Queensland government has just announced similar policies:

Unvaccinated Queenslanders will no longer be able to dine in a restaurant, socialise at the pub or attend a match of footy from December 17 or when the Sunshine State reaches 80 per cent double-dose vaccination coverage, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has announced. Ms Palaszczuk on Tuesday morning told a press conference that residents who have rolled up their sleeves for two coronavirus jabs will be “rewarded” as the state prepares to open up to COVID-hit parts of the country just in time for Christmas.

Whatever Happened to Informed Consent?

Rewards for some inevitably means punishments for others. Yet I hear brainless politicians and media reporters speaking about how voluntary all this is as they talk of ‘encouragements’ to take the vaccine. Actually, no – this is not encouragement or choice; it is bullying, intimidation, coercion and manipulation.

According to the Federal Government Department of Health’s own Australian Immunisation Handbook, to use coercion is strictly forbidden. Of vaccinations and informed consent, the handbook states:

It must be given voluntarily in the absence of undue pressure, coercion or manipulation.

Preventing people from various forms of employment, travel, education and consumer activity is most certainly not about choice: it is using undue pressure, coercion or manipulation. You can be sure that in Queen Palaszczuk’s Queensland, it is not just a matter of no longer being able to go to the pub. Such discrimination will likely expand much further in the days ahead.

The New Apartheid is Here

James Macpherson wrote this about her announcement:

Is freedom an inalienable right, or is it a “reward” given by governments to compliant people? Listening to Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk today, one could be forgiven for thinking human rights were hers to give and hers to take away…

It is astonishing to me that Australian politicians can speak in this authoritarian tone and receive, as if their due, nothing but approving nods from the press gallery. Brisbane? Beijing? What’s the difference these days? Not much, evidently.

If vaccinated people “deserve” basic freedoms then, by implication, the 20% of Queenslanders who are not vaccinated, are undeserving. Think about that. If a perfectly healthy person has decided — for whatever reason – that they don’t want to be vaccinated, they are now deemed undeserving of basic rights we all took for granted less than two years ago.

States all over the country demand that fewer and fewer jobs are open to these lepers. Plenty of businesses are happily going along with this. And if they are not happy, it is because they too are being coerced: they must either sack all the recalcitrants, deny the lepers access to their goods and services, or face massive fines and other punishments.

So much for freedom of choice. So much for no coercion, no compulsion, no enforcement and no mandates. Where is ScoMo in all this? All we hear is complete silence. He is missing in action.

Originally published at CultureWatch. Image by Getty Images at ZDNet.

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