Selected Articles: If You Take the COVID Vax, You Can Never Achieve Full Immunity Again

If You Take the COVID Vax, You Can Never Achieve Full Immunity Again – Government Stats Unveil the Horrifying Truth By Ethan Huff, October 25, 2021 The British government has spilled the beans about that fact that once you get Visit Original Source…

If You Take the COVID Vax, You Can Never Achieve Full Immunity Again – Government Stats Unveil the Horrifying Truth

By Ethan Huff, October 25, 2021

The British government has spilled the beans about that fact that once you get “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), you will never again be able to acquire full natural immunity.

In-N-Out Burger’s Explanation for Its Refusal to Enforce Vaccine Passports

By Adam Dick, October 25, 2021

When government mandates related to experimental coronavirus “vaccines” are thrust on businesses, it is heartening to see businesses refusing to comply. It is especially great to see a business back up its noncompliance with a well-stated, freedom-centered explanation.

The World According to Vladimir Putin

By Pepe Escobar, October 25, 2021

Vladimir Putin is a frequent keynote speaker. In Sochi this year, as I related in a previous column, the overarching theme was “global shake-up in the 21st century: the individual, values and the state.”

The Fake “Delta Variant” and the Fourth Wave: Another Lockdown? Upcoming Financial Crash? Worldwide Economic and Social Sabotage?

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, October 25, 2021

There is a sequence of outright lies and fabrications used to justify far-reaching policy decisions in the course of the last 18 months. The biggest lie, which is firmly acknowledged both by scientific opinion and the WHO is that the RT-PCR test used to “detect” the spread of the virus (as well as the variants) is not only flawed but TOTALLY INVALID.

White House to “Quickly” Vaccinate 28 Million Children Age 5-11 as Deaths and Injuries Continue to Increase Among 12 to 19-Year-Olds Who Received a COVID-19 Shot

By Brian Shilhavy, October 25, 2021

This week the Biden Administration laid out their plans to quickly vaccinate 28 million children between the ages of 5 and 11 with a COVID-19 vaccine, which sounded more like a Press Release from Pfizer, since the FDA has not even authorized the shots for that age group yet.

Video: US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin in Romania: “Should Deterrence Fail”, U.S. and NATO Positioned for War in Black Sea

By Rick Rozoff, October 25, 2021

Do the following statements confirm US-NATO’s intent to wage war on Russia “if deterrence fails”? Emphasis in quotations confirm this intent. Excerpts from the speech, for complete speech see video.

Governor de Santis Says that If People Are Forced by Their Employer to be Vaccinated, and Then Become Ill, the Employer Will be Liable for Damages

By Dr. Meryl Nass, October 26, 2021

While the PREP ACT provides a huge liability shield for everyone involved with vaccinations of EUA products, the EUA requires that people be informed about what is known about the product and have the right to refuse.

Washington Always Looking for Another War

By Bruce K. Gagnon, October 25, 2021

It didn’t take long for the US to up the ante with China and Russia. So soon after the crushing defeat from 20 years of death and destruction in Afghanistan we find Washington stirring the fire pit and looking for more trouble.

‘An Outrage Against Democracy’: JFK’s Nephews Urge Biden to Reveal Assassination Records

By Marc Caputo, October 25, 2021

The records were scheduled to be made public Tuesday, but the White House announced late Friday night that it would delay their publication until at least Dec. 15 — and perhaps longer if President Joe Biden determines it’s in the nation’s best interest to keep them confidential.

The COVID-19 Pandemic in a Time of Moral and Spiritual Blackout

By Richard Gale and Dr. Gary Null, October 25, 2021

If there is a lesson the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us, it is that conventional medicine is largely a mockery of its original moral foundations. This is not to deny important advances in saving lives, especially in diagnostic methods, surgical technologies, critical care and emergency medicine.

Natural Immunity is More Durable than Vaccine Immunity. Citizens Petition

By Informed Consent Action Network, October 25, 2021

When the CDC chose to lift restrictions on the vaccinated, ICAN went to work.  Through its attorneys, it formally demanded that the CDC also (at the least) lift restrictions on the naturally immune.

Exposing the Covid Lie: The Day When Podcaster Joe Rogan Confronted CNN’s Chief Medical Propagandist

By Timothy Alexander Guzman, October 25, 2021

CNN is in damage control after its chief medical correspondent and notorious Covid-19 experimental vaccine pusher, Dr. Sanjay Gupta was humiliated on The Joe Rogan Experience when he was confronted for the obvious lie about Joe Rogan taking “horse dewormer” which was actually Ivermectin.

No Time To Think, “No Time to Die”: The Changing Geopolitics of International Blockbusters?

By Caoimhghin Ó Croidheáin, October 25, 2021

One effect of this narrative style is to put more emphasis on the story of Bond and less on the usual geopolitics and action we associate with Bond films. Now this is very interesting considering that if one was to ask oneself: which country would be the most likely target and villain of the latest Bond film as a cultural representative of the world’s imperialist and neo-colonial powers?


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