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For the past 20 months, frontline workers from all sectors have been declared heroes for their continuous work throughout the pandemic. Those same heroes are now being put out of work — with no income — for simply not disclosing their vaccination status.

I had the opportunity to speak with one of the many frontline workers who has gone from a hero, to a zero, in the eyes of the government.

Andrew Mason, an active duty firefighter for the past 6 years, has recently been placed on suspension without pay for not disclosing his vaccination status. Andrew has a family to provide for and bills to pay, but is now being left out to dry. He has worked without a second thought throughout the duration of the pandemic — but it has now suddenly been deemed unsafe for him to be working.

Andrew is an example of one of many Canadians who are being put in similar situations for not revealing their vaccination status. If you want be a part of our legal battle against vaccine mandates, please consider donating at If you’re not in a position to donate, sign our petition at

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