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Many of us had the opportunity to attend a university or trade school.

Going off to school and forming a sense of self is, for many, a natural transition into adulthood.

For most of us, we had the opportunity to live through that experience without fear of officially mandated segregation, loss of education or social ostracization. We also didn’t face loss of employment, extracurricular activities and even loss of friends over our private medical history. Sadly, these harsh realities now face students across Canada — all because of vaccine passports.

A group of students from universities across Alberta gathered to protest vaccine mandates at Mount Royal University in Calgary. We spoke with many who shared about the anxiety, isolation, and alienation that they have endured — some even telling us that they received death threats for daring to be unvaccinated. It is ironic that the great liberal institutions who have touted inclusivity and acceptance as the most cardinal of virtues are now actively discriminating against and singling out students.

Some familiar faces, including Pastor Artur Pawlowski, Chris Scott of The Whistle Stop Café and John Carpay of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms were on hand to give speeches in support of the students.

There was no lack of debate as a large crowd of staff and students from Mount Royal University were standing outside and observing the protest. As the crowds mingled and began to speak, there were some constructive conversations, meanwhile others descended into shouting matches.

One adamant vaccine enthusiast was escorted away by police several times and even interrupted our efforts to conduct interviews a few times. At the very least, divergent ideas were being discussed at a university — and that was once commonplace.

The anger and vitriol spewed by a small number of students against those participating in the protest was no doubt a sample of the segregation and spite that they endure on a daily basis. If you think students should simply be allowed to be students, and not be discriminated against and targeted because of their vaccine status, go to to sign our petition and to help our legal challenges against vaccine mandates.

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