The Russia-Israel Alliance Is Cracking Amidst the Ever-Shifting Geopolitics Chessboard

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On May 13th, 2022 for the first time, Russia used its S-300 air defense system against Israel, firing at Israeli jets after an air strike in northwestern Syria. In 2015 Putin had come to the defense of Syrian ally President Assad, requesting Russian military assistance against US-Turkey-Saudi backed ISIS terrorists, successfully securing Assad from yet another illegal US coup insurgency. Recall that

Syria was among the targeted nations per the infamous Bush-Cheney-neocon takedown list of 7 nations in 5 years, disclosed by General Wesley Clark. But with Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Sudan, Yemen and Somalia all now arguably left failed states, compliments of US unipolar aggression and imperialistic wars clearly fought for Israel’s Yinon plan, only Iran still stands intact militarily unattacked. But unhappy over the latest developments and concessions after a Russian brokered new US-Iran deal in March, in response Israel has acquired new capabilities ramped up for launching a potential attack against Iran.

Click here to watch the video.

Like Syria, Iran has sought security in a strengthened alliance with both Russia and China, and currently on a waiting list to join BRICS. Thus, with US humiliatingly losing all its wars in the Middle East, combined with Trump’s troop withdrawal and diminished US role in the conflicted region, Israel has become more active, both in trade selling its weapons and technology to “friendly” Arab Gulf States and even more militarilyaggressive against its Arab enemies, at will violating Syrian airspace taking out Iranian targets and/or interdicting weapon supplies intended for Hezbollah.

Firing on Israeli fighter jets in May was Russia’s first shot across the bow, in an instant crumbling years-in-the-making bromance brewing between the now finally deposed Netanyahu and Putin. The two strongmen are now just one still standing tall, all 5’ 2” to 5’5” of him, increasingly against a Jewish State fretting over losing its important strategic ally that Rothschild controlled Israel worked so hard acquiring. Is the economic alliance between Israel, Russia and China still intact, including their infrastructure partnership of the Belt and Road Initiative complete with smart cities digital super-surveillance? Complete with the long dreamt one world government capital of Jerusalem?

A half decade ago Israel and Russia were becoming the best of friends, or so it seemed. Zionist Israel, owned and operated by the Rothschild banking cartel that for centuries backs both sides to every global conflict it subversively creates and promotes, had Benjamin Netanyahu making his fourth visit to Moscow by June 2016 to meet with Putin, followed by a parley with Russia’s chief [Chabad] Rabbi Berel Lazar, remarking at the time “Russian-Israeli relations have never been closer,” as a consequence of both countries feeling “snubbed” by the same powerful Western allied nations.

But everything changed this year starting with Putin’s intervention in Ukraine, followed in May by Russia’s S-300 chasing away Israeli fighter jets from an airstrike in Syria.

Russia’s latest jolt hitting Israel below the belt arrived in early July 2022, when Moscow officials ordered the nonprofit Jewish Agency in Russia to shut down its services, facilitating Russian Jews to emigrate to Israel, after the last 33 years of its near century long worldwide operation.

This week alarmed Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid sent an emergency delegation to Moscow for the July 28th hearing at a Moscow district court. Earlier in July the Russian Justice Ministry filed a preliminary injunction appeal calling for the Jewish Agency’s “dissolution” of its operations in Russia. Moscow’s legal reason for requesting a court order to, in effect, cut off the exodus of Russian Jews emigrating with Israeli citizenship is legally based on Russia’s allegations that the Jewish Agency systematically breached private confidentiality rights of its Jewish Russian citizens. Obviously, the real reason is both political and pragmatic, using a legal technicality that Israel already promptly paid fines to ostensibly ameliorate. Despite Israel’s standard policy to simply throw cash out to sidestep any obstacle or issue making it go away, this time it didn’t work.

From the start, Russia’s objective in Ukraine has been to de-Nazify the nation whose national hero – Stepan Bandera, was a hardcore Nazi collaborator who murdered up to 100,000 Jews in Ukraine during World War II. Many Ukrainian Jews openly support the neo-Nazism hatred openly displayed toward ethnic Russians living in the Donbas region, where since the illegal US coup in 2014, at least 14,000 civilians have been killed mostly by Ukraine’s National Guard, the infamous neo-Nazi Azov Battalion.

In May Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov intentionally stirred up a hornet’s nest, simply mentioning Hitler may have had Jewish blood, insinuating that Ukrainian Jews like President Zelensky are zealously supporting Nazis in Ukraine. Though irritated by Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid’s reaction, calling Lavrov’s words “unforgiveable” and “outrageous,” it’s an understatement to say the Kremlin is angry over Lapid falsely accusing Russia of committing war crimes in Ukraine, disappointed and disgusted over Israel escalating global tensions as a vassal succumbing to the West’s bandwagon demonizing Russia, fully backing Kiev lies after it likely staged the Bucha false flag, blaming Russians for Ukraine murdering its own civilians.

As a Russian ally, Israel was initially slow to condemn Moscow’s special military operation in Ukraine. But it ultimately folded, giving its full loyalty to fellow Jew Zelensky and the West’s team of suicidal losers (per elite design of course), to further dampen, if not permanently sour and freeze, the previous decade’s ultra-cozy Israeli-Russian relations. Obviously, closing the Jewish Agency is Russia’s payback punishment behind suddenly halting its operation in Russia after a third of a century. Since 1989 one million Russian Jews have moved or taken up dual citizenship residence in Israel, leaving only about an estimated half million Jews still left in Russia.

An April 13th New York Times article reported that within just days after the Russian military entered Ukraine, planeloads of computer specialists as part of a well-organized massive brain drain from Russia were leaving their homeland, headed for safer ground in other countries.

Israel and many former Soviet Republics like Armenia, Georgia, Eurasian and European nations recognized Russia’s talent pool loss was their gain. Up to70,000 hi tech workers had already packed their bags within the first five weeks of Russia’s special military operation. Astute Putin quickly took steps to slow the exodus down, offering all Russian information technology workers a free pass on paying income tax until 2024. Thousands of Russian software engineers, developers and tech entrepreneurs have fled to greener pastures, of course an inordinate number of Russian Jews having already relocated to Israel in what has become a mass exodus from Russia until its abrupt halt this month.

According to Israeli Integration Ministry, “nearly 17,000 people have left Russia for Israel this year so far, more than twice as many as last year.”Times of Israel reported that since the February 24th incursion began, over 10,000 Russian Jews found new homes in Israel and thousands more are now waiting in the lurch, their path to Israeli citizenship now derailed by the legal drama unfolding in a Moscow courtroom that Israel is calling a national crisis. The July 28th hearing simply deferred the matter until August 19th. Meanwhile, everything’s on hold with tensions mounting daily between Israel and Russia. It’s safe to say their “honeymoon” is officially over.

Just as this decision went public in early July, Putin traveled to Tehran to confer with Israel’s archrival  enemy, Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei, whose tweet afterwards has to be taken as a snub:

Recent stances taken by the President of Russia against the Zionists are commendable. 

Closing off access for Jews to leave Russia for a new life in Israel is the latest Cold War déjà vu flashback, where people’s lives are held in hostage by the shifting winds of the geopolitical chessboard. It’s also been said that Moscow’s shutdown of Jewish Agency services in Russia could be to ward off yet another Jewish brain drain since only about a third of the Russian Jews are still living in Russia. The Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov was quick to deny that closing Jewish Agency services in Russia has anything to do with stopping a brain drain exodus.

In any case, the next wave of young recruited Unit 8200 cyberwizard kids plucked from Russian immigrant families for Israel’s Talpiot Program in service to the Jewish State, busily stealing yet more Silicon Valley secrets, further compromising the national security of the entire world, may not be arriving for duty from motherland Russia any time soon… but there’s a surplus of war refugees from the home of the Khazars in Ukraine still to tap, what’s left of it anyway.

Of course, this ruffled feathered “crisis” might just be sleight of hand misdirection to obscure less transparent, less visible happenings behind the scenes, perhaps a “lovers’ spat” if you will. After all, over the recent decades Israel has forged friendly trade relations with both Russia and China. The enduring globalist bond between Israel/Rothschild controllers and the Soviet Union-turned-Federation still [waters] runs deep.

All this East versus West WWIII showdown tensions may simply be chessboard drama staged by controlled opposition actors Putin and China’s Xi Jinping and the bloodline controllers’ Israel-Russia-China axis may well still be intact as the West gets thrown under the bus.


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Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate, former Army officer and author of “Don’t Let the Bastards Getcha Down,” exposing a faulty US military leadership system based on ticket punching up the seniority ladder, invariably weeding out the best and brightest, leaving mediocrity and order followers rising to the top as politician-bureaucrat generals designated to lose every modern US war by elite design. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents for more than a quarter century. In Los Angeles he found himself battling the largest county child protective services in the nation within America’s thoroughly broken and corrupt child welfare system.

As an independent journalist for over 8 years, Joachim has written hundreds of articles for many news sites, like Global and currently As a published bestselling author on Amazon of a 5-book volume series entitled Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy & the Deep State, his A-Z sourcebook series exposes the global pedophilia scourge is available free at Joachim also hosts the Revolution Radio weekly broadcast “Cabal Empire Exposed,” every Friday morning at 6AM EST (ID: revradio, password: rocks!)


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Putin’s Syrian Peace Plan with Erdogan

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Russian President Vladmir Putin and Turkish President Recep Erdogan held a four-hour meeting on August 5 in Sochi which may change the course of the Middle East, and end the US occupation of Syria.

Putin asked Erdogan to work with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to resolve the Syrian crisis.  Erdogan assured Putin that the Turkish intelligence service is already coordinating with Syrian intelligence. Erdogan explained on the flight back to Turkey, “As long as the two intelligence services are working on the matter, we need Russia’s support, and there are agreements and understandings between the two countries in this regard.”

On August 9, Turkish state media reported that Putin had suggested a phone call between Erdogan and Assad.

On July 27, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, said Ankara is prepared to work alongside Damascus against the PKK and was willing to give “all kinds of political support for the work of the Syrians in this regard.”

“We have to somehow bring opposition and the regime in Syria together to reach an agreement. Otherwise, there will be no lasting peace,” he added.

On April 20, Cavusoglu suggested the possibility of security talks with the Syrian government. However, the Syrian government denied such cooperation saying,

“There can be no cooperation in the fight against terrorism with a terrorist regime that supports, trains and spreads terrorism in the region and the world,” said SANA, the Syrian news agency on April 22.

“The Turkish regime, which occupies many cities, towns, and villages in northern Syria, has previously repudiated all its obligations under the understandings reached with the Russian side, which call in particular to respect Syria’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity,” al Watan newspaper in Syria reported.

Moscow has rejected Ankara’s proposed military incursion into northern Syria, instead encouraging direct communication between the two neighbors. Erdogan has appreciated Putin’s “fair approach” to Turkey’s position on the Syrian issue and shares Turkey’s fight against terrorism.

On October 11, 2021 Cavusoglu met with the Syrian Foreign Minister, Faisal Mekdad, during the meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement meeting in the Serbian capital Belgrade.

Assad has been steadily gaining regional acceptance among Syria’s neighbors and some of the Arab Gulf.  The next step is expected re-admission into the Arab League. The leader in Damascus is in a stable political position, but Erdogan is standing on shaky ground.  He faces a presidential election in June 2023, less than a year away.  His economy is almost collapsed, the currency devalued, people are hungry and suffering, and the Turkish people are tired of putting up with 3 million Syrian refugees who do not share their language, or their culture.  Erdogan needs to make peace with Assad in order to win in 2023, which will depend on a boost in imports of products to Syria and sending the Syrians back home.

Before the US-NATO attack on Syria for the purpose of ‘regime change’, Erdogan and Assad, including their families, had enjoyed a warm friendship. Erdogan publicly called Assad “my brother” when addressing him.

President Barak Obama planned and executed a US-led attack on Syria using Radical Islamic terrorists as foot soldiers, and with the Syrian political opposition housed in Istanbul and comprised of almost exclusively followers of the Muslim Brotherhood. Trump finally shut down the CIA project supporting the terrorists in Turkey in 2017. The US-NATO war on Syria had failed.

In 2004, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey and the Syrian Arab Republic entered into a free trade agreement which stated, “…the will of their peoples who are bound together with exceptional ties of common history, culture and geography.”  This was economic integration of Turkey and Syria, and included not only products, but visa-free travel between the two countries as well.

However, in December 2011, Syria decided to suspend the free trade agreement and impose a tariff of 30 percent on all Turkish imports and prohibitive duties on fuel and freight. Previously, Ankara had announced economic sanctions against the Syrian government.  Later, as the Turkish involvement in the US-NATO war on Syria grew deeper, the Syrian government banned all Turkish products entering Syria, and a closure to all borders.

Turkish Economy Minister Zafer Caglayan said in December 2011,

“This year, the amount Turkey will have lost in terms of (decreased) exports to Syria is equal to the total amount of exports to the world for a single day. In other words, it is a figure that can be ignored.”

Erdogan chose to abandon his business community in favor of the US plan to overthrow his “brother” in Damascus.  It is no wonder that Turkey’s economy is near collapse.  He chose a Muslim Brotherhood project over his economy, and the livelihoods of the Turkish people.  He threw out Turkey’s single biggest market in favor of following the orders of Washington, DC. who have repeatedly turned their back on Turkish interests, supported the Kurdish terrorists, and were directly involved in a coup attempt against Erdogan.

The US supported the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in north east Syria, who are a para-military group opposed to Turkey and the Syrian government.  The SDF is directly linked with the PKK, a terrorist group who have killed thousands in Turkey over decades.  The US used the SDF and YPG to fight ISIS, but that war is long over.  The Kurds were never promised a homeland by Washington, DC. and in fact James Jeffrey, the US envoy to Syria, repeatedly advised the SDF to go to Damascus and make a deal.

Now, after Erdogan has threatened to invade further into Syria, the SDF are on the road to Damascus.  Putin has advised Erdogan to cooperate with Assad to stop the separatist ambitions of the SDF and YPG.

Once the SDF are integrated into the Syrian National Army, they will cease to be a threat to the security of Turkey.  This will also signal the time for the US to withdraw from their illegal occupation of Syria, as well as the occupation by Turkish troops.

If Ankara and Damascus resume their relationship it will call an end to the Al Qaeda occupation of Idlib.  The terrorist group Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), formerly the Al Qaeda branch in Syria, will have lost their Turkish support.  The three million civilians living under the Islamic State of Idlib will be free at last. Protests in Idlib began once the reports of a possible re-set between Erdogan and Assad.  Turkish flags were burned, and the HTS clerics preached that Turkey is a “Kaffir nation” because they are not an Islamic Republic, even though Turkey has supported them with food, cash, and weapons since 2011.  Terrorists have short memories and are short on loyalties.

Erdogan’s foreign minister is urging a deal between the Syrian opposition and the Syrian Government .  The question is, who is the Syrian opposition?  They used to be an assortment of Muslim Brotherhood members living in Istanbul and on the US payroll.  Next, they morphed into a group of Muslim Brotherhood members living in Doha, Qatar.  Later, there was a group ensconced in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  A peaceful solution between the Syrian opposition and the Syrian government is possible, but who are they, and who is paying their salaries?


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This article was originally published on Mideast Discourse.

Steven Sahiounie is a two-time award-winning journalist. He is a regular contributor to Global Research.

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“Forbidden Planet”: An Unelected Shadow Government of Billionaires Has Seized Power … “When Science Fiction becomes Science Fact”

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A new Dark Age is upon us. An unelected shadow government consisting of billionaires, multinational corporations, and international non-governmental organizations like the World Economic Forum and the Rockefeller Foundation has seized power without a shot being fired, without a drop of blood being shed.

All nations have been corrupted. Elected officials, public health authorities, and the mainstream media can no longer be trusted. Phony pandemics like COVID-19 along with the fear of AIDS, monkeypox, and whatever else they can dream up are being used as an excuse to replace freedom, democracy, and national sovereignty with a global dystopian surveillance state. Welcome to the abyss.

The majority of people go about their lives wrapped in a cocoon of complacency and indifference, blissfully unaware of the fate that awaits them if they don’t wake up. Instead, they either flat out deny reality or fritter away their time on trivial issues as well as major issues while failing to see the big picture.

Some sit on their mystic futons with their Quartz crystals and think happy thoughts while others go on moral crusades freaking themselves out over children at drag shows, transsexuals in bathrooms, and people who didn’t get a COVID jab, while still others absorb themselves with sports, celebrity gossip, and wondering if Jeffrey Epstein is still alive. But that’s the whole idea. Distract the masses. In ancient Rome it was bread and circuses, now it’s pandemics, transsexuals, and cell phones.

But the big picture remains. “Vaccine Passports Are Here to Stay. Why Worry?” declares a January 2022 article in The Intercept.

The article goes on to point out that there is a whole lot to worry about along with a February 2022 article in Medical X Press, and another February 2022 article in Forbes. This is because even though COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted, they are not totally gone and could come back in full force with a vengeance. The corrupt system that put them there is still in place.

Image on the right is from Mercola

Examples: a number of countries and some US states have rolled out vaccine passports.

Other US states have banned vaccine passports, but could easily reintroduce them down the road. The Federal Government could also start pressuring the states to require vaccine passports or pass a federal law requiring them nationwide.

Even though the U.S. Supreme Court struck down Biden’s vaccine requirement for large companies, many, as CNN reported, are still requiring COVID jabs for their employees. This is because the Court didn’t use an across-the-board ban as it should have. Also consider China’s zero-COVID policy in Shanghai that brutally locked down 24.9 million people.

Examples: CNN reported that some airports and subway systems like in New York are still requiring masks even though a Federal District Judge struck down Biden’s mask mandate for transportation because it doesn’t apply to corporate and state entities. The judge could have gotten rid of all mask mandates across-the-board. But on page 43 of the decision she states that the Court accepts the CDC’s determination that masks are effective against COVID-19, which they aren’t. In my state, COVID restrictions are gone, but hospitals and medical offices are still requiring masks. LA County in California is threatening to bring back mask mandates due to rising COVID cases. No people, this nonsense isn’t over by a long shot.

There are some who think that whatever their globalist masters do to them is just peachy dandy. There are too many who will just go along to get along because they’re too lazy and too scared to fight back. Let’s not forget those who expect to be rewarded for selling out the human race. And there are a growing number of those who want to do all they can to resist, but are tempted to kick-back and chill-out. So, let’s look at what these globalist masters of the universe have planned for us and what could go wrong if they get their way.

Foreboding Planet

One of the greatest science fiction movies ever made was the 1956 classic “Forbidden Planet.” It is considered by many to be the granddaddy of all science fiction films. Like Star Trek, the film is set in the distant future. The plot: an Earth starship travels to a remote planet that a research team of scientists landed on 20 years earlier to see what became of them. Turns out only one scientist and his sexy daughter who was born there survived. They are living comfortably in a beautiful house with a robot that the father created to serve their every need. But soon after the ship lands, an indestructible invisible monster starts killing the ship’s crew. The scientist explained that this monster also killed all his other colleagues except for his wife, who died of natural causes.

The captain rightly decides to get off the planet pronto. But the scientist doesn’t want to leave, assures him that he and his daughter are in no danger, and insists that the ship leave without them. He explains that a highly advanced civilization once existed there that was mysteriously wiped out two hundred thousand years earlier. Nothing remains above ground. But underground is a huge laboratory and miles and miles of a vast underground machine complex that maintains itself so it looks brand new.

He tells the captain how our civilization would benefit from the wonders he has discovered, but that only he is qualified to dole out the knowledge because he boosted his intellect with one of their machines which almost killed him because it wasn’t made for our primitive ape brain. But even with his boosted intellect he can’t figure out why this civilization which was on the verge of some enormous achievement suddenly vanished overnight. But the ship’s doctor figures it out after he sneaks into the underground lab and boosts his intellect to an even greater degree. It kills him, but before he dies he explains what went wrong.

Turns out the vast machine complex allowed every inhabitant of the ancient civilization to become mentally connected to it so that anything they imagined would instantly materialize. In other words, they would have the power of God: creation by mere thought. But as the doctor explained, they forgot about one thing: “Monsters from the ID.” Like us, they evolved from more primitive ancestors and the machine freed those violent primitive impulses to maim and kill. The scientist was forced to face the fact that the monster that killed his companions and that was now about to kill his daughter because she fell in love with the captain was his own subconscious let loose when his intellect was expanded. He had no power to stop it. But the stress of discovering the truth killed him–his daughter and everyone else were saved.

We have seen many times that science fiction eventually becomes science fact. Like the vast fictitious  machine complex in “Forbidden Planet,” the internet is everywhere and anyone can connect to it via their computers and smart phones. But the architects of the New World Order, the Great Reset, call it what you will, want to implant chips into our bodies and or brain that will allow us to connect to the internet without the aforementioned devices. They will sell it to us as being fun and convenient. Don’t be fooled. Their agenda is total control of the human race.

If you think I’m spouting some wild conspiracy theory, think again. The technology to implant computer chips in people exists now, has been done, and is being done as shown in this 2019 NBC News report. One of the guys interviewed said he thinks chipping will be voluntary. It might start out that way, but it won’t stay that way. In this video, Klaus Schwab, head of the World Economic Forum declares:

“Can you imagine that in 10 years when we are sitting here we have an implant in our brains and I can immediately feel, because you all will have implants, I can measure your brain waves and I can immediately tell you how the people react or I can see you, how the people react to your answers.”

[embedded content]

Notice all of the I statements Schwab made? It’s all about what he can do and in this video asserts:

“What the Fourth Industrial Revolution will lead to is a fusion of our physical, our digital, and our biological identities.” 

What Schwab said is confirmed in this article on the World Economic Forum’s website:

“We stand on the brink of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another. In its scale, scope, and complexity, the transformation will be unlike anything humankind has experienced before…The Fourth Industrial Revolution, finally, will change not only what we do but also who we are. It will affect our identity and all issues associated with it…and sooner than we think it may lead to human augmentation.”

Yuval Noah Harari, PhD, is a best selling author, historian, and a professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Some right wing conservative websites claim that Professor Harari is a top adviser to Klaus Schwab. I have found no evidence for that claim. Yes, he has spoke at the World Economic Forum’s annual meetings in Davos, Switzerland as well as with billionaire globalists like Bill Gates. But as Dr. Harari explained in this interview on 60 Minutes, his purpose is to warn the elites of the dangers of what they are doing. And they are open to being warned because “they are a bit afraid of their own  power” and “have realized the immense influence they have over the world, over the course of  evolution really and I think that spooks at least some of them and that’s a good thing.”

[embedded content]

At the 2020 annual Davos meeting, Dr. Harari laid out the scary and creepy future that globalists like Schwab have planned for us via the use of artificial intelligence and biotechnology:

“In the coming decades AI and biotechnology will give us god-like abilities to re-engineer life and even to create completely new life forms. After 4 billion years of organic life shaped by natural selection we are about to enter a new era of inorganic life shaped by intelligent design. Our intelligent design is going to be the new driving force of the evolution of life. And in using these powers of creation we might make mistakes on a cosmic scale.”

Dr. Harari went on to explain that every country will declare that they are the “good guys” and would never want to genetically engineer humans or develop killer robots. But they can’t trust their rivals not to so they will have to race to do it first. He warned that if we allow this kind of arms race to occur it doesn’t matter who wins: “The loser will be humanity.”

Mechanical Implants aren’t the only way to control humans. Another possible way is via the use of optogenetics, which genetically modifies targeted cells in the brain and are then manipulated with light. This technology has the potential to restore brain function and to cure diseases like Parkinson’s, epilepsy, stroke, mental disorders, etc. But as Nobel Prize winner Susumu Tonegawa, PhD explains in this video on the World Economic Forum’s website:

“We can now engineer their thought with the light so that animals, our memory, our emotions, and even thoughts can be manipulated. This is the idea that has existed only in the realm of science fiction until recently.”

The World Economic Forum web page correctly declares that manipulating memories, emotions, and thoughts raises “profound ethical questions” which is why “It’s a future that should be very carefully considered.”

But in my opinion, the agenda of people like Klaus Schwab is clear: they want to be in control. They want obedience. They want absolute power. They not only want to tell 8 billion people what to do and how to live, but also what to think and feel. This is their utopian plan. Utopia for them, a living hell for the rest of us. But are they considering the fact that artificial intelligence drives the digital world that they wants us to become fused with via algorithims? And these algorithms are getting smarter. What if they eventually develop a high level of intelligence and become self aware?

Algorithms that think way faster and can solve problems like war and pollution more quickly than  humans might with self-awareness decide that we are a danger to the planet and to their existence. They could wipe us out by getting us to kill each other. Just imagine such a mass slaughter taking place. The entire human race dead in a matter of hours. Or the slaughter could take place in a different way. Over the course of a few years, more and more algorithms will be created and more attempts will be made to manipulate humans by various elites. As Dr. Harari puts it in this video,“Humans are now hackable animals.” Maybe our brains will overload or even explode from the massive amounts of data and conflicting commands. This could cause the human race to become extinct within a decade or two.

[embedded content]

What globalist elites are also looking to exploit is transhumanism, the belief that technology can repair and improve the human race. The upside of this is that medical science will one day be able to replace amputated or destroyed limbs with mechanical ones that will perform just like, and be indistinguishable from, human appendages.

This might also be accomplished via a regeneration technology. Damage to a person’s spinal cord in an accident like the one that caused the late Christopher Reeve (1952-2004) to be paralyzed from the neck down could be totally repaired. All diseases could be eliminated. Old age and even death might be conquered. But as Dr. Harari explained in the 60 Minutes interview, there is also a very dangerous downside:

“…we will see in the coming decades, a process of greater inequality than in any previous time in history because for the first time, it will be real biological inequality. If the new technologies are available only to the rich or only to people from a certain country, then Homo sapiens will split into different biological castes because they really have different bodies–and different abilities.”

In other words, we might see a whole race of humanoids that are stronger, faster, and far more intelligent than we are.  Beings who don’t age and can’t be killed. Beings that will see themselves as Gods among insects to quote Magneto in the 2003 film “X2: X-Men United.”

I’m not saying that any of this will happen. I’m only saying that human nature being what it is, there is a strong possibility that it will happen if we passively stand by and do nothing to stop it.

Robots in Our Midst

The word robot was introduced to the world in a 1920 play called R.U.R. (Rossun’s Universal Robots) written by Karel Capek (1890-1938). But it was his older brother Josef Capek (1887-1945) who invented the word Robot. It comes from the Czech word “robota,” which means “forced laborer” or “serf.” In 1941 science fiction writer Isaac Asimov, PhD (1920-1992) invented the word “robotics.”

There are all kinds of robots in the world today used for all sorts of things. Robots have been working production lines in factories for decades. They can be found in hospitals, toy stores, in sewers doing inspections, etc. There are also robot insects, birds, and fish as shown in this 2019 article and 2017 video. Robot Space probes have sent back pictures of other planets in our solar system while others are exploring the surface of the Planet Mars. Self-driving cars have become a reality. Drones are being used by retailers like Walmart for deliveries and, unfortunately, for oppressive and military purposes.

Parts of the US and other countries used obnoxious drones to order people to stay home and socially distance during the COVID lockdowns as reported by Business Insider. The US military has been using  attack drones to kill political and military leaders along with innocent civilians which includes children since the administration of George W. Bush. Snopes reported that more than 500 drone strikes were authorized by President Barak Obama alone. President Donald Trump revoked Obama’s executive order requiring an annual disclosure of civilian deaths from drone strikes in 2018 so we don’t know how many people are getting killed. But estimates show at least several hundred civilians have been killed by attack drones over the years.

According to some websites, robots existed in ancient Egypt and in the Medieval and Renaissance Periods. But the first AI robot  was developed between 1966-1972 at the Stamford Research Institute. They named it Shakey because it shook a lot and moved around. Robots have come a long way since then. We even have robot dogs. But none have captured our imaginations, fascinated, and frightened us more than humanoid robots.

The most sophisticated of all AI humanoid robots was invented in 2016. Her name is Sophia which is Greek for wisdom. She was created by Hanson Robotics based in Hong Kong. She was designed to  look like actress Audrey Hepburn (1929-1993). Sorry, I don’t see it. She is also the first robot to be granted citizenship by a country: Saudi Arabia no less.

This video features Sophia in action along with other humanoid robots. Here is another video of Sophia  singing a duet with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show. But here is the most frightening and disturbing video of all. Sophia’s creator David Hanson believes that in the future robots will walk among us and be our friends. He then asked Sophia the following question:

“Do you want to destroy humans? Please say no.”

Sophia replies:

“Okay, I will destroy humans.”

Sophia reminds me of the contrast between the 1979-1981 TV show Buck Rogers in the 25thCentury and the later Terminator movies. In the former, robots in the form of Dr. Theopolis make up the  Computer Council which is Earth’s ruling body because humans felt they couldn’t be trusted to run things since they almost destroyed the planet in a nuclear holocaust centuries earlier. Since Dr. Theopolis, like the other robots on the council, are just small disks, he is worn around the neck of a robot named Twiki for mobility. Naturally, the robots in this possible future are benevolent and good. In the Terminator movies they are the opposite. So, the question is: if we create a race of super intelligent robots, do we get Dr. Theopolis and Twiki or do we get Skynet and the Terminator? I think the latter is far more likely.

Lost in Cyberspace

As AI and robots become more intelligent and efficient jobs will disappear for the overwhelming majority of the human race. At the 2020 Davos meeting Dr. Harari explained that this will lead to the creation of a new useless class. Not useless to friends and family, but to the economic and political order. In the past workers had to deal with exploitation. In the future it will be irrelevance which is  much worse than exploitation. But what is to be done with all of these jobless, useless humans?

Since AI systems require an enormous amount of energy to function as explained in this 2020 article, which could severely damage the environment as stated in this 2021 article, and since the human body generates a tremendous amount of energy as explained in this 2009 article, why not harvest the energy of the useless class to power them? This concept was well-illustrated in the 1999 science fiction film, “The Matrix.”

In “The Matrix” people thought they were living and working in 1999 Los Angeles when, in reality, they were in the distant future lying naked in tanks, submerged in liquid with cables plugged into their brains and spinal columns. The machines that had long ago conquered the human race, created a computer generated artificial world for the masses to keep their minds active while using them as living batteries to power the machinery complexes. When people died their liquified remains were fed to the living via a network of intravenous tubes.

It’s highly unlikely that things will turn out exactly like in “The Matrix.” A more likely possibility is that since humans will be directly connected to AI and the internet via implants, they might be confined to apartments individually or in groups where they can walk around, eat, exercise, go to the bathroom, and go to bed while trapped in a virtual fantasy world thinking they are somewhere else. They will be totally unaware that they are slaves while their energy is being harvested to feed their mechanical and transhuman masters.

What kind of fantasy world will humanity be living in? Perhaps each person or group might be given a fantasy that matches their personality. Some might be loners who think they are roughing it in the wilderness; some will think they are rich and famous living in the lap of luxury surrounded by throngs of adoring fans; others might even think they are superheros living in a Harry Potter Universe. Some people might even be made to think they are living in different time eras.

Another danger to consider is that even if we manage to avoid enslavement in virtual fantasy worlds, the human race might become so dependent on algorithms to make decisions for them and on robots to do things for them that future generations will be helpless mental midgets.

But there is another possible future. Virtual fantasy worlds are already being used as explained in this  article. In addition to being lots of fun, they can be highly educational. In the TV series “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” which was set almost 100 years in the future of the original series, the Enterprise had what was called the holodeck. It was a chamber the crew could enter and have the computer conjure up any fantasy world they could imagine. It was the central plot in numerous episodes. But the crew was in control. They could enter or leave whenever they wanted.

Knowledge, like power, is a two-edged sword. Technology can be used for good or evil. It can bring us greater freedom or it can enslave us. Religion can do the same thing. Always choose freedom and  choice over power and control. Bottom line: You want to be in control of technological wonders like virtual reality—you don’t want those technological wonders to control you.

Big Brother Is Watching You

In today’s modern world, we are constantly being tracked and monitored. Surveillance cameras are everywhere. Businesses are finding more and more reasons to ask to see our driver’s license. When we call up our credit card company or some other business, we are confronted with obnoxious robot voice mail systems that with ever growing frequency will say: “this call is being monitored and recorded.” God I miss the days when an actual human answered the phone. When we visit various websites, algorithms track us. This is why we suddenly get a litany of ads and promos for whatever we look at in our email, social media pages, and any websites we visit.

Hackers are another problem. Our personal data can be stolen by criminals who can assume our identities as well as take all the money in our bank accounts which is why I don’t do online banking. Even the police can extract data and locate us by hacking into our smart phones as explained in this 2017 article.

But until recently, governments, corporations, and algorithms have only been able to hack into and monitor what we do externally, such as into where we go and who we interact with. Until now, our smart phones, bank accounts, and personal information could be hacked. But as Dr. Harari explained in the 60 Minutes interview: “The next phase is the surveillance going under our skin.”

In other words, humans can also be hacked. At the 2018 India Today Conlave, Dr. Harari explained:

“We are deciphering how the body works, how the brain works, how people make decisions, and very soon, governments and corporations might be in the position that they understand what’s happening inside us better than we understand and therefore they can manipulate us and control us and we won’t even realize it…if we are not careful this will lead to the creation of digital dictatorships, of total surveillance regimes, in which resistance is absolutely impossible, because if you just think about resisting they know.”

Examples: a dictator in some country might force everyone to wear a biometric bracelet that can monitor and track their emotions. Anyone who reacts negatively to the autocrat’s presence on TV or in person could be executed. Homophobic countries like Iran or Saudi Arabia could use AI to identify gay people and execute them. Religious dictatorships will know who doesn’t believe in God. An atheist dictatorship would know who does believe in God.

At the 2020 Davos meeting, Dr. Harari warned the wealthy elites that they would not be safe if AI falls into the hands of a 21st Century Stalin. Under Joseph Stalin (1878-1953) “the state monitored members of the Communist elite more than anyone else. The same will be true of future total surveillance regimes. The higher you are in the hierarchy the more closely you will be watched…so it’s in the interest of all humans including the elites to prevent the rise of such digital dictatorships.”

Last year, the United Nations called for a moratorium on AI technologies because of the danger they posed to human rights. The U.N. warned that Spyware like Pegasus “has been linked to the arrest, intimidation, and even killing of journalists and human rights defenders.”

Another way that global elitists want to control us is by creating a cashless world order. Naturally, the World Economic Forum is all for it as stated in this 2020 article on their website. Under this horrible system governments and corporations will know about every financial transaction that you make. And they will be able to deny you access to your money anytime you do something that they don’t like. Naturally, they will try to sell us on the idea that going cashless will be more convenient and prevent crimes like tax evasion. Don’t fall for it, warned this 2013 CNBC commentary. A cashless society will be a totalitarian society. It’s about control, not convenience.

Is There any Hope?

Our inalienable human rights are being drowned in a sea of trigger words, micro-aggressions, safe spaces, and self-righteous pontifications about what God says we ought to do. We have become a planet of whiny, easily offended nitpickers.

We have also become a planet of germophobic hypochondriacs which was exploited to the hilt with COVID-19. People wore the craziest stuff out of fear of a cold virus as shown is this article. But George Carlin (1937-2008) really nailed it in this 1999 comedy monologue on the fear of germs.

Being exposed to germs strengthens the immune system. In the same way, being exposed to different beliefs and ways of life strengthens the mind and the spirit by enabling personal growth. Censorship and intolerance lead to ignorance and stupidity. It stunts growth. The more open the mind, the more open is the heart. The more we accept ourselves, the more we will accept others.

Differences between the authoritarian left and the authoritarian right amount to issue positions—they are cosmetic. Both sides use the same tactics and psychology. Authoritarianism is about people who want power over others. They don’t know the meaning of freedom and are incapable of it. They pervert language and institutions. They are pirates and hijackers. They dangle God and science before the gullible masses like a piece of raw meat in front of a hungry lion.

A healthy society is a tolerant society. Making bigoted laws of any kind no matter how noble the intent creates a divided society. A-one-size-fits-all morality doesn’t work—all it does is breed hypocrisy and misery. A one-size-fits-all medical paradigm breeds illness and death. We can do without either.

It doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, yellow, or green. There is only one race: the human race. It doesn’t matter if you’re gay, bi, or straight. We are all sexual beings with a huge variety of fantasies and desires. It doesn’t matter if you were born male, female, or opted to be transsexual because we are all human and that’s what counts. We must stand together against this evil globalist agenda that seeks to rob us of our humanity.

My fellow humans, I beg you; I implore you: cast off your masks and your prejudices. Throw away your hand sanitizers, plexiglass screens, and moral absolutes. We need to stop being afraid of each other and what is different about each other. We need to stop hurting, judging, and punishing one another. We are human. We are one.  And if we stand together, no power on Earth or anywhere else can take our humanity away from us. The most precious thing we have is ourselves and each other.


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Michael J. Talmo has been a professional writer for over 40 years and is strongly committed to the protection of civil liberties. He also did three music videos on COVID-19. The Masker Mash, COVID Vaccine Man, and The Corona Globalists. He can be reached at [email protected]

He is a regular contributor to Global Research.

Featured image is from The Libertarian Institute


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The Shanghai “Covid Zero Tolerance Mandate”. Engineered Depression of China’s Economy?

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First published on July 12, 2022


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Read article in Chinese Here


Starting in late March early April 2022, the Chinese government ordered a Covid zero tolerance lockdown mandate pertaining to Shanghai, a port city of 26 million people:

“The official story put out by the city of Shanghai, and not denied by the Chinese Communist Party, is so extreme as to invite ridicule.

A new “zero tolerance” policy for COVID-19, which is a bogus non-existent disease in the first place, was imposed on all Shanghai citizens, first on the East side of the Huangpu River from March 28 [2022], and then for the entire city from April 1st.

Supposedly all citizens will be tested for COVID-19. According to media reports, only 26,087 new cases of COVID-19 have been found, and of those, only 914 were symptomatic…  (Emanuel Pastreich)

The confinement of Shanghai’s labour force was carried out under a “Covid zero tolerance mandate”: “At least 38,000 medical workers from across China have been deployed to aid Shanghai … in the fight against the Omicron variant…” (Global Times)

Omicron is the Buzzword: Omicron and its BA.5 Sub-Variant

China’s Health authorities have confirmed that “Nucleic acid [namely the PCR ] tests are central to its strategy”. 

A Covid-19 Response Expert Panel headed by Dr. Liang Wannian was set up under the auspices of China’s National Health Commission. The Zero Tolerance Mandate consisted in “China beating the Omicron variant” using the defunct PCR test, which does not distinguish between Covid-19 and seasonal influenza. The PCR test was categorized by the US CDC as totally invalid, effective 31 December 2021.

The Role of  Dr. George Gao Fu

Visibly, China’s Health authorities have endorsed the Fauci-Gates “fake science” lockdown consensus without batting an eyelid.

China’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CCDC) is headed by Dr. George Gao Fu, a colleague of Anthony Fauci et al.

Dr. Gao was a participant in the Scenario 201 October 2019 Table Top Simulation of a Corona Virus Pandemic, less than three months prior to the outbreak of the “Real Life” novel 2019 corona virus epidemic in Wuhan in December 2019.

From the outset, Dr. Gao Fu played a central role in overseeing Covid-19 in China, acting in close liaison with the US CDC, Fauci’s NIAID, the Gates Foundation, the WHO, John Hopkins et al.

George Gao Fu is an Oxford graduate. For several years, he was fellow of the Wellcome Trust which is linked to Big Pharma.  Gao Fu is a professional colleague and “longtime friend” of Anthony Fauci:

“George F. Gao, head of China’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention, received the email from Anthony Fauci on March 28, 2020. [a few days after the lockdown in the US]. 

As Fauci faced criticism for his handling of the pandemic, Gao reached out again.

“I saw some news (hope it is fake) that [you] are being attacked by some people. Hope you are well under such a irrational situation,” Gao wrote April 8, 2020.

Three days later, Fauci replied and thanked his longtime friend for his “kind note.”

“All is well despite some crazy people in this world,” Fauci wrote, the newspaper reported.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci is a “Double Speak”

From the outset, Fauci has persistently warned of the imminent dangers of the SARS-CoV-2 (including its variants and sub-variants), while acknowledging in his peer reviewed article in the New England Journal of Medicine that:

“The overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%) or a pandemic influenza (similar to those in 1957 and 1968)…” (See Covid-19 — Navigating the Uncharted, NEJM)

Careful timing: the article was published by the NEJM on March 26, 2020 two weeks following the March 11, 2020 Global Covid-19 pandemic “Lockdown” imposed on 193 member states of the United Nations.

Dr. Fauci’s NEJM peer reviewed analysis (which is barely mentioned by the media) is in sharp contrast with his frenzied statements on network TV.

On March 28, 2020 (2 days following the publication of his peer reviewed article) he stated that “Covid Could Kill as many as 200,000 Americans”

Is this Relevant to China?

Anthony Fauci is Dr. Gao Fu’s Mentor. The same policy framework is being applied.

China’s  Zero Tolerance Covid Mandate is a “copy and paste” of the March 11, 2020 lockdown (based on “fake science”) sponsored by Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates et al under the auspices of the WHO (in close consultation with the World Economic Forum).

China’s Zero Tolerance Covid mandate is predicated on a fear campaign.

The Devastating Economic Impacts of the Shanghai Lockdown

On July 10, 2022, China’s Health authorities announced that several major urban areas have been instructed to implement the Zero Tolerance COVID-19 mandate as a means to combating  the “highly-transmissible Omicron BA.5 subvariant”  

The labour force has been confined in a large number of industrial cities thereby leading to economic and social chaos as well as a dramatic decline in economic activity. According to Reuters:

The BA.5 [subvariant] lineage, spreading fast in many other countries, has been detected in cities such as Xian in the province of Shaanxi and Dalian in Liaoning province, … It was first found in China on May 13 in a patient who had flown to Shanghai from Uganda, the China Center for Disease Prevention and Control said, with no local infections linked to the case that month.

Did that “patient” from Uganda take the PCR test upon his return to China? Variants and sub-variants cannot under any circumstances be detected by the PCR test. (The original SARS-CoV-2 virus cannot be detected by the PCR test).

The study by China’s CCDC  focussing on the detection of genetic sequences based on a PCR nasopharyngeal swab is misleading.

A large number of urban areas have literally been closed down. There is absolutely no scientific or public health justification for these measures: 

“In the central province of Henan, the town of Qinyang has almost completely locked down its nearly 700,000 residents from Sunday, with one person in each household allowed a trip every two days for groceries.

Authorities in Wugang, another town in Henan, have told its 290,000 residents not to leave home in the next three days, except for COVID tests.

Four major districts in the northwestern city of Lanzhou, in the province of Gansu, and the southern cities of Danzhou and Haikou in Hainan province, are under temporary curbs for several days, with a total of 6 million people affected.

The city of Nanchang in southern Jiangxi province, with 6.3 million residents, shut some entertainment venues on Saturday, although the duration of the curbs was not specified.

In the northwestern province of Qinghai, the city of Xining kicked off a mass testing campaign on Monday after one person tested positive on Sunday.

Mass tests also began on Monday in several major districts of the southern metropolis of Guangzhou.

On July 11, 2022 China’s National Heath Commission confirmed the following data for Mainland China:  

  • A total of 352 new domestically transmitted COVID infections recorded on July 10
  • 46 new symptomatic cases, 
  • 306 new asymptomatic cases

46 new symptomatic cases out of a population of 1.45 billion people does not justify closing down China’s major urban areas.

  • This decision borders on ridicule.
  • It has no scientific basis.
  • Is there a hidden agenda?
  • The Chinese Communist Party has acquiesced?
  • Are there divisions within China’s leadership? 

Both the Western and Chinese media are totally silent on the matter.

The impacts of these measures put forth by China’s National Health Commission and China’s CCDC have precipitated China’s supply chains into jeopardy.

“Covid Tolerance Zero” has contributed to destabilizing Shanghai’s financial sector as well as its buoyant export economy. It has also contributed to undermining domestic transport and commodity supply lines.

China’s QR code

The Covid Zero Tolerance Mandate has created social havoc and hardship for millions of people, requiring the imposition of PCR tests on a regular basis using QR green, yellow  and red color codes as a means of social control. 

The  Washington based Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) applauds:

“One area of real success, and that may have application in other countries, is the rapid development of an online “health code” system (健康码).

This innovative app tracks an individual’s travel, contact history, and biometric data (for example, body temperature) directly through one’s smartphone.” (emphasis added)


Impacts on the Global Economy

Since mid April 2022 (coinciding with the lockdown of Shanghai), the Yuan (CNY) declined abruptly against the US dollar (USD). 

The volume of commodity trade in and out of the Port of Shanghai (and other major port cities) has subsided, which inevitably has a bearing on the availability of “Made in China” commodities Worldwide. 

“Made in China” is the backbone of retail trade which indelibly sustains household consumption in virtually all major commodity categories from clothing, footwear, to hardware, electronics, toys, jewelries, household fixtures, food, TV sets, mobile phones, etc. Ask the American consumer: The list is long.  

Importing from China is a lucrative multi-trillion dollar operation. It is the source of tremendous profit and wealth in the US, because consumer  commodities imported from China’s low wage economy are often sold at the retail level more than ten times their factory price.

Global commodity trade at wholesale and retail levels is in crisis. The potential impacts in all major regions of the World are devastating. World-wide scarcities of essential consumer goods are coupled with inflationary pressures. 

These developments also affect China’s sovereignty as a nation state with a weakened economy, not to mention its Belt and Road initiative. 

In the context of the current crisis, including Washington’s “Pivot to Asia”, there are serious geopolitical implications which have a direct bearing on the confrontation between China and the US. 


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Video: The Corona Crisis. Worldwide Economic, Social and Political Chaos. “Closing Down Planet Earth”: Michel Chossudovsky

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The video below was initially published by Vimeo in early 2021.

It was taken down on March 5, 2022 as an act of censorship directed against Global Research.

It outlines the nature of the corona crisis focusing on the hist0ry of the crisis and the impacts of the lockdown.

Video: The Worldwide Corona Crisis: Prof Michel Chossudovsky

To view the video on Bitchute and/or enter a comment, click here.

See Michel Chossudovsky’s E-Book (14 Chapters)

The 2020-22 Worldwide Corona Crisis: Destroying Civil Society, Engineered Economic Depression, Global Coup d’État and the “Great Reset”

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

Note by author

We are dealing with an exceedingly complex process. 

In the course of more than two years starting in early January 2022, I have analyzed almost on a daily basis the timeline and evolution of the COVID crisis. 

From the very outset in January 2020, people were led to believe and accept the existence of a rapidly progressing and dangerous epidemic.

Very Summarized

1. The RT-PCR test is meaningless (now confirmed by the WHO and the CDC). The entire data base of so-called “COVID confirmed cases” is  totally invalid. These are the estimates which have been used to justify ALL the COVID-19 mandates since March 2020. The figures on COVID-19 related mortality are also invalid (See Chapter III). These are the fake “estimates” used to justify the violation of fundamental human rights.

2. SARS-CoV-2 is “similar to seasonal influenza” according to the CDC and the WHO. It is not a killer virus. (See Chapter III)

3. The economic and social impacts of the lockdowns are devastating: bankruptcies, unemployment, poverty and despair. The COVID-19 mandates are destroying people’s lives. (See Chapters IV and V)

4. The COVID-19 mRNA vaccines have resulted in a worldwide upward trend in mortality and morbidity which is amply documented (See Chapter VIII). A confidential report by Pfizer made public under Freedom of Information (FOI) confirms that the COVID-19 jab is a “killer vaccine”. 

5. Recorded and registered for EU/UK/USA – 61,654 COVID-19 injection-related deaths and 9,755,085 injuries reported as at 28 January 2022 (only a small percentage of deaths and injuries are reported and recorded).

6. Pfizer has a criminal record with the US Department of Justice. (See Chapter VIII)


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Conferencia: La Crisis Global del Coronavirus, Golpe de Estado en contra de la Humanidad – Prof. Michel Chossudovsky

<!– –>

El Colegio de Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales de la Universidad Autónoma de la Ciudad de México (UACM) invita usted a la Conferencia del Prof. Michel Chossudovsky, bajo el título: 



Prof. Michel Chossudovsky 

El evento se llevará a cabo el próximo lunes 15 de agosto a las 10 horas (hora Ciudad de México) en el marco del programa  

Diplomado en Análisis Geopolítico

Bajo la coordinación del Prof. Raúl Armando Villegas Dávalos


15 de agosto, 2022,  10 am (hora de Ciudad de México)

11 am hora de Montreal / Nueva York, 8 am hora del Pacifico, 17 pm de Madrid (CEST)


Link para ingresar directamente:

O bien ingresando los siguientes códigos:

El archivo de artículos de Michel Chossudovsky (español)

Archivo de artículos (ingles)


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Video: Ketogenic Diet Brings Certain Autoimmune and Cancer Diseases Triggered by mRNA Injections Under Control. Dr. Ulrike Kämmerer

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Guest is Prof. Dr. Ulrike Kämmerer, a human biologist and immunologist. Among her relevant books are:

  • “The Ketogenic Diet for Cancer. The best foods for tumor diseases” (2016, with Christina Schlatterer,
    Gerd Knoll. Neuafulage: 2019)
  • “Cancer Cells Love Sugar – Patients Need Fat.” (2020, with Christina Schlatterer)

This session talks about Dr. Kammerer’s contribution to an approach of preventive and also curative health maintenance through nutrition: the ketogenic diet.

By means of this nutrition-induced metabolic change (energy production via ketones instead of glucose), certain autoimmune diseases, such as those triggered by the mRNA injections, but also cancer diseases, can be brought under control.


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Featured image is a screenshot from the video


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Human Rights Violations by Multinational Corporations: Corruption, Lawlessness and The “Global Value Chain”

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First published on May 2, 2022



The debate on human rights violations is invariably limited to those committed by  governments and other public institutions.

We seldom discuss human rights violations committed by large corporations, especially multinational corporations (MNCs). Moreover, in many cases, the violation of human rights by host country governments is motivated as a means to cover up MNCs’ human rights abuse.

There is another phenomenon which does not help our resolve to acquire a solution to the issue of corporate human rights abuse; it is the biased attitude of the Western media regarding these corporate violations. 

The media seldom report the incidence of corporate human rights violations, most likely due to the fact that they themselves are owned by large corporations.

Public debate on the issues of corporate human rights violations is vitally important not only in relation of global justice but also for the health of the global economy, especially for the survival of the economies of developing countries.

We need also to conduct an ideology-neutral and unbiased debate on the long-run impact of MNCs’ human rights violations on the developing countries.

This article deals with the following issues.

  1. First, this paper will show how large, rich and powerful the MNCs are and how they can easily abuse human rights, damage the environment and destroy the economies of developing countries.
  2. Second, this paper will discuss the types of human rights violated by MNCs. It will be shown that in many cases, the MNC violates both the economic, social and cultural rights (ESCR) and the civil and political rights (CPR).
  3. Third, in this section, this paper will discuss how and why the current national and international judiciary regimes are not equipped for dealing effectively human rights violations by MNCs.

Wealth and Power of MNCs

One of the significant phenomena of the last half a century has been the rise of huge global corporations called, multinational corporations (MNCs), which have impacted deeply not only the global economic system but also the global political dynamics.

The financial assets of 200 largest MNCs is larger than the combined assets of all countries of the world excluding 10 largest economies. According to data of the Amnesty International, of 100 largest economies in the world, 51 are corporations, namely MNCs, while 49 are Nation States.

What is more surprising is the fact that, despite their huge size, they grew fast; their profit rose between 1983 and 1999 by 36% as against the profit of the global economy which rose by 25%.

According to UNCTAD data, MNCs account for 70 % of the world trade.

Given the sheer size of MNCs, it is not difficult to imagine the huge impact of their human rights violations on social and economic justice and the well-being of the people.

This is particularly so in developing countries whose economy is tightly integrated into the global value chain (GVC) controlled by the MNCs.

The Global Value Chain (GVC)

The GVC has created a tightly knit global division of labour. Some countries are specialized in the extraction of raw materials; some countries have comparative advantage in labour intensive industries; some countries are excellent producers of knowledge-intensive products.

The following table provides some ideas about the MNCs

Table. Ten Largest MNC in terms of Revenue (USD billion)

There are value chains for agricultural products;

  • there are value chains for automobiles;
  • there are value chains for IT products;
  • there are value chains for textile products.

In fact, every product has a value chain which can be national, regional or global.

The value chains play crucial role in the world economy. The number of workers hired by the GVC increased from 297 million in 1995 to 453 million in 2013 representing 20% of all workers in the world. In short, the GVC is one of the important devises invented by man.

It is true that GVC has been a major factor of the growth of the global economy and job creation. On the other hand, it is also true that they are the significant human rights violators. 

Typology of Human Rights Violations by MNC

There are three generations of human rights recognized by international covenants.

We have the civil and political rights (CPR) which is the first generation of human rights.

We have the economic, social and cultural rights (ESCR), called as the second generation human rights.

Then, we have the collective rights (CR) known as the third generation human rights. All these human rights are inspired from the Universal Declaration on Human Rights of 1948 (UDHR).

  • The CPR refers to the freedom of thought and actions such as freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and freedom of religion.
  • The ESCR refers to the right to a decent and dignified life such as the rights to housing, foods, clothing, education and public health.
  • The CR refers to the right to differentiated or specialized care rights of the native people, the elders, the women, the children, the disabled and the immigrants.

Violation of ESCR and CPR by MNCs

MNC’s violation of ESCR may be grouped into the violation of labour rights and the environmental rights abuse. In many cases, MNCs violate both labour rights and environmental rights.

In addition, MNCs may violate the CPR, in an indirect way. Suppose that the MNCs violate ESCR. The victims will protest. The host country government may oppress the movements of protest, which is the violation of CPR.

Labour rights include:

  • the right to labour unionization,
  • decent wages, reasonable working hours,
  • no forced labour,
  • absence of discrimination by gender/race and other healthy work conditions needed for decent and dignified living of workers.

Environmental rights include

  • the rights to safe environment and,
  • the right to use natural resources for the benefit of residents.

The following is a list of the cases of violations of ESCR and CPR:

  • According to the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) report, of fifty GVCs’ employees, 94% is low wage only 6% represents regular jobs.
  • As much as 60% of jobs under MNC control represents the informal sector of the economy.
  • In 2006, Brazil workers of sugar plants worked 10 to 12 hours a day. More than 10,000 were freed by the Brazilian government from forced labour
  • Child labour is frequent in cobalt mines in Haut Katanga and Lualaba Province of the Republic of Congo and other places.

Notorious Cases of ESCR and CPR Violations

Ali Enterprise Textile: On September 11, 2012, there was disastrous fire at the Ali Enterprise Textile factory in Karachi, Pakistan killing 262 due to the inadequate security measures provided by the head Company, in Germany, KiK. (Violation of ESCR)

Rana Plaza Building: In April 2013, the collapse of the Rana Plaza Building, Dhaka, Bangladesh killed 1,132 and injured 2,500. (Violation of ESCR)

Union Carbide India (UCI): In the Bhopal disaster of 1984, 24,000 died and 16,000 were injured due to the leakage of pesticide. The amount of the settlement was USD 470 million, only USD 40 per victim. The tragedy occurred in Bhopal Madhya Pradesh, India. (Violation of ESCR)

Nestle: In 1970, it introduced a formula of baby food requiring clean water leading to the production of bottled water for which it pumped underground water in many countries. For example, in Serra Da Matiqueira, Brazil, due to the Company’s pumping water, local residents had to suffer from the shortage of water.

Moreover, the Company was accused of hiring children younger than 15 in their Ivory Coast cocoa plantations. (Violation of ESCR)

Screenshot: The Guardian

TTY Corporation Co. Ltd: On January 18, 2012, in Kratie Province, Cambodia, the security guard of the Company shot the protesters. The dispute was about the land use for rubber plantation vs. cassava plantation. The Company wanted to transform the cassava field into rubber plants. The cassava file was the lifeline of the local people. As many as 23 villagers were injured. (Violation of ESCR and CPR)

Timbergreen Co. Ltd (2011.04.26): Chut Wutty, founder/Director of Nature/Resource Protection Group was shot to death, on April 26,2011, in Koh Kong Province, Cambodia, during the protest against the environmental damage caused by the company. (Violation of ESCR and CPR)

Unocal/COSO: The Company was a US gas/oil company operating in partnership with Myanmar military and it was building the Pipeline Yandana in the 1990s, the Myanmar military committed murder, rapes and displacement of a great number of people. (Violation of ESCR and CPR)

Image left: Senior Traditional Owner Yvonne Margarula was “deeply saddened” that uranium from Rio Tinto’s Ranger mine on Mirarr country in the Northern Territory was exported to Japanese nuclear companies including TEPCO. Source: Photo by Dominic O’Brien

Rio Tinto, a mining company: The Company had an agreement with the Papua New Guinea government to operate copper mine in Bougainville Island in East New Guinea. During the Company’s operation in the period, 1972-1988, the Company dumped one billion tons of wastes into the Jaba River causing the environmental damage.

The damage was so bad that the citizens of Bougainville sabotaged the Company’s operation. Huge protest demonstrations took place and 15,000 people were killed and 70,000 people were dislocated. (Violation of ESCR and CPR)

There are numerous unknown cases of human rights violations by MNCs. Nobody knows how widely spread these human rights violations are, because many cases are not reported for various reasons. But, it is possible that the extent of the corporate human rights abuses could be beyond our imagination. 

Framework for the Prosecution of MNCs Which Violate Human Rights

One of the challenges which the world has to devise is a proper judiciary system capable of preventing the MNCs from committing human rights violations and punishing them, when they abuse human rights.

At present, though limited in scope and effectiveness, we have the following mechanisms designed to prevent human rights violations by MNCs and punish them when they do violate human rights.

  • The anti-bribery law
  • The Court Rulings on human rights violations by MNCs
  • The Corporate Social Responsibility Program
  • International Efforts to cope with MNCs Human Rights Violations

The Anti-Bribery Law 

It appears that bribery is an integral part of humanity. It is reported that 25% of humanity has had bribe experiences. In 2011, the amount of bribes paid was as much as 5% of global GDP, or USD 2.6 trillion.

It seems that, due to bribery, many honest and competent companies are excluded from business contracts. Don John State of Anti-Corruption survey with 300 major companies showed that 40% of the respondents lost contracts because of bribes; they did not pay bribes.

There can be many complex determinants of human rights violations by MNCs. But, perhaps, the culture of bribes is the most important determinant. Because of bribes paid by MNCs to the host country leaders, MNCs can abuse easily human rights.

The transaction of bribes takes place within the global value chains which closely integrate the economies of national, especially those of developing countries.

The bribe involves the collusion between MNCs and the government of the host country, which leads to a situation where the host country overlooks the violations of the ESCR by MNCs.

As pointed out above, this invites citizens to undertake demonstration of protests which the host country government oppress because of bribe money received. This is the violation of CPR. Thus, bribes are the roots of violation of both ESCR and CPR.

It is scandalous to see that many of the famous MNCs are involved in bribes transactions.

The following is the list of the most notorious bribe donors. I will identify the MNCs their nationality, and the amount of settlement for the bribery.

As we will see it later, it is more than difficult to make MNCs accountable for their violation of human rights through international judiciary system.

However, it is fortunate that some developed countries have anti-bribery laws which punish corporation which are involved in bribery. In this way, MNCs human rights violations can be discouraged to some extent. Here is the list of bribe givers:

  • Siemens, Germany, (USD 899 million);
  • KBR Halliburton, U.S.A., (USD 539 million);
  • BAE, the UK, (USD 400 million);
  • Total SA, France, (USD398 million);
  • Lucent, France, (USD 137 million);
  • Snamprogetti, the Netherlands, (USD 365million);
  • JCG, Japan, (USD 136 million);
  • Alcatal S.A. France, (USD 95 million).

These MNCs are operating throughout the world.

The amount of court settlement represents the amount of fine imposed on the MNCs which are involved in bribery transactions. The important question is whether or not the host countries which are victims of the corruption are compensated for the social cost caused by the bribery.

The bribery imposes several types of social cost. The bribery may end up with the wrong legislations made for the benefit of MNC at the expense of the interests of the host country. The bribery many produce a situation in which the local citizens suffer from the infrastructure facilities of inferior quality, low wage, long hour of work, misallocation of resources and poor economic development.

It is common sense that the host countries which are targets of bribery should be compensated, but, it is rare that they are compensated. Fortunately, in recent years, there have been some movements for the compensation for the bribery led by the UK, France and the U.S.

For instance, in the past decade, in the UK, Tanzania received €41 million for the damage caused by bribery paid by UK MNCs. The Global Forum for Assets Recovery is promoting the sharing of the court settlement money with the host countries which are the victims of bribery.

In the U.S., under the Foreign Corruption Practice Act (FCPA), Thailand was compensated in 2008 and Haiti in 2009 for corruption practice by American Companies operating in these countries.

I had an occasion of helping a Canadian media agent to solve a case of corruption committed by a Canadian MNC in South Korea. The Canadian MNC had a contract with a suburban town near Seoul City for the construction of light railway connecting the town to Seoul City downtown.

The Canadian company supplied a bribe of millions of dollars to the town mayor and others. One of the conditions of the bribe was, among others, the production of a false project-feasibility study in which the estimation of the demand for the railway-traffic was twice the realistic estimate. It appears that the Company was not punished.

Court Rulings on Violations of Human Rights by MNCs

The great majority of cases of MNC human rights violations do not come from court hearing. Some are ignored; some settle the dispute outside the court. There are reasons for this.

  1. First the court litigation is expensive.
  2. Second, the host governments tend to avoid court battle, because it is often involved in the corruption. Furthermore, their judiciary systems are underdeveloped to handle the case of MNCs’ human rights violations.
  3. Third, the home country of MNCs is also reluctant to bring its MNCs to the court, because it does not want to hurt the profit of its MNCs.
  4. Fourth, it is difficult to prove human rights violations. The human rights violations are committed by subsidiaries of MNCs, but the responsibility to protect human rights belongs to MNCs.
  5. Fifth, the defendant (MNC) can choose the court by virtue of so-called the Forum of Non-Conveniences (FNC). If it finds itself in unfavourable situation; it can choose another court poorly organized in developing countries which are likely to dismiss the case.

Some of the MNCs have several thousand subsidiaries. For example, the Samsung Group has more than 8,000 subsidiaries spread in 80 countries.

Thus, even if the case is brought to the court, the probability of final ruling is low.

According to the EU Parliament, in 2019, there were 35 cases of MNC human rights violations heard at the courts. Of these 35 cases, 12 were dismissed for lack of evidence, 17 were on-going and 4 had extra-judiciary settlements.

Court Hearings

In fact, the following cases have succeeded in having court hearings, but none has led to legal settlement for lack of evidence or for the use of FNC.

Thor Chemical Holding Ltd. UK Company: The plaintiff, Ngcobo sued on November 10, 1995 the Company for being exposed to hazardous mercury vapour in Kuazulu Natal Province, South Africa. Thor was recognized as responsible for its failure of providing proper safety design for the operation.

The plaintiff appealed to US courts. But, the defendant preferred to have it heard in South Africa, where the case was dismissed.

This is another case of the application of the FNC. Thor chose a South African court which was not equipped to handle the case.

Combior Inc. a Quebec Company: The Company belongs to a Quebec company, Omai Gold Mines Ltd of Guyana. Combior Inc, was sued in 2003 by Guyana residents for spilling toxic water polluting the River Essequibo. The Supreme Court of Canada allowed defendant’s use of FNC saying that the Guyana forum (court) is better suited, which was in a state of collapse.

Cape plc, a UK Company: In 2000, the Company was sued by Lubbe for making the plaintiff to be inhaling to asbestos dust causing cancer. The case was heard at a UK court, which found that the parent company had the duty to compensate the victim by virtue of the Tort Law

But, the parent company has too many subsidiaries and it claimed that it was not easy to verify the safety measures taken by all subsidiaries. The case was dismissed.

The Royal Dutch Petroleum, the Netherlands Company: The Company was sued by Wiwa family for Company’s environmental damage. The citizen of the Ogoni region in Nigeria protested. The Nigeria government in complicity with the Company committed torture, cruel treatment and summary execution of the protesters. Ken Saro-Wiwa, leader of the civic movement was hanged on November 10, 1996.

The case was heard in the US District Court and it was dismissed by virtue of FNC.

BHP: an Australia Company: The Company was sued by Rex Dagi on September 22, 1995 for having ruined a River. Dagi was representing 7,500 villagers. The river was OKTedi Fly River of 200 km long from Fly River to the Gulf of Papua. The company dumped since 1984, 100,000 tons of finely crushed rocks into the river. The River died. The Supreme Court of Victoria ruled guilty and the dispute was settle out of court in 1996

Freeport McMorgan and the Freeport McMorgan Copper and Gold, US company: The defendants were sued by Beanal for environmental damage, human right abuse and cultural genocide through the occupation of an area of 26,400 km2. Beanal was representing the community of Tamika Jaya, Indonesia. The case was handled by the District Court of Louisiana. The case was dismissed.

Company Social Responsibility (CSR)

There is one way for the national government to prevent MNCs from violating human rights. It is the system of the Company Social Responsibility (CSR). But, the vast majority of MNCs do not have the CSR program. For instance, by 2014, only 272 out of 80,000 MNCs had social policy as a result of the National Action Plan.

In some countries, large companies are obligated by law or encouraged to undertake Company Social Responsibility (CSR) programs.

For instance, in China, the Government-Owned Enterprises (GOE) and the listed enterprises in the Shanghai stock market have the legal obligation to apply CSR.

In India, by virtue of the Company Act of 2013, major companies have the duty to allocate 2% o profit to CSR projects.

Similarly, Cambodia and Japan also have measures to encourage major enterprises to do something for CSR.

But, as pointed above, CSR is not adopted by most companies, and even if they do, it is not known to what extent these measures have contributed to the prevention of human rights violations.

International Efforts to  Cope with MNCs Human Rights Violations

In the 1970s and 1980s, there were the Sullivan Principles and the MacBride Principles.

The Sullivan Principle was adopted in the 1970 in South Africa in order to protect labour rights under the Apartheid and later, in 1999, it was unveiled by Rev Sullivan and the Secretary General of the UN, Kofi Annan.

On the other hand, the McBride Principles were proposed by New York City controller and endorsed by 4 religious people including Rev. McBride. The principles were intended to induce the US companies in Northern Ireland to protect labour rights.

In 1976, the established Guidelines for MNC related to labour rights, environment and consumer protection.

In Europe, there is the Council of Europe (COE) which is the principal organization of human rights protection. It has 47 member countries of which 28 are European countries.

The European Court of human rights (ECtHR) handles human rights violations; what it tries to accomplish is a proper balance market freedom and human rights.

In 1977, the ILO made the Tripartite Declaration (government, employer, employee) of Principles concerning MNC’s social policy in accordance with the  Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948 (UNDHR), the International Covenant in Civil and Political Rights of 1978 (ICCPR) and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights of 1978 (ICESCR)

The principles include conditions regarding employment (no forced labour, no child labour), work conditions (wage, safety) and industrial relations (collective negotiation).

In 1972 the UN Assembly warned the coming conflict between MNCs and national governments.

In 1998, the UN Working Group was created by the Sub-Commission on Human Rights with the function of observing the activities of MNCs and protecting human rights.

In 2005, the UN Human Rights Commission asked the UN Secretary General to appoint a special representative of the Secretary General (SRSG) to study the issues related to human rights. Professor John Ruggie was appointed as SRSG.

Professor Ruggie proposed three pillars:

  • The State has the duty to protect human rights abuses by MNCs
  • MNCs should avoid violation of human rights
  • Both State and businesses should have access to judicial and non-judicial remedies.

In 2011, the SRSG was given the second mandate to further examine the issue. The UN accepted his recommendation as guiding principles.

As a result of these guiding principles, the UNHRC visited various countries and members of the Global Compact.

The Global Compact

The Global Compact was created in 2000 and it is composed of 170 countries and 13,000 enterprises and 5,332 NGOs. It has proposed 10 principles related to human rights and business conducts.

  • Businesses should support and respect the protection of internationally claimed human rights.
  • Business should not become complicit in human rights violations.
  • Business should uphold labour organization.
  • There should be no forced labour.
  • There should be no child labour.
  • There should be no discrimination of employment and occupation.
  • Business should adopt precautionary approach to environment support.
  • Businesses should take initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility.
  • Businesses should promote and diffuse environment-friendly technologies.
  • Businesses should work against corruption.

The efforts of the UNHRC has led to the establishment of several initiatives to better handle MNCs human rights violations including the Global Reporting Initiative, the International Finance Corporation Standard and the OECD Due Diligence Guidelines.

Moreover, some countries including France, the UK and the U.S. are enacting Due Diligence Law imposed on the parent companies so that the operation of subsidiaries be better monitored and controlled. 

Despite the efforts of some MNCs, national governments, international institutions and especially the devotion of the UNHRC, the violation of human rights by MNC is continuing without proper punishment. Why?

  1. First, there are no international laws. What are called international laws of human rights are just a set of guidelines with no judicial power; there are no real human rights courts.  Laws with no courts to manage, they are not laws.
  2. Second, neither the home country nor the host country is really interested in prosecuting MNCs which violate human rights for different reasons. The host country is reluctant to persecute MNCs either due to its collusion with the MNCs or inability to so, or both. The home country is not keen on punishing its MNCs operating in foreign countries.
  3. Third, even if MNCs are brought to the courts in the home country or the host country, it is quasi impossible to persecute MNCs due to the lack of proof of human rights violations, because of the complexity of MNC-subsidiaries relations and, especially, due to the use of the bizarre system of Forum of Non-Conveniences (FNC) which allows the defendant to choose the courts which are likely to dismiss the case.

The interesting question is the future prospect of human rights violations of MNCs. It appears that the present state of human rights violations by MNCs is likely to get worse in the future due to the difficulty of establishing binding international law of human rights on the one hand and, on the other, the possibility of increasing power and wealth of MNCs as a result of the pandemic.

What is worrisome is the long-run impact of MNCs’ human rights abuse on the developing economies.

The presence of MNCs in developing countries are supposed to be beneficial in the long run, for they would contribute to the long-run economic development of these countries through FDI, creation of jobs, transfer of technology, promotion of exports, workers training, development of free market and other constructive programs.

However, in many cases, developing countries are caught in the trap of cheap labour and low-cost natural resources partly due to their collusion with MNCs which violate human rights.

But, as long as developing countries remain the victims of MNCs human rights violations and as long as the host country leaders collide with MNCs for their own greed at the expense of the interest of the people, it would be difficult for them to free themselves from poverty and become “developed countries” They may remain “developing countries” forever.


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Dr. Joseph H. Chung is a professor of economics and member of the Research Center on Integration and Globalization (CEIM) of the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM).

He is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG).

Featured image is from Rainforest Action Network/flickr/cc


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The Light and Shadows of the Korean Peninsula

By Emanuel Pastreich, July 28, 2022


























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This article was originally published on Fear No Evil.

Emanuel Pastreich served as the president of the Asia Institute, a think tank with offices in Washington DC, Seoul, Tokyo and Hanoi. Pastreich also serves as director general of the Institute for Future Urban Environments. Pastreich declared his candidacy for president of the United States as an independent in February, 2020.

He is a regular contributor to Global Research.

Featured image: Seoul, South Korea, as seen from Namsan Mountain. strogoscope / Flickr


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“The Doomsday Forum”: Senior Military, Nuclear Weapons Officials Convene… America’s “$1 Trillion Nuclear Weapons Plan”. Take out Russia, Iran and North Korea

Author’s Note

This article was first published on July 8, 2016

America’s pre-emptive nuclear doctrine was firmly entrenched prior to Donald Trump’s accession to the White House. The use of nukes against North Korea has been on the drawing-board of the Pentagon for more than half a century. 

In June 2016 under the Obama administration, top military brass together with the CEOs of the weapons industry debated the deployment of nuclear weapons against Russia, China, Iran and North Korea.

The event was intended to sensitize senior decision makers. The focus was on building a consensus (within the Armed Forces, the science labs, the nuclear industry, etc) in favor of pre-emptive nuclear war 

It was a form of “internal propaganda” intended for senior decision makers (Top Officials) within the military as well as the weapons industry. The emphasis was on “building peace” and “global security” through the “pre-emptive” deployment of nukes (Air, Land and Sea) against four designated “rogue” countries, which allegedly are threatening the Western World. 

One of keynote speakers at the Doomsday Forum, USAF Chief of Staff for Nuclear Integration, Gen. Robin Rand, is presently involved under the helm of Secretary of Defense General Mattis in coordinating the deployment of strike capabilities to East Asia. Gen. Robin Rand heads the Air Force’s nuclear forces and bombers. His responsibility consists in “moving ahead with plans to deploy its most advanced weapons to the [East Asian] region…” Recent reports confirm an unfolding consensus within the military establishment:

“Military leaders regularly, and since the change of administration, have listed China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, and ISIS as the major areas of concern for the future. From a security standpoint, tensions with North Korea continue to escalate, with reverberations throughout the region. In response to Pyongyang’s nuclear missile program, … the U.S. sped up the deployment of THAAD anti-missile interceptors to South Korea. This may reassure Seoul, and to a lesser extent Tokyo, but it has incensed Beijing.” Defense One, March 17, 2017

The DPRK is a a buffer state, a “stepping stone”. The unspoken truth is that the THAAD missiles stationed in South Korea are not intended for the DPRK, they are also slated to be used against China and Russia.

Michel Chossudovsky, April 28, 2017, revised January 21, 2017, Hiroshima Day, 6 August 2022

*     *     *

On June 21, 2017,  250 top military brass, military planners, corporate military-industrial  “defense” contractors, top officials and scientists from the nuclear weapons laboratories as well as prominent  academics gathered at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Albuquerque, New Mexico to discuss, debate and promote the Pentagon’s One Trillion Dollar Nuclear Weapons program.

Russia is allegedly “threatening the Western World”. The objective is to develop the pre-emptive use of nuclear weapons (i.e. nuclear war as a means of self-defense).

The event organized by “The Strategic Deterrent Coalition” (a non profit organization) was  funded by Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Orbital ATK, BAE Systems  among other generous donors.

Among the main speakers (see program here)  were Adm. Cecil Haney, Commander of the US Strategic Command (STRATCOM), Lt. Gen. Jack Weinstein, Dep. USAF Chief of Staff for Nuclear Integration, Gen. Robin Rand, Commander, Air Force Global Strike Command, Gen. (ret.) Frank Klotz, Administrator, National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), as well senior officials from America’s top weapons labs including Sandia, Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore. Representatives from the UK, Canada, Denmark and the Republic of Korea (ROK) were also in attendance.

According to STRATCOM Commander Adm. Cecil D. Haney, (image right) “America is quickly running out of time to ensure the viability of its nuclear deterrence and must invest the funds to upgrade not only its nuclear weapons stockpile, but the missiles, submarines and bombers capable of delivering a strike we hope we never have to make”. (Albuquerque Journal, June 22, 2016)

Adm Haney refers to “deterrence”, a Cold War concept which was officially scrapped in 2002 (under the 2001 Nuclear Posture Review). What is contemplated under America’s nuclear doctrine is the first strike pre-emptive use of nuclear weapons against both nuclear as well as non-nuclear states.

The enemies of America were clearly identified. The aggressor nations against which the “preemptive” use (for self-defense) of  advanced nuclear weapons is contemplated were  explicitly mentioned:

Haney presented an overview of the world’s “strategic environment” which he said may be at its most precarious point in history – in large part because of the actions of Russia, China, North Korea, Iran and extremist groups such as the Islamic State and al-Qaida.

Russia poses a threat just by virtue of the size of its nuclear arsenal, which it continues to modernize, but it’s also improving its conventional military forces, maintaining a significant quantity of non-strategic nuclear weapons and aggressively pursuing new war-fighting technologies, he said. (Albuquerque Journal, June 22, 2016)

The event sponsored by the Strategic Deterrent Coalition (SDC) was geared towards the “education of decision-makers on the importance of a “valid nuclear triad” – strategic bombers, land-launched missiles and submarine-launched missiles – according to its board president, Sherman McCorkle.” The notion of Triad “relates to the fact that U.S. strategic nuclear weapons are based in the water, on land and in the air”

Propaganda: Sensitizing “Top Officials”

The SDC’s “educational endeavor” largely consists in building a consensus in favor of pre-emptive nuclear war (within the Armed Forces, the science labs, the nuclear industry, etc). It’s is a form of “internal propaganda” intended for senior decision makers (Top Officials) within the military as well as the weapons industry. The emphasis is “building peace” and “global security” through the “pre-emptive” deployment of nukes (Air, Land and Sea) against four designated “rogue” countries, which allegedly are threatening the Western World.

The debate was coupled with veiled threats pointing to the possible use of nuclear warheads on a first strike basis against Russia, North Korea and Iran:

Coupled with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s rhetoric and “destabilizing actions in Syria and Ukraine,” Haney cautioned that “Russia must understand that it would be a serious miscalculation to consider nuclear escalation as a viable option.”

North Korea continues to undermine regional stability by conducting nuclear tests and advancing its ballistic missile technology, Haney said.

Iran’s continued involvement in Middle East conflicts and development of ballistic missile programs and cyberspace capabilities require vigilance, particularly if there are any shifts in Iran’s nuclear ambitions, he said. (Albuquerque Journal, June 22, 2016)

Theater of the absurd: the US is intent upon using nuclear weapons as a means of self defense against Al Qaeda and ISIS under the Administration’s counter-terrorism initative:

And the United States is part of an international campaign against violent extremist organizations groups “seeking to destroy our democratic way of life.”

To effectively keep adversaries and potential adversaries in check, America must maintain “a safe, secure, effective and ready nuclear deterrent.”

Lest we forget, Al Qaeda was created by the CIA and the ISIS is supported and funded by two of America’s staunchest allies: Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

The One Trillion Dollar Question: “Blow up the Planet”, “Bankrupt  the Country”

“Blowing up the Planet” through the use of “peace-making nuclear bombs” is a money making undertaking, a corporate bonanza  for what Eisenhower called “the military industrial complex”:  “All three legs of the “nuclear triad” must receive considerable investments to ensure their long-term viability” (Adm. Haney, op cit).

The expenditure is for a 30-year program to “modernize” the US nuclear arsenal and production facilities. … This plan, which has received almost no attention by the mass media, includes redesigned nuclear warheads, as well as new nuclear bombers, submarines, land-based missiles, weapons labs and production plants. The estimated cost? $1,000,000,000,000.00 — or, for those readers unfamiliar with such lofty figures, $1 trillion.

Critics charge that the expenditure of this staggering sum will either bankrupt the country or, at the least, require massive cutbacks in funding for other federal government programs. (Prof. Lawrence S. Wittner,  The History News Network)

Hillary Clinton –whose election campaign is also supported by Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman et al favors the first strike use of nuclear weapons:

… “the nuclear option should not at all be taken off the table. That has been my position consistently.” (ABC News, December 15, 2015)

I want the Iranians to know that if I’m president, we will attack Iran. In the next 10 years, during which they might foolishly consider launching an attack on Israel, we would be able to totally obliterate them.” (ABC “Good Morning America.”, quoted by Reuters, April 22, 2008 during 2008 presidential election campaign)

The World is at a dangerous crossroads. A new arms race has been launched. It’s planning horizon is thirty years. The money allocated by the US federal government to the development of America’s pre-emptive nuclear war arsenal is of the order of one trillion dollars, that is the preliminary estimate, an astronomical amount (which could be increased):

“Today, our stockpile is the oldest it’s ever been, with the average age of a (nuclear) warhead at 27 years and growing,” he said.

The nation’s national security labs – like Sandia, Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore – are key to ensuring the viability of the nuclear arsenal.

Despite the challenges, Haney said, “U.S. Strategic Command is a ready force capable of delivering comprehensive war-fighting solutions.”

In  response to this venue, the Los Alamos Study Group (LASG) organized a counter-event symposium on June 20-21. The LASG referred to the  Strategic Deterrent Coalition’s Symposium as the “Doomsday Forum”.

According to Los Alamos Study Group (LASG) director Greg Mello: “This Symposium comes at a time when ambitious US nuclear weapons plans, expected to cost $1 trillion over the next 30 years, are coming under withering criticism from recent US senior military and civilian defense officials, independent analysts, members of Congress, and diplomats”.

The nuclear weapons plan constitutes a multibillion dollar bonanza, ironically, for the military industrial contractors which generously financed the Symposium:  “…Air Force nuclear weapons replacements and upgrades are expected to cost hundreds of billions of dollars. Much of that money would go to the sponsors of this symposium.

This important event –which consists in building a consensus in favor of a possible first strike pre-emptive US nuclear attack against Russia, China, Iran and North Korea– has barely been covered by the mainstream media.

Oops….The organizers must have got their countries mixed up: North Korea was on the list of invitees. Canada was not mentioned. (see below)


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