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Neil Oliver, The Build Back Better Agenda is Anti Human, We Need to Start Calling Them Out

Neil Oliver uses his weekly monologue to challenge the originating precept of the Great Reset, Build Back Better or New World Order, agenda. Get beyond the talking points and every policy from within the World Economic Forum instructions boils down to the quackery behind anti-humanism.

“The so-called Green Agenda is predicated on the rape of the earth for rare minerals, lithium and cobalt and more,” he points out. “Also, metals like copper, silver and gold. The extraction of those commodities means wholesale destruction of environments,” he adds. “Before a single turbine is raised or solar panel set in place, the sites are cleared and sterilized of all life. The turbines held up by massive plunks of concrete and while in action they kill millions of birds. When they come to the end of their working lives there’s nothing to be done with the colossal blades but to bury them in vast landfill sites.”  As Oliver notes all of this is being done under the hypocrisy of calling it “green”. WATCH:

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They Think They Own Us

MediaGiant – July 12th, 2022

“Two years ago, I gave scant thought to acronyms like WHO, UN, WEF. Now I watch them with the same attention I give to dogs that look like they might bite.”
– Neil Oliver

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Neil Oliver Will Not Eat the Bugs

This week Neil Oliver talks about the new Utopia we are being instructed to accept.  A world in which there are no rights, only permissions.

Everything including the modification of diets and the eating of bugs and fake meat; to the type of carbon footprint home we are permitted, to the energy we may use or the acceptable car we must drive; permissions, assuming of course, our social media profile and accompanying score is in line with regulatory inspection.

Nope.  Not happening.  There are more of us than them.  We will not eat the bugs.  WATCH: 

[embedded content]

[Transcript] – What’s being done to us, or tried on us at least, isn’t working … and it isn’t working and won’t work because what we’re being pushed to accept as the new world makes no sense. The supposed utopia we’re being promised – or, rather, having rammed down our throats – is one in which there is no universal truth, no absolute and trusted truth, but only personal truth that trumps all else.

There are to be no facts like those observed by biologists, just as a for instance, and only feelings based on personal preferences that change from day to day. It will be a world in which we might have no inalienable rights, rights we are born with – just permissions granted one by one by the state … and then only if we do as we are told and do without cars and warm homes and eat our bugs and fake meat and take our medicine on demand. It is a world in which 2+2 might equal 5 if some faceless, unelected bureaucrat says it does – and if any of us says no, 2+2 always and only equals 4, then our bank accounts won’t give us any money until we accept our arithmetical and moral error.

It is a world that makes no sense and that will not work, not for the likes of you and me. It will benefit the few, but it won’t work for the billions.

In the world of before some of us had tried to learn to treat our fellow citizens as equals, and to judge them only by the content of their characters. In the new world we are to be born stamped and cursed with the sins of our ancestors or burdened with the yoke of oppression that was borne on the shoulders of those that went before. And above all else, we are absolutely to judge, and be judged, by the colour of our skins.

This judging of a person by the colour of his or her skin is a glaring example of an idea that makes no sense and does not work.

The trail to the new world is being blazed by those who call themselves progressive. Among much else, progressives say they hate racism and that it is the duty of all of us to be actively anti-racist. Progressives say we must teach our youngest about white privilege, introduce critical race theory to the classroom.

But as soon as the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade and put the individual states of America in control of laws on abortion, the progressive racist knives on the Left were out for a black judge named Clarence Thomas, one of the majority that struck down the 1973 ruling.

Thomas – only the second African American person to sit on the Supreme Court, and having occupied a place there since 1991 is, in the eyes of many who count themselves progressive, evidently the wrong sort of black man.

As a black African American, he ought, the progressives thought, to have belonged to them, and so done their bidding promptly and without hesitation. Justice Clarence Thomas however, had his own mind and made his own decision – which was not the one they wanted him to make.

All at once the N-word was back and being thrown in his face. On social media he was described, among other things, as just another dumb, field … I leave you to fill in the blank, starting with the letter N. He was called a … slave – again with the N-word as a prefix – an N-word slave to his white wife, who was called a nutcase, just for good measure. We might just cut to the chase and say Justice Clarence Thomas was called everything under the sun by the progressive, pro-choice/pro-abortion side of the debate.

Racism is one of the oldest sins of humankind. The N-word might be the ugliest name a human can call another human. In 20th century America the Ku Klux Klan hid their faces within white pointed hoods. In 21st century America it turns out progressive politics provide the necessary cover for naked racism.

Aside from feelings and opinions about abortion, deeply and passionately held – aside from the unforgivable return of one of the most offensive words in any language, and a slew of other racist insults too many to list – this behaviour by self-proclaimed progressives makes no sense – not least because it is simply inconsistent. It is also hypocrisy of the most obvious sort.

Let’s remember these are people who say they hate racism and racists. And yet the moment a man – a black African American man – did something they didn’t like – which is to say step out of line – the vilest manifestation of racist thinking was an instant, easy, comfortable fit in some of their mouths.

When President Joe Biden felt he had to respond to news of black people thinking about voting for Donald Trump at the last election he said of them:

“You ain’t black!”

It seems that in the minds of so-called progressives, from the White House on down, black Americans are to be seen and treated as a monolithic bloc that could and should be counted on to vote as one … specifically the Democrat, leftist, woke … “right” way. In those progressive minds, any black people who do otherwise, who break step with the herd, must have something wrong with them. If thinking that all members of a racial group can be counted on to think and act as one isn’t racist to the core … then I don’t know what is to be described as racist.

Many of those same racists who pilloried a black man for thinking and acting as he saw fit were also among those demanding bodily autonomy for women in the context of abortion. Where were they when women, and men, were losing their jobs for refusing the Covid-19 injections? Where were they when world leaders like Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron, Jacinda Ardern and many others went out of their way to make life unbearable, unliveable for those millions who already understood bodily autonomy and had the courage to make it real by standing up straight and saying no to an unwanted medical procedure and damn the consequences? Where were those bodily-autonomy-demanding progressives then?

It doesn’t make sense, this proposed new world … this new world of say one thing and do another, where racists are evil incarnate until a black man thinks for himself and then quick as a flash the progressives sound like they’re looking for the bed sheets and the burning crosses.

Racism from the progressives might be the most egregious example of the new world making no sense, but it’s hardly alone.

World leaders in the west, for what they’re worth – which is absolutely nothing – are reciting from a hymn sheet, singing in perfect harmony about a world made green by ending fossil fuels.

Footage emerged this week of Canada’s PM, Blackface Trudeau, and our own Boris Johnson, laughing together at the G7 about who had arrived on the smallest jet plane.

They were laughing about their uninterrupted use of jet planes because to them the very subject is a joke. It’s a joke because for them nothing will change, while for us, the peasants, everything must change. Leaders like Trudeau and Johnson find the advent of this new reality very funny indeed, because it’s another opportunity to laugh at us – us every day folk, fearful about feeding our families, heating our homes, ever-rising inflation, that sort of thing.

The nonsense – or rather, the absolute absence of sense – trickles down from on high and puddles around the feet of the gullible and the hypocrites.

The Glastonbury music festival was the return of the annual pilgrimage of the woke and worthy – fittingly enough, at Worthy Farm of all places. It is the gathering, all in one place, of the hundreds of thousands who think they know best and are ready and able to part with hundreds of pounds just to get beyond the high fences and onto the holy ground. Talk about no borders.

When it was all over, they left in their woke wake uncountable tons of rubbish – single use plastic among it – scattered across the fields so that the farmland looked like a pop up landfill site. Best of all, the organisers had provided chargers for electric cars. The initial price to top up a virtue vehicle was 80 pounds … dropped to a bargain low of 50 pounds after complaints. But wait … the chargers were powered by … diesel generators. There, at the heart of the high church of woke, was the very life blood of Satan himself – filthy old diesel. A statement on behalf of the festival even said that using the farm’s own diesel power had been deemed less harmful – less harmful – to the environment than installing a Tesla supercharger.

On and on it goes, the litany of the nonsensical.

We’re told to fear overpopulation – when reproduction rates throughout the West are way below the level needed even to sustain present numbers. All across the globe – from the US to Spain to here in the UK to Singapore and to Japan – population numbers are set to fall off a cliff. Who will work to earn the taxes? Who will take care of the elderly? Countless questions and not enough people demanding answers. It makes no sense.

At a time in history when we have the technology and the ability to feed all 7 billion people on the planet and more besides, we have global food shortages, the promise of famines in the Third World. We have a fuel crisis while coal, gas and oil lie untapped under the lands of the west, and while nuclear power remains pariah in the minds of those who would rather the poor got poorer, the hungry got hungrier and the cold got colder. Boris Johnson and Joe Biden find yet more billions of pounds to send to Ukraine and won’t lift a finger to do anything meaningful to help their own people face the advent of crisis and hardship.

It makes no sense. It makes no sense because, and here’s the hardest pill to swallow, it’s not supposed to make sense. This is planned. This is on purpose. It’s supposed to make us do what we’re told. It’s supposed to make us stop asking impertinent questions and just submit to The Man. It’s supposed to divide us, one from another until everyone feels alone. It’s supposed to make us scared, angry, cold, hungry and sick to death. And when enough us are scared enough, angry enough, cold enough, hungry enough and sick enough or dead … we’re expected to welcome the new world with open, spindly, incessantly jabbed arms.

But here’s the thing, my prediction is that it won’t work, this new world. It won’t work because it takes no account of the human spirit – the human spirit that learned more than two thousand years ago why totalitarianism was the enemy of freedom and life itself. That human spirit is still alive and kicking, by the millions.

I’ll tell you this much right now – I want nothing of their new world and so I’m having none of it. I know right and wrong when I see them.

I will not eat the bugs.

I’ll see you on the other side.


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Neil Oliver Outlines Madness of New Push to Vaccinate Children 6 Months to 5 Years Old

In this week’s discussion monologue, Neil Oliver outlines a recent push by U.S. and U.K. authorities to vaccinate children under 5-years of age.   Despite almost zero risk to their health from COVID-19 or any variant, in the U.S. the FDA has recently approved vaccinations for babies 6-months and older.

Mr. Oliver notes the risk vs- reward in this health protocol is ridiculous on its face.  There is no substantive risk from COVID19 to any healthy child or young adult, yet the government institutions of healthcare are seemingly blind to the medical evidence.   Oliver says, “leave our kids alone,” WATCH:

[embedded content]

[Transcript] – In the USA they are jabbing babies with the COVID vaccine, six months old and upward.  Here in Britain the NHS has been targeting children at primary school – five to 11 years old – with posters and letters depicting those youngsters who submit to the procedure as ‘Superheroes’.

Smiling cartoon characters, children in superhero outfits, surely designed to persuade children as young as five years old that they might join the ranks of superheroes if they will just line up and bare an arm to the needle.

Looking for all the world like an invitation to a party, with large writing in bright colours, child-superhero branding and headlined – “Calling All Superhero Kids” – the blatant attempt to appeal to the fantasies of innocent children is clear.

The inference to be drawn by any child looking at such a poster is that they are lesser mortals – cowards even – if they would rather not take the jab.

That the NHS is targeting our youngest and most vulnerable in this way is, I say, morally reprehensible, unforgivable. Where in this shameful play on childish imaginations and urge to please is the compliance, demanded by the laws and ethical codes for informed consent, the necessary full disclosure of risks, benefits and alternatives?

And that is before we get to Advertising Standards Agency’s rules shaped to protect children from advertisers’ tricks. Among much else, it has long been the case that advertisers are not, when targeting children directly and specifically, to take advantage of, and I quote from the ASA rules, “… their credulity, loyalty, vulnerability or lack of experience.”

Last week on this channel Mark Steyn drew attention to figures used by the JCVI – the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation – that estimated how many children would need to be jabbed in order to stop one person – just one person – being admitted to an Intensive Care Unit with Covid. That figure is two million children – each jabbed not once, but twice – to stop one admission to ICU.

The average age of death from Covid, calculated early on in the pandemic, was 82 years, the same age as national life expectancy or even older. In the last three months that figure for average age at death from Covid has risen to 85 or 86 years of age.

How many grandparents and great grandparents would countenance the injection of 5 year olds – and who knows, if we follow the lead set by the USA perhaps 6 month old babies – to protect those elders … from any disease … up to and including the Black Death? My hunch is not many.

So far only nine percent of youngsters in the UK aged between 5 and 11 have taken the jab – so that all is not lost – not yet at least. Remember anyway that it’s estimated three quarters of British children have had Covid already, and so have natural immunity.

And that much is before we come to contemplate the increasing certainty that the vaccines are, anyway, causing deaths and harms of all kinds, and in huge numbers. Long behind us now are the days when anyone could say any of the jabs prevent infection with Covid or transmission of Covid.

Last gasp claims that the vaccines reduce the risk of severe symptoms and therefore hospitalisation are similarly undermined.

But the Internet is still awash with people – from the president of the US on down – saying that if you take the jabs you won’t catch Covid, that you won’t transmit Covid, that you won’t die of Covid.

By any sane person’s assessment, that is Covid misinformation, and yet the so-called fact checkers, paid for by billionaire technocrats, and the media platforms themselves leave those erroneous, nonsense statements untouched while continuing to censor and delete reports of death and harm.

Health secretary Sajid Javid bragged last week that those vaccines we’ve had forced upon us so far are just the start. He tweeted that NHS patients would benefit from the “next generation” of vaccines thanks to a new deal with Moderna.

A state of the art mRNA manufacturing and global Research & Development centre will be built here in the UK. According to Javid, it will cement our “science superpower status” – so it’s not just five year olds who are supposed to swoon at the prospect of super powers.

While our Health Secretary celebrates a new deal with Big Pharma, let us consider the latest figures from the VAERS – Voluntary Adverse Event Reporting System – in the US. The latest data, released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, showed 1,301,356 reports of adverse events experienced by all age groups after vaccination.

Remember too that it is a crime in the US to log false claims on the VAERS system, so that medics put their reputations on the line with every posting and are highly unlikely, to say the very least, to report nuisance or other likely erroneous claims of hurt. Among that figure are 28,859 reports of deaths and 238,412 of serious injuries between December 14, 2020 and June 10, 2022.

And yet now, while the figures rise concerning the risks associated with the present vaccines … while compensation is beginning to be paid out to victims’ families here in Britain, and while so much still remains unknown about the safety of mRNA vaccines, we are already invited by our Health Secretary to look forward to more of the same.

I said on this channel months ago that they should leave the children alone – but in my heart I knew they wouldn’t, and they haven’t.

These two years past have not been about taking care of people’s health. They have been about and continue to be about seizing and exploiting the control of the people themselves. Covid was used as a key, and it unlocked a door.

We have been isolated, divided and placed under house arrest. Many have had their livelihoods destroyed. We have been made to watch the economy driven off a cliff. We had our travel privileges revoked.

We have had our physical and mental health pushed to breaking point and beyond. Just as Covid ran out of steam, war broke out in Europe – a war with no end anywhere in sight. Now they’re telling us to once and for all bid farewell to coal, gas and oil to heat our homes and power our cars.

Everything everywhere is divisive, frightening, enraging or a mix of all three.

Apparently unstoppable illegal immigration on the southern coastline; fuel shortages, price hikes of hundreds of percent at a time.

The prospect of a summer of industrial action; travel chaos for millions. Most recently the overturning of Roe v Wade in the US and more riots in response. Division, division, division.

Take a breath and look at all of it: the fury and the hopeless impotence felt by millions of people is setting us at each other’s throats in every way imaginable. Like water flowing into cracks and fissures in rock, the fear must one day create so much pressure that the rock shatters. The more divided we become, the better it suits the agenda of those that would have us forget the world of before and just bend over ready to take it from the new world to come.

I say it will only get worse. Covid might as well be viewed as a dry run – or perhaps more accurately as an opportunity to probe defences in the minds of the public and so gauge reactions in preparation for the next, more determined assault. Isolated, frightened and angry people … cut off from work and social lives, trapped in their homes for weeks and months, turned to the Internet as a means to reach out to others, to find information different from the paid-for propaganda pumped out by the government and servile media outlets.

And what do we see now? – an Online Safety Bill. This, we are told, will clear out all that pesky misinformation and disinformation – which is to say information the government doesn’t like people seeing and hearing because it runs counter to official stories.

How very, very convenient. As one door closes, another one is slammed in our faces.

All over the world, under the cover of Covid darkness, new laws were passed in one country after another to limit the possibility of protest and dissent.

President Biden is already warning about the next pandemic. There’s Monkeypox – or whatever they decide to call it next – and most recently the discovery of Polio in a British sewer.

If they don’t seek to curtail yet more of our freedoms in response to a disease, they will surely try to have us submit to restrictions designed to save the planet, or stop the war in Ukraine, or whatever cause they can drum up next.

And now, as was always inevitable, and that could be seen from outer space if you had your eyes open, it comes down to our children. Adults have had some time to work things out for themselves, to take advantage of understanding and experience spread over years.

The brains of children are much more malleable, however, ready for imprinting and indoctrination. I have long wondered just how safe British schools are for our children anymore.

This latest scam by the NHS – calling all superhero kids – is only another glimpse among too many to mention of the enthusiasm for abandoning the need to teach children how to think and telling them what to think instead, what to do.  [VIDEO ENDS]

Look closely now and you can see another escape route for the uncooperative, the independently minded, being prepared for closure. For those uncomfortable with the education their children are receiving from their schools, home schooling has been an option. Away from an agenda pushed by the state, home schooling parents and guardians were free to nurture and encourage young minds in other ways.

Last month the government announced a new Bill to, and I quote, “level up education”. One way or another, I suspect there will be more control exerted over home schoolers, tendrils of control tightening, because this is about control, pure and simple.

It is about frightening people and keeping them frightened, and so infinitely more likely to take their medicine, real medicine or perhaps the cure for climate crisis, however bitter, who knows.

More and more it will be about our children. Their hearts and minds. The final obstacle to any totalitarian is always the family, and the protection afforded to children by their families.

They were always going to try and reach the children in the end. Whatever happens next – or indeed does not and must not happen next – is up to every one of us. (link)


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Neil Oliver, The Great Resetters are Intent on Retaining Post-Pandemic Power and Control Through Fear and Finance

Neil Oliver uses language to hack the great red pill vending machine and feed the masses.   In his weekly monologue today, Oliver notes the great resetters, the alliance of multinational corporations and government leaders, are intent on using fear and finance to build the post-covid control mechanisms over the people within western society.

Create massive costs, destabilize the people, manipulate the crisis and leave the common family left trying to figure out what is happening.  Government and bankers using fear and finance respectively; both leveraged against the people, while drumbeating the continued nonsense of climate change and the need to ‘save the planet’.  Video and Transcript below, well worth WATCHING and Reading:

[embedded content]

[Transcript] – “Things are heating up – can you feel it?

It’s been warm in parts of Britain – although not as warm as climate crisis experts predicted. By this I mean the latest figures released by the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – the infamous IPCC – show the world’s temperature hasn’t risen for 15 years.

According to press reports last week, politicians in Germany, Hungary, Belgium and the US – politicians who depend on climate crisis scientists’ computer modelling and predictions to justify their hugely expensive green energy policies – apparently wanted the many hundreds of scientists around the world responsible for the report to cover up the inconvenient truth that Earth’s temperature has plateaued for a decade and a half.

The report was just quietly slipped out onto the Internet instead, without press release or any other fanfare.

The report will nonetheless be used by governments to inform their policies around the Green Revolution and Net Zero, those fantasies driving the move away from carbon fuels and towards wind turbines and solar panels subsidised by taxpayers in the form of hugely inflated energy bills.

Coming to conclusions about the complexities of the climate is a complicated business. Surely, we the people are therefore entitled to hear all of the latest facts, delivered always with the same intensity, so that we might ask questions and thereby better understand why politicians want to make the decisions they do?

Why then, when they are so quick to tell us the bad news – any signs of imminent catastrophe, ticking clocks to the end of the world as we know it – are they less inclined to shout from the rooftops when the data tells a different story, a story lacking the desired acceleration towards global doom? A story that might loosen the shackles of fear just a little? I wonder … I wonder.

For a while there, the US was energy independent, able to exceed their own needs. Not now, and costs there are rising. Like us, Americans are being forced to get used to fuel and other energy that gets more expensive every day.

Australia – another first world country – is telling her people to grab a blanket to stay warm this winter. Last week consumers in New South Wales, which includes Sydney and also Hunter Valley – a hugely rich source of coal – were told to save energy by turning out the lights and using their white goods, washing machines and the like, only in the evening to avert the risk of black outs.

Australia ships coal to China and elsewhere in massive quantities. She is also one of the world’s largest producers of gas – but while that resource is also still being exported in vast quantities, Australian homes seem destined to get colder and darker. If Australia, a land in thrall to the heat of the sun, cannot make a go of solar, then who can? Critics say it’s all down to lack of investment in renewables. I say it’s about keeping a population – a population already driven to the edge of reason by totalitarian types and their punitive pandemic regulations – in a permanent state of anxiety.

There are so many moving parts in this conundrum, it is all but impossible to keep up with the complexities, to keep an eye on all of it.

Here at home the Bank of England put up interest rates. This is a move apparently designed to slow inflation. Let us remember that the inflation was caused by the banks themselves, by creating eye watering quantities of imaginary money – that game they call Quantitative Easing – and some experts say a rise in interest rates will only heap yet more suffering on we the people. Here we go – mortgage repayments and the like are set to rise.

It is important to keep things simple, I find, when it comes to understanding how banks operate. Basically it seems to me that they lend us money that doesn’t exist and then demand we pay it back with actual earned money – proof of work – plus interest. Now is the time to keep an eye on those chancers, I mean bankers, more than ever.

Back in 2008 they got in over their heads. The economy here, and others around the world teetered on the brink of collapse thanks to their reckless gambling and gaming of systems they thought, in their hubris, they both understood and could control. Unluckily for them, and for us it turned out, they didn’t and couldn’t.

Luckily for them, governments allowed them to let themselves off the hook. Their self-created mess was mopped up, written off in every way that mattered. The crucial difference was made with taxpayers money – our money, the only money any government ever has.

Now the stage is set for we, the people, to be in over our heads. Those bankers lent us money to buy our houses – imaginary money, remember. It is incumbent upon us to settle those debts, to pay it back. Now interest rates are going up, and may keep going up, until those debts become unpayable for too many. At that point, the banks will help themselves to our homes, and to our businesses. They call it foreclosure but in the context of the nonsense they got up to, and got off with, in 2008, I call it theft, premeditated theft.

We bailed those banks out – or rather, our governments dipped into our futures, our wallets and purses and helped themselves to what they needed. We took the hit on their behalf while they … they simply got back to the business of creating funny money and trousering the profit, as if nothing had happened.

If those same banks proceed to foreclose on the millions who, through no fault of our own, and on account of those bankers’ manipulations of a corrupt system they had spun around themselves like spiders’ webs … if we find we can no longer keep up with our mortgages and other debts, then I say we are in the grip not of a banking industry and government working in our best interests but rather a crime syndicate, a cartel, a bunch of gangsters.

If the largesse granted to them in 2008 was extended to us, they would simultaneously write off our debts while still leaving us holding the keys and more importantly, the deeds to our homes and businesses and the rest. That’s how they would treat each other, those bankers: a clean slate.

Here in Britain, our very means of providing for ourselves are being shut down. In a time of global food anxiety, our farmland is being rewilded – handed back to the beavers, God love them. Farmers are being paid to leave their fields fallow, or to quit the industry all together. Consumption of meat is the new smoking. If the powers-that-be have their way, eating a steak will be as socially unacceptable as blowing cigarette smoke into a baby’s face. It’ll be bugs for the kids’ school dinners soon enough, no doubt – and then for the rest of us at home.

If you haven’t already realised, there is in my opinion no intention whatever to replace 30 million petrol and diesel cars with electric alternatives. The intention is that most of us will simply have no cars. Same goes for heat pumps in homes. Much simpler to accept we are being groomed not for going green but for going without: colder homes; working from home because we have no cars to go anywhere; flying domestically or internationally made so expensive and such a pain as to be not worth doing, leaving the skies free for private jets.

If you cannot make sense of what you are seeing, first you have to grasp, I say, that none of it is accidental. On the contrary, it is planned. They even told us so two years ago – when one world leader after another stood up to declare that the pandemic was a chance, a narrow open window through which to build back better.

But listen closely to the language. Build Back Better, windows of opportunity, a once in a generation chance. President Joe Biden himself talks now about transformational change.

Even our own Prince Charles, heir to the British throne, trumpets his support for the Great Reset on his website. If and when he is king in a constitutional monarchy, such overt involvement in national and geopolitics must surely herald a constitutional crisis of note – but that is a thought for another day.

While we are on the subject of Reset, however, let us also pause to remember that in Scots Law at least, Reset refers to the redistribution of stolen goods, which is interesting to say the least.

Whatever Covid is, or was, it has been used to green light the revolution they had in mind. Now, to keep us always moving in the direction they want, they fall back on the climate crisis that’s been used to scare the bejeezus out of us, whenever necessary, for over a hundred and fifty years.

What we are seeing, hard though it may be to believe or to accept, appears to be the attempt to bring about the deliberate destruction of personal wealth. What is happening around us – one crisis after another, disease, war and death, shortage of energy, cost of fuel, shortage of food, destruction of farmland always the ever-present shadow of climate catastrophe and the end of the world. If you are frightened it is because you are supposed to be frightened. Frightened people are easy.

I say this: the end of the world is not nigh, but there are among us those who would change it beyond recognition in service of their own desires. The civilization we have loved is most certainly under attack, from within. First of all we have simply to notice and accept as much.

And having done that, we, the people, can reclaim our world, because it is, and always has been, ours.” (link)


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Oliver and Steyn Discuss the Continued Censorship of COVID Opinion

As more data leading to increased scrutiny surfaces, Neil Oliver (U.K.) and Mark Steyn (Canada) discuss the continued suppression and censorship of any COVID discussion that is antithetical to the official position of western government.

The suppression/censorship of reasonable discussion is a unique element of the COVID framework that has been maintained for well over two years.  As the danger and fear have subsided, one must reasonably ask why the continued need for this level of control?

What is it they fear, and who are ‘they‘?

[embedded content]


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Neil Oliver, W.H.O Assembles Pandemic Treaty to Control Global Human Parasites

Comrade dissidents, in his weekly monologue Neil Oliver draws attention to the World Health Organization (WHO) effort to assemble the Global Pandemic Response Treaty, a collective pact with the industrious mission to control the threat of human parasites.

As Oliver notes, the objective of the W.H.O. mission is to coordinate a whole-of-planet approach, by giving instructions to all governmental signatories for how to best manage the problematic behavior of free-range citizens.  People are the dangerous carbon they seek to mitigate.  WATCH:

[embedded content]

[Transcript] – “Anyone remember voting for the World Health Organization to take control of our lives? No? Me, neither.  And yet here we are, teetering on the brink of joining most of the countries of the world in surrendering our national sovereignty under the terms of a proposed new pandemic treaty.

Once British ink is dry on the necessary paperwork, we and most of the rest of the billions living on planet earth will, in the event of another pandemic, take our instructions not from politicians we actually voted for – and could, hypothetically at least, have the option of getting rid of – but from the unelected, faceless, bureaucrats of the WHO.

This is no conspiracy theory, by the way. No tin hats required. This is real and happening now. And a whole lot of people would rather you weren’t paying attention.

The WHO is a fabulously wealthy offshoot of the United Nations. It has its head office in Geneva and is presently headed by Ethiopian-born Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. Know much about him?

No, nor me. He and it are funded by 194 member states and also by donations from private entities. As things stand, most of its money comes from the United States, from Communist China and from computer salesman and international man of mystery Bill Gates.

Let us remember that for the past two years, the WHO has loudly celebrated the approach taken by China to the handling of Covid-19.

Even now, as tens or perhaps hundreds of millions of Chinese citizens remain locked in their homes in scores of cities across that country … and after unknown numbers have died in those circumstances, including some who committed suicide by leaping to their deaths from their tower block imprisonment … the WHO continues to applaud the tactics of the Chinese Communist Party that is its benefactor.

For his own part Bill Gates, who struggles even to control viruses in the software sold by Microsoft, is on record admiring the Draconian approach taken by Australia – to the extent that he has said that in his opinion the world would have had greater success in eliminating the disease – the one that more than likely leaked from a lab in China – if only more nations had followed the Australian model, locked everyone down and sought Zero Covid.

Now we in Great Britain – without so much as a by your leave from our leaders – and along with around 95 per cent of the world’s population – must contemplate a future in which decisions about what we will be ordered – ordered – to do in the face of another pandemic will be taken by the unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats of the Chinese Communist Party-worshipping WHO, under the unseemly influence of a tech billionaire with no more qualifications in the fields of medicine and disease control than I have.

It is worth remembering that President Donald Trump insisted on divorce from the WHO – on the grounds that it was too close to China, only for President Biden to remarry them again in 2021. All of that is history, however. In a matter of days, the World Health Assembly will meet in Geneva for a vote on the treaty. The target date for final ratification is in May 2024, but by then the power grab will have long been completed.

Amendments written into the proposed treaty by the re-enamored Biden administration will see 194 nations cede sovereignty over national health care decisions to the WHO. The WHO would thereby have decision-making power over and above our own government – and every other government.

Consider this – when you watch footage of the 26 million people of Shanghai locked down in their homes, their cats and dogs beaten to death in the street … the WHO would, by the terms of the new treaty, have the power to impose the same on cities here. Know too, that under the terms of the treaty, the WHO does not – does not – have to show any data to legitimize its conclusions or decisions.

It is also worth knowing, to say the least, that it would be up to the WHO to define what the next pandemic is. Seeing how things are going, I would hardly be surprised to hear about a pandemic of obesity, or of heart attacks – followed by the lockdowns and other restrictions to deal with same.

No doubt lockdowns to fix the climate can’t be far away either. In the case of climate, the WHO might draw the conclusion that we, the human species, are the virus. Who knows what they might conclude and decide then?

Be in no doubt – this so-called pandemic treaty is the single, greatest global power grab that any of us has seen in our lifetime. It is nothing less than the groundwork, the laying of deep foundations for global governance through the WHO.

Many of those opposed to the treaty – and there is an online petition here in the UK seeking to demand that the matter be discussed in parliament – have pointed to the, shall we say, compromised position of the WHO itself. Much has been made of the notion that a fish rots from the head.

Back in 2017, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe was appointed as a good will ambassador of the WHO, by Tedros, and only dropped after shrieks of outrage from those who pointed out that Mugabe might have been a controversial choice of poster boy for an organization notionally committed to the wellbeing of living people. A glance at the 34-member Executive Board of the WHO reveals seats occupied by such human rights luminaries as Syria and East Timor, among others.

And remember all the time the links the WHO has with Communist China – a state with more human rights abuses under its belt than any decent human being might want to contemplate. And that’s before we get to the looming presence of the world’s fourth richest man, the one and only Bill Gates, and his Foundation, whose commitment to mass vaccination is unsurpassed.

As far as I am concerned, the whole thing stinks – like the aforementioned dead fish. The approach taken to Covid by the Chinese Government and endorsed by the WHO was never about health, I say, and always about control.

Just as there is more than one way to skin a cat – one beaten to death in a Shanghai Street by a man in a hazmat suit armed with a stick, perhaps – so there is more than one way to seek to impose undemocratic, authoritarian control upon a population.

Just as for instance, a government desiring such control might try frightening the living daylights out of its people, telling them that if they don’t take their medicine – medicine that Big Pharma knows in advance might kill or maim some of them – that they won’t be able to travel, leave the country, go to work, or the pub, or the cinema, or to school.

A government or indeed any unelected body seeking total control might tell its people that unless they do what they are told they won’t ever be getting back to anything even resembling their old normal lives. That is not how you protect people from a pandemic. That is how you exploit and manipulate the very notion of a pandemic in order to seize and retain control.

And then, while they’re either still terrified, or just plain exhausted and demoralized by the whole damned experience, why not slip through all manner of new legislation shaped to mop up the dregs of whatever old-fashioned freedoms and rights remain behind?

I am, even by my own estimate, the unlikeliest of rebels.

All I know is that I have, for a period now measurable in years, been opposed to those in power here, and also all but a handful of those vying to replace them. For the longest time I have cared not a jot what those jokers try and tell me to do. The evidence coming out now, about lockdown harms, about vaccine harms, tells me I was right to follow my own path. In short, I have had enough of the lot of them. They do not speak for me or in any way matter to me.

If this pandemic treaty comes to pass, I will disregard it. I will ignore any future lockdown ordained by any power. I will take no mandated vaccine, not while I have breath in my body.

The WHO and all its little wizards can take a running jump. The men in suits can sign whatever treaties they want. I don’t care. Not one of them – not Johnson, Trudeau, Macron and the rest – has the stomach for the wet-work that would be required to put their authoritarian plans into action.

We owe it to ourselves. Perhaps we even owe it to them – to tell them that they are living in a fantasy world of their own creation and that we want none of it.

Let them have the gall to seek to sign away our freedoms in such a high-handed manner, this month, or in 2024. I for one am not playing along.

As Patrick MacGoohan’s character said in The Prisoner – I am not a number, I am a free man.” (link)


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Comrade Neil Oliver Discusses Living as a Dissident Through Orwellian Times

Comrades, in his weekly monologue Neil Oliver walks through the stages of mental exhaustion the corrupt globalists have created in order to retain power.  Looking at the landscape through the prism of George Orwell’s prescient warnings, Oliver ponders if the mirrored reality is actually their roadmap.

The Ministry of Abundance positioned to discharge the pending scarcity.  The Ministry of Peace now used to carry out wars without authority.  The Ministry of Truth purposefully created to retain lies…. and so it goes.  Indeed as the warning was predicted, even “to wear an improper expression on your face (to look incredulous when a victory was announced, for example) was itself a punishable offense. There was even a word for it in Newspeak, facecrime it was called.”

The Global Ministry of Nutrition now instructs us to enjoy the benefits of eating bugs, slugs and “lab-grown meat” amid rising costs of farming. The Ministry of Residential Equity promotes the benefits of tiny houses; shared space cubicles where owning nothing leads to increased happiness.  The Ministry of Education replaces academic endeavors with emotional learning.  Math replaced by pansexual dance lessons for the non-binary kindergarteners.   Smile Comrade, smileWATCH:

[embedded content]

[Transcript] “Given all that’s happened, I might have expected overwhelming anger in the country by now, loud calls for answers and apologies. Promises that mistakes made in the recent past, liberties taken, would not be repeated in the future. Also maybe demands for change.

Many are the dissenting voices – I know because I hear them every day – but the silencing and ridiculing still goes on.

What I sense around me most of all now, however, is weariness. Council elections have been held up and down Great Britain and apart from anything else, I think we can agree that turnout was low.”

In some polling stations in Hull, for example, turnout was down at 12 per cent apparently. In terms of numbers taking part, exercising their democratic right, it was a damp squib all over.

As so often happens in these plebiscites, the day-to-day rule of the many has been decided by the relatively few who could even be bothered to vote. Among that minority are fervently committed activists, of course, those who see and know that power belongs to those who can be bothered.

Most people are not activists though. Most people have more than enough to do just keeping their heads above water. This depressing state of affairs is hardly surprising. In spite of the media’s attempts to whip up excitement about the results, local council elections have been a lacklustre non-event.

I think it’s getting worse, however. I trotted along to my local polling station and made my marks on the paper. It took some effort though. Along with so many people, I’m sure, I looked at the list of names and parties and thought, “What’s the point? What difference will it make?” I looked at the names and knew what the results would be even as I went through the motions of completing my vote.

We hear a lot of use now of the word, Orwellian. It refers to the English journalist and author George Orwell, of course – he of The Road to Wigan Pier, Animal Farm and 1984 and much else besides. I have a podcast in which, for the fun of it, I invite listeners to imagine that reading history is as close to time travel as a person might get. As the years go by, I wonder more and more if George Orwell wasn’t actually a time traveller for real – so right has he proven to be about where decisions made, and actions taken, in the 20th century would lead future generations.

In Animal Farm, his fable about Communism, he predicted the abuse of trust and the exploitation of power. Once the pigs have control of the farm, they immediately set about taking advantage of their situation. When the other animals notice, for instance, that the pigs are taking all the milk and apples for themselves, while everyone else must eat tasteless slop, the pigs’ PR spokesman – called Squealer – explains the move is backed by science:

“Comrades,” he tells them, “You do not imagine, I hope, that we pigs are doing this in a spirit of selfishness and privilege? Many of us actually dislike apples. I dislike them myself. Our sole object in taking these things is to preserve our health. Milk and apples – this has been proved by science, comrades – contain substances absolutely necessary to the wellbeing of a pig. We are brainworkers. The whole management and organisation of the farm depends on us.”

I read those lines again and think about the Science we have heard so much about recently. I think too about all the news stories about how good it will be for us as well to eat bugs and lab-grown meat, instead of the good stuff. That’s science too, don’t you know. Then I read about Bill Gates being the biggest owner of farmland in the US and wonder if it will be bugs and lab-grown meat he will produce from all those acres, or maybe cattle for sirloins and corn on the cob for the barbecue. Who could say?

Energy giant E.ON recently sent pairs of polyester socks to customers with the message:

“Energy down – CO2 down”. Those literally in control of the power have been telling people to wear more clothes to fend off the cold, rather than have heating in their homes.

All the while this is going on, oil and gas companies report record profits and bountiful dividends for shareholders.

Follow the science … or follow the money. You choose.

In Animal Farm, before the revolution, the pigs promised the animals that in future they would have electric light in their stalls, hot water as well as cold. Later on, once the pigs have control of the farm, such ideas are silenced. Napoleon, the leader of the pigs, says such notions are contrary to the spirit of Animalism, which is their ideology. He tells them the truest happiness lies in working hard and living frugal lives.

You will own nothing, a person might hear, and you will be happy.

I read about socks in the mail from energy companies. I read about MPs awarding themselves a pay rise in excess of £2,000 a year.

I listen to Boris Johnson justifying tax hikes and the rest.

Asked by a reporter: “What would you say to families trying to make ends meet? Buy cheaper food? Don’t replace clothes? Turn down the thermostat or turn it off altogether? What should people do?”

Boris Johnson answered: “People are obviously going to face choices that they are going to have to make.”

Frugal lives. Napoleon the pig would be proud.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t expect to see Boris Johnson, or Sir Keir Starmer or the rest of them waiting until the end of the day to hit the supermarkets in search of foods reduced to clear. I don’t expect to hear about them choosing between eating and heating.

In 1984, Orwell’s novel about a dystopian future in which the population is kept in a state of perpetual fear, on account of perpetual war with an enemy they never see, he wrote about how inconvenient facts and truth are “memory holed” which is to say, made to disappear. The protagonist is Winston Smith, who works in the Ministry of Truth. Among other state departments there is a Ministry of Plenty, which is actually a ministry of starvation, dedicated to keeping the people in a state of perpetual poverty, scarcity, and food shortage.

In his booth in the Ministry of Truth there is a slot in the wall into which Winston must post any document featuring information that is inconvenient to the government. Such data disappears at that point, as though it had never been – unless of course there comes a time in the future when the information is actually useful to the government again, at which point it miraculously reappears.

Big pharma giant Pfizer have just released the next 80 thousand pages of data related to the trial of their vaccine. 80 thousand pages. Before barely a word of it is read, many are the voices insisting it’s time anyway to move on and forget. It turns out you don’t even need memory holes when information can hide in plain sight among a population too wearied and distracted by other, more recent problems and fears, to pay enough attention.

The very people who would have us move on unquestioningly – politicians, journalists and others – those who demanded lockdowns – longer and harder – are now in the habit of lamenting the harm done by such measures. All of a sudden those that were ardent cheerleaders for the measures that have done so much harm have the unmitigated gall to fret publicly about the economy, about damage to physical and mental health, to the education and physical and emotional development of children. That they were the ones shouting loudest that we should “suck it up” and “cancel Christmas” to save Granny and the NHS, is information that seems to have been shoveled by the barrow load into the nearest memory hole.

I won’t forget, though. And neither will millions of others.

And in among all of this, ordinary tax-paying law-abiding people are simply and understandably exhausted. After two years of fear and anxiety and obeying rules that made no sense to them, many are on their knees. Into this climate of exhaustion came the local elections and, surprise, surprise, most people had energy only for going to work and feeding their families. And in this way, enervating patterns are repeated.

Another writer, Elena Ghorokova, wrote a memoir about life in the Soviet Union called A Mountain of Crumbs. In it she described how the population was ground down by fear, want, and hardship until people found they could cope best by pretending.

The joke about their relationship with the state boiled down to: “They pretend to pay us, and we pretend to work.”

The state was lying to the people. The people knew they were being lied to. The state knew the people knew they were being lied to. And still the state lied. It was all a great pretense played by people with power against those with none. And just in order to survive, the mass of the population played their part by joining in the pretense.

Many people are simply at the ends of their tethers – and why wouldn’t they be? We look at our politicians and would-be councillors – at Conservatives, and then at Labour, and then at Lib Dems and the rest. We look from one to the other – at those who called for lockdowns – which is to say prominent members of every party – at those who wanted them in place quicker and harder and for longer. Now we see them clamour for more control, more censorship, more compliance. We look at each in turn and in our hearts and stomachs we wonder if it makes any difference who we choose because in truth they are all the same now.

By the end of Animal Farm, the pigs are walking upright on two legs and wearing human clothes. They carry whips in their trotters. In the final scene, they host a meeting with neighbouring human farmers – the same that they had once claimed to hate as the enemies of all animals. Four legs good, two legs bad, they had once said. The pigs live in the farmhouse now. The other animals, left on the outside, in the farmyard, watch the pigs and human farmers sitting around the table, toasting each other and making plans to cooperate in the future.

“The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again,” wrote Orwell. “But already it was impossible to say which was which.”

Is it just me, or does it feel like someone out there is using Orwell’s work not as a warning, but as an owner’s manual?”  (LINK)


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Neil Oliver Asks: What Is This New World Order and Why Are We Sitting in a Handbasket?

GBNews pundit Neil Oliver uses his weekly monologue [Transcript Here] to ask what is this new madness that forces us to suspend disbelief in order to accept it?

Curiouser and curiouser we find ourselves muttering as those who operate the global funhouse mirrors bend the reflected narrative to give the appearance of fat made skinny, boys made girls, and contorted views of their political truth.  WATCH:

[embedded content]


[Transcript] – “I wonder how far all this will go. By “all this”, I mean the headlong push, always in the same direction, always away from the world I recognise. To me it seems as though a pendulum is swinging, has been swinging for years now, but always and only one way – further and further from the point where I stand. I wonder too, how far that pendulum can swing before it must stop and, inevitably swing back the other way, and with a vengeance. Every action, after all, has an equal and opposite reaction.

To me there seems no avoiding the conclusion that, as a key part of all this, official misinformation and propaganda all over the world has been shaped to make reasonable people feel like they’re simply going mad, that they have lost the ability to understand and interpret events and make decisions for themselves. Many people have felt the only option was to toe the line – even when it seemed pointless, or counterproductive, even insane. The name of the game was avoiding the anger of those shouting loudest.

Last week US President Joe Biden spoke in front of millions about how: “there’s going to be a new world order out there”

New World Order: three words that have been floating around on social media like something unpleasant that just won’t flush. Hardly were the words out of the president’s mouth before commentators – on his side of the line, at least – were gleefully reporting his statement … while somehow simultaneously offering the opinion that only the tin-hat-wearing, swivel eyed loons (which includes people like me, apparently) had been triggered by his language.

The Independent website, for instance, reported the story under a headline reading: “Joe Biden said New World Order and conspiracy theorists lost it”

This is no more than a clumsy attempt at a verbal sleight of hand, yet another reminder that the official line has it that only crazy people ever suspect that something, somewhere might be amiss.

In a speech delivered to the Australian National University in Canberra, Sir Jeremy Fleming, director of GCHQ, told his audience that the pandemic, followed by war in Ukraine, added up to: “a period of generational upheaval.”

Both Biden and Sir Jeremy – to take just two prominent spokesmen speaking at the same moment in history – seeking to normalise the thought that every few generations, the world must change whether we want it to or not, as though the world has always changed every two or three generations, which it hasn’t.

New World Order, generational upheaval, always the pendulum swinging one way and one way only. Forget how things used to be, that’s over now, get ready for change, for something new, whether you want it or not. What’s a person – a person bedevilled, anyway, by a cost-of-living crisis, the dogged pursuit of Net Zero, a reawakened fear of nuclear war and still coming to terms with the will-they-won’t-they uncertainty of Covid rules left smouldering like embers that might reignite at any moment – to make of such unsettling prophesying?

More verbal gymnastics followed when Mr Biden said recently that Mr Putin should no longer be in power in Russia. The president had told his audience in Poland that Putin: “…cannot remain in power”. But yet more verbal contortions somehow enabled the White House to say that regime change in Russia was not US government policy.

How can both statements be true at the same time?

How can this inside out, upside down line of thinking do anything but leave the average reasonable person feeling they simply do not have a clue about what’s going on anymore?

I say the average reasonable person – which is how I still understand myself, even after all this time of madness – but clearly those on the other side of the debate from me, that viciously polarised debate, now regard me and millions of other reasonable people as wild-eyed extremists, politically to the right of Atilla the Hun.

And yet I look on at the la-la land of Hollywood, at actor Will Smith slapping comedian Chris Rock at the Oscars and then getting a standing ovation for winning the statuette for Best Actor. What does a reasonable person, or even a wild-eyed extremist even begin to do with such a sequence of events compressed into such a short space of time? If I hit someone at a work event I might expect to be fired, rather than given a standing ovation and the award for employee of the year. But that’s showbiz, apparently.

The Oscars have been growing increasingly unbearable for years, of course. Watching millionaires in receipt of goodie bags worth more than what 99 percent of the world’s population earns in a year, while speechifying and shedding crocodile tears about the plight of the poor and the oppressed, had long required a muscular suspension of disbelief. But now surely the pretence of the Oscars as moral spokesman for the world is finally over, and forever, the bubble well and truly burst. I can’t look at it anymore, not after metaphorically watching A-listers on the toilet all these years.

Everywhere you look there’s more to confuse and disorientate. Talk of white privilege, men in women’s sports, big tech censorship. Last week Florida passed a bill to prevent the sexualisation of children up to the age of seven or so. A large majority of Floridians – both Republican and Democrat – agreed it was common sense that children so young should not receive instruction in the classroom about “sexual orientation” or “gender identity”. You might think third graders and younger would do best to get to grips with “The Cat Sat on the Mat” in preparation for later learning what a pronoun actually is – maybe in the context of an English lesson – before being invited to pick pronouns to describe their own understanding of their genders.

Over in the Magic Kingdom, in California, Disney joined those taking strenuous exception to the Florida bill and pushing a blatant lie that it was about stopping teachers saying the word ‘Gay’. All at once the bill was, according to Disney, and other showbiz types, about: “Don’t say gay.”

In fact there was no use of the word gay anywhere in the bill, and in polling, the majority of people of all stripes agreed with it. But that didn’t stop Disney and others insisting that word was being banned in Florida schools and kindergartens.

At the same time, Disney announced it had done away with any and all references to “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls” at any of its theme parks. Never again, presumably, will a little girl be welcomed as a “princess” as had previously been a commonplace. How much money Disney had made selling princess dresses to uncounted millions of little children hardly bears thinking about. No more, we might assume.

Many parents have known a child insist on dressing as a princess one week, and superman the next. Most of those parents have understood those steps not as permanent life choices, but as the multicoloured stages of being a child growing up.

To be frank, I have never understood the pressure about pronouns, either. I was brought up never to refer to anyone – anyone actually in the room with me – via a pronoun. To point to someone and call them ‘she’ – referring to that person in the third person singular while that person was actually standing in front of me, was to invite, from a grown up, the withering putdown, “Who’s ‘she’, the cat’s mother?”

The use of ‘she’, ‘her’, ‘he’, ‘him’ in regard to a person who was RIGHT THERE, was simply rude, regardless of any other consideration. Good manners dictated that each person in the room was to be addressed and referred to by their name. If you experienced the small agony of forgetting the name of someone you’d been introduced to … too bad … you just had to apologise for the lapse and ask them to say their name a second time. Third person pronouns were for the mention of someone who was elsewhere, absent from the scene. In my world there should be no need for those pronouns while actually with a person. And so what sort of self-obsessed narcissist tries to dictate how others talk about them when they’re not even there?

And always, woven through the confusing madness like dry rot, is the sinister obsession with children and also with the family.

In my homeland of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon’s Scottish government has already seen to it that children as young as four can pick a different gender while in school – without the need for their parents to know anything about it. Previously the Scottish government pursued a so-called Named Persons bill – that would have seen a state sponsored stranger slipped between every child and parent in the land. That named person would have been able to establish a relationship with the child, have conversations with the child about anything and everything under the sun – again without the need for parents to be informed.

The Daily Mail had a story last week about a London-based psychologist reporting a sharp rise in the number of people calling his clinic to report symptoms of what he has called ‘Doomsday anxiety’ – which he describes as “fear of the end of the world or life as we know it.”

I know that feeling and I’m not surprised in the least that more and more people are burdened by hopeless, doom-laden thoughts. After all, the incessant pushing of the pendulum has left more and more people no other choice but to fear the worst.

What interests me more and more though, as I said at the top, is how much further away from me, and millions like me, the pendulum must swing. How much further CAN it swing? How much further away must we watch the pendulum pushed away – away from everything so many of us know to be common sense, decent, honourable and true? How much more will we watch them do to marginalise and then break up the family? How much longer will we let our youngest children watch and listen to lectures about sex, to be encouraged to contemplate things sexual instead of enjoying a handful of years being welcomed as boys and girls and pretending to be princesses one day and superheroes the next?

However far the pendulum swings, it must and will eventually swing back the other way, faster and faster. How far will it swing then, and where will it stop? {LINK}


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Sunday Talks, Neil Oliver – Save The Kids

Neil Oliver has a very specific monologue this week for the audience as he talks about the impact of COVID-19 mandates and dictates on the kids.

As Oliver rightly points out, when history reviews the events of the recent past it will not reflect well.  Our children have been brutalized mentally and physically by COVID-19 rules, mandates and regulations.  Many will be impacted forever.

Then again, if the larger goal of government is to create a fearful generation, with an outlook of blind compliance to regime dictates within a global governing system… well, from that perspective, their evil decisions make sense. WATCH:

[embedded content]


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The Covid-19 Vaccine Kills!

What is going on is a bio weapon heart stopper – the elites call a ‘vaccine’

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