FBI Plants Docs at Mar-a-Lago

When 50 armed Gestapo occupied President Trump’s Mara-a-Lago home while he was away in New York, they demanded that his lawyer Christina Bobb, who was present at Mar-a-Lago when the agents conducted the search, disable the estate’s security cameras—ostensibly so they could ransack the place and plant evidence without getting caught on camera. Bobb wisely refused, and the FBI forced staff, guests, and Mar-a-Lago’s security force outdoors as they made entry. A housekeeper was purportedly held at gunpoint for refusing to identify herself. The FBI unlawfully detained everyone present, saying they were “not free to leave.”

We all know the official narrative: the FBI, under instructions from a criminal attorney general and a Trump-hating, Jeffrey Epstein and Hussein Obama-loving Judge, spent seven hours ransacking the president’s home in search of so-called secret documents he had allegedly taken from the White House, including, according to the Bezos-owned Washington Post, nuclear secrets, a claim Trump has rebuked.

With staff and guests corralled outdoors, the rogue agency executed its illegal search warrant, vandalizing the president’s property as it meticulously and systematically probed every cranny, nook, and crevice. In what can be described only as a display of disrespect for Trump, the FBI contemptuously rifled through Melania’s wardrobe, damaging clothes and two pair of costly shoes. They even brought in a safecracker who drilled Trump’s personal safe—only to find it empty.

A Mar-a-Lago security agent who later viewed security footage recounted to RRN the FBI’s reaction to finding the safe devoid of incriminating evidence.

“The primary cameras capture audio and video. They were pissed the safe was empty. One agent even said “Fuck, it’s empty” after viewing the hollow insides. I can’t say much about our security system because, if the feds see this, they could take advantage of info I divulge. I can say this: the visible security cameras make up only part of Mar-A-Lago’s security. In all footage, the FBI agents were conspicuously glancing up at the cameras. They were also looking for blind spots,” the source said.

The FBI he added, was especially interested in a storage closet in “Office 45,” so named as a respectful homage to Trump’s presidency. He said he believes (but could not confirm) the closet contained cardboard boxes and plastic bins of personal letters Trump had written to foreign dignitaries and heads of state, not nuclear secrets or other classified material. Nonetheless, the FBI seemed particularly interested in that closet and spent no less than two hours rifling through its contents.

“At one point three agents were huddled in that closet. Again, I can’t go into the depths of security mesures, but they probably believed they were out of the field of view of any cameras in Office 45. Well, they weren’t. In one segment, an agent appears to be pulling papers from the inside of his jacket and putting them in Trump’s belongings. The agent then pulls out those same papers and exclaims to the other agents, “Look what I found!” It seemed pretty clear. If the FBI didn’t find anything, they were going to find something,” our source said.

Both President Trump and his lawyers have scrutinized the footage, he said.

Playing Devil’s advocate, we asked the source whether he knew why Trump let Merrick Garland publicize the search warrant instead of releasing it himself.

“I can only guess. Trump is tactician. He probably figured the FBI would claim he doctored the search warrant. He wanted that bastard Garland to show his hand.”

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Deep State Slams Free Speech Pioneer Alex Jones—My Thoughts

I have been asked in comments and emails to share my thoughts on the crippling judgement rendered against Infowars owner and free speech pioneer Alex Jones.

In Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal Lector asks Clarice Starling of the killer Buffalo Bill, “What does he do, this man you seek?” to which Starling answers ascertainably, “He kills women.”

“No!” Lector replies emphatically. “That is incidental.” And points out that Bill’s killings are merely a byproduct of his true yearning—to covet.

Alex Jones was incidental, an incidental casualty in the Deep State’s war on free speech, its covetous desire to silence all discussion that contradicts White House talking points and the dogmatic view of mainstream media. The farcical trial was never about Alex Jones, not really, and certainly not Sandy Hook. It could’ve been you or me. But Jones, the biggest and wealthiest kid in the room, made an appetizing target—his fame and influence in the free speech community put crosshairs on his back, of which he was aware.

In prosecuting Jones, the Deep State delivered an unadulterated message to persons who dare question official narratives: no longer will we simply cancel and deplatform you, we’ll sue you into bankruptcy and poverty.

The Deep State’s case against Jones was open and shut. He was found guilty before setting foot in courtroom. He wasn’t leaving court unscathed. Even if Jones’ horrible legal representation had magically produced evidence, a smoking gun, that plainly and unequivocally proved beyond all other exclusions that crisis actors were used at Sandy Hook, the court would still have found him liable for damages.

I’ve seen articles trouncing Jones’ defense team, and, yes, his lawyers were among the most incompetent lawyers imaginable. What defense attorney worth his salt “accidentally” sends the prosecution privileged information? In the end, though, Jones could have hired OJ’s ‘dream team’ and still been found guilty, not because he committed a crime but because of the cacophonous message that now reverberates through the free speech community. The Deep State, the liberal lunatics, and the “woke” masses will tolerate no dissension. Conform or else. Don’t question the authority.

For Jones the most immediate authorities were a slanderous prosecutor and the most biased judge in the history of the American legal system. They worked as a team, playing off each other while overruling almost every objection raised by Jones’ lawyers. The prosecution was allowed to enter into evidence statements Jones made opposing Covid-19 lockdowns. How exactly does Covid relate to Sandy Hook? Jones’ lawyers asked that question but were shutdown by a Deep State judge.

In short, Jones was wrongly maligned for practicing his constitutionally protected right to free speech. He expressed opinions and views, and he certainly didn’t kill anyone in Sandy Hook.

I hope a court of appeals nullifies the judgment against him, but I’m not holding my breath, and neither should Alex.

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Biden Regime’s al-Zawahiri Scam Sham

Biden handlers Anthony Blinken, Alejandro Mayorkas, and CIA Director William Burns had hoped for an event (or series of events) to strengthen the regime’s despairingly poor popularity, even among its Democrat constituents. They publicly bashed but secretly praised the Supreme Court’s ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade, as their flawed polling predicts that an overwhelming majority of Americans favor abortion rights, which, they feel, will help them at the midterms and, as a result, the 2024 presidential election.

The cost of gas has trickled down, albeit artificially. The Biden cabal manufactured Bidenflation, and they’re driving it down to attract midterm votes, particularly independents.

Things, as the saying goes, typically come in threes, an axiom favored by the illegitimate administration. In a bid to project strength and possibly persuade conservatives to vote Blue, the regime decided to pickoff a terrorist who had been living a life of luxury in Kabul. The liberal media, which ordinarily disdains drone strikes, praised Biden as he delivered a victory speech on national television. Let us not forget that liberal hero Barack Hussein Obama ordered more UAV strikes and caused more collateral damage than all other presidents combined, a fact the MSM glosses over.

Two days after the strike, MSNBC touted Biden’s greatness while predictably attacking President Donald J. Trump who, according to news anchor and Deep State asset Rachel Madcow, had many opportunities to eliminate al-Zawahiri but chose not to because “Trump didn’t recognize al-Zawahiri’s name.”

That statement is absolute rubbish, sources at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago headquarters and a CIA whistleblower told Real Raw News.

“President Trump asked about al-Zawahiri several times between 2016-2020, and the CIA always told him sorry we can’t find him,” a Mar-a-Lago source said.

In fact, Trump had confronted then CIA-director Michael Pompeo about al-Zawahiri’s whereabouts and was told, “He’s absconded. We’ll search every cave and crevice in the Middle East until he’s found.”

But it seemed a costly and fruitless search; between 2002-2021 the CIA had spent $2bn not finding al-Zawahiri. The agency didn’t have to find him, for it had known his location since at least 2003, said a CIA whistleblower.

“I don’t want to talk specific dates, but al-Zawahiri been an agency asset since after 9/11, maybe before, I can’t speak to that. But we’ve always had eyes on him, always. Do you think they suddenly just miraculously found him hanging out in Kabul? No. He’s been there a long time, both before and after Biden’s botched withdrawal. The CIA put him in Kabul, protected and financed,” he said.

Al-Zawahiri’s CIA security, he added, had a cost: al-Zawahiri had fed the CIA credible intelligence leading to the arrest or assassination of his own terrorist colleagues.

“The reason Trump didn’t know where al-Zawahiri was is that the CIA didn’t want him to know,” he said. “The CIA hates Donald Trump.”

Asked whether Pompeo might have intentionally withheld vital info from President Trump, our CIA source answered evasively: “The directors are not omniscient, they don’t know everything going on. They spend their time at an office desk reading reports others prepare for them. So, I can’t give a definitive answer. One certain thing is we could’ve whacked him years ago. Killing him now was politically motivated, no doubt. Burns sure knew he was in Kabul and ordered the hit because that’s what the Deep State wanted.”

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Joe Biden Releases Statement After WNBA Player Given 9 Year Prison Sentence in Russia on Drug Charges

WNBA player Brittney Griner was arrested in Russia in February for bringing cannabis oil into the country while traveling for a basketball game.  Griner brought vape cartridges with her containing cannabis oil, a prohibited substance in Russia.  Today the 31-year-old was sentenced to nine years in Russian prison, after she was found guilty of possession and smuggling of illegal drugs.

The Biden administration is attempting to work out a prisoner exchange where Griner and Paul Whelan, a former U.S. Marine detained in 2018 in Russia of espionage charges, would be released in exchange for Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout.

The White House released the following statement:

Today, American citizen Brittney Griner received a prison sentence that is one more reminder of what the world already knew: Russia is wrongfully detaining Brittney. It’s unacceptable, and I call on Russia to release her immediately so she can be with her wife, loved ones, friends, and teammates.  My administration will continue to work tirelessly and pursue every possible avenue to bring Brittney and Paul Whelan home safely as soon as possible.


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Military Arrests DNI Avril Haines

Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines took a gunshot wound to the arm Tuesday morning when JAG investigators arrived at her Maryland home with a military arrest warrant charging the Deep State stooge with treason and murder-for-hire, sources in the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps told Real Raw News.

At approximately 9:15 a.m., two plainclothes JAG agents knocked on the front door of Haines’ posh estate in Chevy Chase, Maryland, an affluent community, and home to countless Deep State operatives. Sources told RRN that JAG had surveilled the residence, determined that Haines lived alone and was secretly separated from husband David Davighi, and found no evidence that she had hired private security. Thus, JAG deemed her a “low risk” target. High risk apprehensions have in the past been made by Marines, Special Forces, Navy Seals, and even Delta Force. Nonetheless, JAG had on occasion arrested Deep Staters without seeking aid from the special operations community.

Upon opening her front door, Haines reportedly blurted, “Oh shit!” and grabbed a pistol from a table just inside the doorway. Before she could level the weapon, a JAG officer performed a tactical hip draw, clipping Haines in the right shoulder and causing her to drop her weapon. The wound, though superficial, incapacitated Haines. She offered no further resistance. She was taken to a “processing center” where, having had her injury treated, she will stay until shipped to Guantanamo Bay for a military tribunal.

Our sources would not reveal the scope of JAG’s evidence, but said JAG has irrefutable proof that Haines “ordered the execution” of several civilians between 2013-2022.

Haines was not new to the Deep State scene. She previously served as Deputy National Security Advisor and Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in the Obama administration.

Real Raw News will supply additional info as it becomes available.

RRN is an independent publisher that relies on reader support. Help us reach our Annual goal. We fight for truth and freedom of the press in an oppressed society. We use GiveSendGo, a Christian-based fundraising company, through which to collect donations. Please do not give your hard-earned money to sites or channels that copy/paste our intellectual property. We spend countless hours vetting, researching, and writing. Thank you. Every dollar helps.
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Soccer Star: Deserted by Courage, but Still Standing for It

Editor’s Note: Suzanna Bowdey at The Washington Stand reports on US soccer player Jaelene Daniels‘ sacrifice of her lifelong career dream due to her principled stance, refusing to kowtow to politically correct politicking in her sport.


On Jaelene Daniels’s Twitter page, there’s a single pinned tweet. It says, “If you live for people’s acceptance, you’ll die from their rejection.” “Unashamed,” she added below. The post is from 2016, a year before the soccer star made coast-to-coast headlines for refusing to wear an LGBT pride jersey. It was a decision that cost Jaelene a spot on the US Women’s National team — ending a longtime dream. “I just felt so convicted in my spirit that it wasn’t my job to wear this jersey,” she said. Five years later, that conviction hasn’t changed.

Daniels plays for a North Carolina team that couldn’t be more appropriately named: the North Carolina Courage. But unfortunately, the team named “courage” refuses to tolerate it — at least where religious freedom is concerned. Daniels, who’s more than familiar with the harassment that comes with standing your cultural ground, was asked by management to participate in the team’s Pride night last Friday. Along with a pre-game LGBT festival, players were told to wear a special transgender and rainbow-themed jersey. Daniels, in keeping with her longtime convictions, refused. The team, in a familiar overreaction, benched her.

“Jaelene will not be rostered tonight as she has made the decision to not wear our Pride jersey,” a Courage spokeswoman said in a statement before the game. “While we’re disappointed with her choice, we respect her right to make that decision for herself. We’re excited to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community with our fans, players, and staff tonight and look forward to hosting our first ever Pride Festival before kickoff.”

Cowardly Leaders

Interestingly enough, this isn’t the first time Daniels has been dissed by the Courage front office. When the team re-signed her in December, they actually apologised for it, acknowledging that her Christian beliefs were at odds with the league’s woke agenda.

The decision to offer Daniels a contract, the team insisted, “was not made lightly and included significant conversations between organisation leadership and Jaelene. The priority expressed in those conversations is the safety of our players and maintaining an inclusive, respectful space for the entire team. … We as a club acknowledge the impact this announcement has on our community,” the North Carolina Courage said in an unsigned open letter to fans at the time. “We’ve spent the past few days reading your messages and reflecting on our actions. We are very sorry to all those we have hurt, especially those within the LGBTQIA+ community.”

Faith with Compassion

While the team’s desertion must have stung, the soccer star never wavered, writing graciously on her social media, “I remain committed to my faith and my desire for people to know that my love for them isn’t based on their belief system or sexuality. I pray and firmly believe that my teammates know how much I cherish them, respect them, and love them.”

It was a classy and mature response from a woman who should be celebrated for standing on principle — but instead has been vilified, shamed, and abandoned by her own team. Obviously, the street of tolerance only runs one way in women’s soccer, as Megan Rapinoe is lionised for spitting on America and showered with endorsements for flaunting her same-sex attractions. One player is elevated for her convictions, the other is punished for them. Welcome to the hypocritical, hyper-politicised world of modern sports.


While the soccer community gushes over Rapinoe’s “bravery,” the real heroes are the ones refusing to bend to the Left’s cultural orthodoxy. Like the handful of Tampa Bay Rays players who pushed back against the team’s LGBT uniforms in June, Daniels put biblical truth ahead of her professional career. Again.

Back in 2017, when Jaelene withdrew her name from the national team over the Pride dispute, she willingly walked away from every goal she’d worked to achieve. “The peace trumped the disappointment,” she explained, looking back. “I knew in my spirit that I was doing the right thing.” Now, a half-decade later, she’s fighting the same battles, knowing that if the sport she loves has to be sacrificed then it’s “just part of His plan.” As she said then, “Maybe this is why [I was] meant to play soccer. Just to show other believers to be obedient.”


Photo by Jamie Smed / Wikimedia Commons.

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President Trump Averts World War III

The nation today came closer to nuclear Armageddon than it has since the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.

As a State Department C-32—a modified Boeing 757—allegedly carrying Nancy Pelosi screeched toward Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ,) four Chinese Chengdu J-20 5th generation fighters from Huian Airbase scrambled to intercept the intruder, purportedly with orders to destroy the C-32 once positive visual identification had been made. While the J-20s zipped to the Taiwan Straits, U.S. F-35 Lightning IIs from the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan, which had detected the J-20s, pushed into afterburner in hopes of intercepting the Chinese fighters before they could launch on the C-32, a provocative act that could’ve sparked a thermonuclear conflict.

The opposing forces were minutes away from meeting each other in the night sky above Taiwan. The unthinkable seemed inevitable.

But in Palm Beach, Florida, President Donald J. Trump, who had been writing his keynote speech for this weekend’s CPAC conference in Dallas, entered his Mar-a-Lago “War Room” upon learning that a potential battle was unfolding on the other side of the world. As RRN has reported previously, Trump’s Florida command center mimics the technological capabilities of the White House Situation Room: satellites stream real-time data to terminals monitored by Trump’s handpicked staff, and encrypted radio transmissions are captured and deciphered by White Hats who have sworn to uphold the Constitution.

Uncharacteristically, Trump told staff to get Xi Jinping on the line.

“I need to talk to President Xi right now, not in one second,” Trump reportedly said.

A Mar-a-Lago source familiar with the crisis told RRN that a cautious Xi Jinping took Trump’s call.

“The U.S. and Chinese fighters were less than a minute from merging when Trump implored Jinping to back off his aircraft. President Trump said he could defuse, deescalate the situation without going to war. Jinping prattled on about how he had warned the U.S. that China considered Pelosi a war criminal but gave Trump a chance to explain and ordered his planes to veer away from the combat area,” our source said.

Trump dropped in Xi Jinping’s ears a pair of bombshells, he added. Trump claimed to have proof, which he would later give Jinping, that the person aboard the C-32 was not really Nancy Pelosi but a body double whom the Deep State had sent in her stead. Moreover, President Trump told President Xi that even if the real Nancy Pelosi were aboard the plane, she had absolutely no authority to negotiate with Taiwan on behalf of the United States. Reluctantly, Trump admitted that his invoking the Insurrection Act of 1807 had stripped Pelosi and her Deep State allies of power. The only reason the Biden regime appeared to hold sway over world affairs, Trump said, was because they were empowered by a corrupt mainstream media.

“This is huge. We’ve had many disagreements, but let’s not turn the world to ashes over some bitch trying to pretend she’s still relevant. I will make sure you get proof that what I say is true. Biden might be trying to start a war. Let’s not let that happen today,” Trump told Jinping.

Xi Jinping, our source said, agreed that the world need not end over the American Deep State’s hubris. He recalled his fighters, and the C-32 ferrying a double-masked Pelosi doppelganger landed safely in Taipei.

“ICBMs could be flying right now, but they’re not. Let no one say Donald Trump doesn’t care about the survival and prosperity of the United States, and the world,” our source said.

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Yesterday’s Fringe is Today’s Mainstream

Why you should pay attention to the insane.

At a time when insanity is increasingly normalised, it’s smart to pay attention to the insane.

I used to dismiss acts of insanity as “freakish” and “fringe”. Not anymore.

If you give it a week, the oddity you dismissed as fringe will become mainstream, and the person you knew to be a freak will be making policy at your kid’s school.

And so rather than immediately flicking past this Christian Post article on churches celebrating Gay Pride week, I paid attention. I think you should too.

[embedded content]

The story focuses on a New York church that invited two drag queens to help “celebrate Pentecost, kick-off LGBTQ+ Pride Month, and come to Christ’s Table of Love.”

(It’s alright, I’ll pause while you pick yourself up off the floor)

Now, I am not suggesting drag queens in church are common. Nor am I suggesting they are coming to a church near you the Sunday after next. (I can’t guarantee anything beyond that)

Yes, these are fringe churches run by freaks in clerical frocks, but the language they use is a sly mix of Bible, gender theory, critical race theory and virtue signalling.

United Church of Christ pastor Rev. J. Gary Brinn defended the move this way:Rev Gary Brinn

“Just as there have always been queers, and [there] has always been diversity in gender expression and affectional orientation, so there has always been diversity within Christianity.”

(I might add that just as there have always been cannibals, and there has always been diversity in dietary requirements and taste bud orientation, so there has always been diversity within Christianity. Don’t miss our special Eat Thy Neighbour service next month!)

Ah yes, diversity. We must have diversity and inclusion. Diversity is in and of itself an inherent, inarguable good.

To argue against drag queen’s leading worship is to argue against diversity and you’re not against diversity or inclusion, are you?

Well, are you?

“Now the serpent was more crafty than any of the woke animals the popular culture had made. He said to the woman, “Did the Patriarchy really say, ‘You must not eat from any tree in the garden’? That doesn’t sound very inclusive to me.” (Genesis 3:1-2)

My concern is that whilst Rev Brinn’s argument is ridiculous we have barely equipped this generation to recognise ridiculous, let alone to counter it.

Warming to his theme, Brinn goes on to dismiss the idea of God as a “white male”, contending that:

“(In a) church where older white men had absolute power, God acted like… an older white man with absolute power and a shocking fragility, for despite God’s supposed omnipotence, he was constantly offended that humans were not properly stroking his ego or following the rules he had implemented to micro-manage our lives.”

“The culmination of his rage was the ultimate act of domestic violence, conspiracy to murder his only child.

“Now if that version works for you, that god that small men created in their own image, great. Though if that version does work for you, I’m probably not the right pastor for you, for I find that God, angry and violent, disgusting and unworthy of my adoration and praise. That God is a monster, one that I abandoned long ago.”

Old white males. White fragility. Micro-management. Domestic violence. Conspiracy to murder. Stroking of egos. Anger. Violence. Of course, if the evil patriarchy and domestic violence is your thing, well, continue on as per normal, bigot.

Brinn’s method of argument is to arrange trigger words in sentences that our young adults — fresh out of university or fresh off of TikTok (but let’s face it, what’s the difference these days) — will have half swallowed before even thinking about it.

That Brinn’s argument makes no sense doesn’t matter. Sense was cancelled a long time ago.

This generation thinks with its feelings and reasons with its emotions. An emotive word salad is a sufficient argument these days to ban fossil fuels, pump children full of puberty blockers, legalise late-term abortions and, if you want, have drag queens lead worship.

Rev Binn described his “Worship is a Drag” service as

“An extravagant welcome to the LGBTQ+ community, not tolerance but celebration.”

Let’s not just be welcoming (who doesn’t want to be welcoming?), let’s be extravagantly welcoming. Grace, after all, is extravagant.

And we’re not talking about individuals here. We’re talking about community. God is into community. We don’t want to exclude an entire community, do we?

And let’s be tolerant, but let’s be more than tolerant. Even sinners are tolerant. Let’s celebrate difference. Because the church should be a place of joy and love and celebration of people made in God’s image.

You get the idea.

It’s all silly, but only if you think.

Predictably, Brinn went on to speak about fighting racism, because everyone loves an anti-racist.

And finally, he asserted:

“Our sin is not just in what we have done but also in what we have failed to do, and we are determined to sin no more.”

The woke share our vocabulary, but use a completely different dictionary.

Tolerate means celebrate.

Accept means agree.

Inclusive means excluding objective truth

Diversity means different-looking people who all uniformly think like woke progressive dolts.

You get the idea.

If we don’t start talking about this and boldly explaining truth, Grace Church in downtown Manhattan, where they recently held a special Pride Chapel for cheering Christian young adults, won’t be a freakish outpost on the fringe of the asylum. It’ll be mainstream.

[embedded content]

According to The Christian Post, Trinity Lutheran Church in Greenville, South Carolina hosted an event called “Drag me to Church” on May 12. The event featured a drag performer known as “The Lady Douche.” Well of course.

And this too is fringe, of course.

But if the past decade has taught us anything, it is that fringe ideas not contested, because they seem too freakish to worry about soon, become difficult to contest because they have become so mainstream.

When the progressive woke left, who own the language, are talking to Christians wearing little more than a fig leaf of theology, the ridiculous sounds right, the insane sounds sensible and the blasphemous sounds almost Biblical.

We need to reclaim language by clearly defining terms. And we need to replace sermonettes for Christianetters with sound theology.

The alternative does not bear thinking about.


Originally published at The James Macpherson Report.

Subscribe to his Substack here for daily witty commentary.
Photo: Drag queen and United Methodist Church ministry candidate Isaac Simmons

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Military Convicts Denis McDonough

On July 22 a panel of three officers at Guantanamo Bay convicted and voted to execute the criminal Biden regime’s secretary of veteran affairs, Denis McDonough, following a brief tribunal that saw the defendant deliver a teary-eyed opening statement in which he apologized for fleecing the VA for billions of dollars but also refused to take full accountability for his crimes.

Instead, he blamed Obama, saying that the dark lord “is the Deep State” and responsible for everything from the stolen 2020 presidential election to the Democrat’s campaign to vilify Trump, from sky high inflation across the spectrum to the Covid and Monkeypox scares. He shook his handcuffed wrists in the air while at length imploring the tribunal to understand that Obama never truly abdicated authority when Trump resoundingly spanked Clinton in the 2016 election. He likened Obama to a prison shot caller, a person who displays a veneer of affability and reclusiveness but whose sinister machinations control the yard. McDonough spoke of secret meetings where Obama, the heads of all American intelligence agencies, and tenured Democrat congressmen plotted the collapse of America, as we know it.

“What I did was wrong, but Obama pulls all the strings,” McDonough said.

As he presented his defense, Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall paced the courtroom like a fenced-in rooster. The admiral sighed heavily.

“This is all very interesting, but we covered this at your deposition. In all honesty, I believe what you say, but you have no proof other than your word. Remind this tribunal, if you will, when you last saw or talked to Obama,” Vice Adm. Crandall said.

McDonough gazed skyward a moment, as if trying to pull the memory from some hidden cul-de-sac of his conscious mind. “Let me see, last time we talked was in 2016.”

“But, according to you, these secret Obama meetings are still happening,” Vice Adm. Crandall said.

“Of course they are. I might not have proof. Obama makes sure proof is hard to come by. But they’re going on all the time,” McDonough replied.

Vice Adm. Crandall brought the conversation back to the present. “You stole more than $50bn from the VA and gave it to the Ukrainian government. That money was slotted to help wounded American soldiers, to supply care for their dependents, and was part of the VA housing assistance program.”

“I did.”

“And did Obama order you to do this?” Vice Adm. Crandall asked.

“No, not directly. He’s not that careless. Instructions are sent from an anonymous number to burner phones, which we destroy, incinerate, right after.”

“Mr. McDonough, we have your confession, we have your emails, we have copies of financial wire transactions authorized by you to arrange the transfer of funds to the Ukrainian government in Kyiv. If you’re withholding information, this really is your last chance. It could save your life,” Vice Adm. Crandall said.

But McDonough didn’t budge, said he had shared with the tribunal all that he knew. Rivulets of tears streamed down his face.

“I really believe that money was meant to help wounded Ukrainian soldiers,” he said.

Vice Adm. Crandall asked the panel to consider the evidence and to reach a verdict. All three said McDonough was guilty of treason, and they recommended he get the maximum punishment—death—for his treasonous crimes.

Two days later, on 24 July, a U.S. Marine who had been screened by the Office of Military Commissions fulfilled his oath to the Constitution. McDonough had said he “didn’t want to see it coming,” and was thus blindfolded.

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America (Pronouns Was/Were)

Russian officials are openly mocking America’s embrace of transgenderism, taunting the United States to “keep going”.

The ridicule came after a photo of transgender Assistant Health Secretary Rachel Levine and non-binary Deputy Assistant Nuclear Energy Secretary Sam Brinton went viral last week.

trans America

The queer duo were pictured visiting the French ambassador’s home to celebrate Bastille Day. Brinton posted the picture on Instagram with the caption …

Week 4 On The Job: Champagne and Celebration with the French Ambassador in his residence for Bastille Day. (But also the amazing opportunity to connect with one of the only other transgender government officials, Admiral Levine — not gonna lie, it felt great to commiserate with a fellow trans person facing the hate)

Brinton’s Instagram has since been set to private, but not before the photo was widely circulated.


Russia‘s United Nations diplomat Dmirty Polyanskiy reposted the photo with the caption:

“Keep going that way, our dear American ex-partners! I don’t think we even need any long-term strategies to counter your malicious role in the world — you are doing the right thing yourselves! And let the whole world see WhoYouAre!”

Russian Foreign Affairs communications official Maria Zakharova also reposted the photo, adding …

“Answer the question honestly for yourself: Are these the values that you are ready to instill in your children? Or do we still fight for our own?”

Clearly, the Russians didn’t realise the correct response was to exclaim: “Stunning. Brave. Inspirational.”

Russians should be marvelling at how the US has overcome ableism by electing a demented president. “Stunning. Brave. Incontinent.”

But I digress.

Wrong Focus

It remains a mystery why President Biden chose Levine and Brinton to represent the US in France last week, rather than with him in Saudi Arabia.

Sam Brinton, the son of Baptist missionaries, describes himself as a gender-fluid LGBT+ activist. He is also a drag queen and a “pup” fetishist.

This is from a biography Brinton supplied to LGBTQ Religious Archives Network website:

“Sam has worn stilettos to Congress to advise legislators about nuclear policy.”

It’s telling that Brinton is at pains to point out, not that he advised Congress on nuclear policy, but that he wore high heels while doing it.

And that goes to the key objection many people have about Brinton and Levine representing America internationally. They seem more intent on representing transgenderism than America.

And if they are representing America, what impression are they giving our allies and, more importantly, our foes?

Sam Brinton wrote of himself:

“Brinton shows young persons that they can be who they are and gives them courage. Once, while they were walking around Disney World in 6 inch stilettos with a boyfriend, a young gay boy saw Sam with the boyfriend and started crying. He told his mother, ‘It’s true, Mom. we can be our own princess here.’”

The Russians got a different message from Brinton’s 6-inch stilettos.

Instead of being inspired by Brinton to believe they too can be princesses, the Russians have decided that they are battling a nation of princesses.

“America. Pronouns was/were” was one of the more succinct replies to the Russian official’s mocking tweets.

It’s one thing to insist Levine and Brinton have the right to live as they please
(which of course they do), but it’s another thing to believe it wise to make them the face of America abroad when the world teeters on the edge of World War Three.

Biden projects princesses when he needs to be projecting power.


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