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The narratives discussed at the United Nations climate summit, this year dubbed COP26, are tightly controlled and happily spun by a media that largely agrees with the collection of world leaders.

Outside of the conference, however, things are more real: fossil fuel guzzling generators powering technology, green car chargers that are only for show, sand being watered so elites don’t get their shoes dusty.

On last night’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra reflected on some of the moment’s Sheila Gunn Reid covered in her past trips to these conferences, and some from this year in Glasgow, Scotland, where Rebel News’ Lewis Brackpool is on the scene covering the event.

Speaking about Rebel’s coverage, Ezra said:

Sheila asked too many questions, they didn’t allow her back [inside after her coverage]. But that was actually a blessing in disguise. You see, what happens inside these conferences is scripted and managed and spun. You don’t actually learn anything other than the government’s talking points which we already know.

But outside, free to poke around, you can learn things.

The pandemic cancelled the annual global warming conference last year, you’d think they’d just have stuck with Zoom or Skype, electronic meetings. But you see, they love travel and they love to meet in person, like we all do — like all humans do. We don’t want to live our entire lives in front of a screen.

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