The Poland-Belarus Mess Reflects Hypocrisy of the EU and Merkel’s Gameplaying [VIDEO]

ER Editor: What is the deep political undertone to the border mess between Poland and Belarus? Here is analysis by The Duran team of Alexander Mercouris and Alex Christoforou. Mercouris: it is entirely a product […]
The post The Poland-Belarus Mess Reflects Hypocrisy of the EU…

ER Editor: What is the deep political undertone to the border mess between Poland and Belarus? Here is analysis by The Duran team of Alexander Mercouris and Alex Christoforou.

  • Mercouris: it is entirely a product of EU policies. On the one hand, the EU has set up itself as the great welcoming place that wants refugees. It’s an image that it’s promoted of itself. Germany gives this impression very strongly. Kurds on the border with Poland are wanting to get to Germany. On the other, it’s done deals with various governments on the EU borders to control the migrant flows, such as Turkey and Belarus. But last year it supported the overthrow of the Lukashenko government and applied sanctions on Belarus! It also tore up all the border control agreements it had made with Belarus. So Lukashenko turned around and refused to adhere to border agreements already torn up by the EU. So does the EU want migrants or not? They criticize govts who are resistant to these policies, but then make agreements with Turkey, for example, to prevent migrants coming in. And if one of these countries does something ‘offensive’, the EU reacts against them.
  • Christoforou: There’s so much hypocrisy here on the part of the EU. Migrants that want to enter Hungary are ‘good’ while Orban is bad. But migrants that want to enter Poland via Belarus are not welcome and the Belarussians are bad. Mercouris: yes, it is hypocrisy. It’s the national leaders that the EU has issues with, such as Orban. So Orban is ‘bad’. AND they don’t like Lukashenko either. It’s a mass of contradictions.
  • Belarus is sanctioned by not being allowed to have planes landing in Belarus (starting with the Ryanair problem of a plane landing in Minsk). Von der Leyen is going to do this to planes landing from OUTSIDE the EU, too. Doesn’t the EU realize that these sanctions will cause RETALIATION by Lukashenko?? Mercouris: they are incapable of seeing this logic. The EU just punishes and sanctions, and countries accept it until they no longer do. The EU is never prepared for retaliation, either. When countries react, the EU just sanctions more! It’s always more of the same producing the same results.
  • Poland and Lithuania are the two most affected countries: these govts could exert their own sovereignty over the EU demands made of them and refuse to get involved in election interference in neighbouring countries (e.g. Belarus). Instead, they got involved in these elections and took in opposition protestors in Belarus for the EU. It was bad policy from Poland and Lithuania. Mercouris: what drives these govts is their visceral loathing of Russia. Instead, they should have maintained friendly relations with Belarus and Lukashenko. Lukashenko always sought good relations with these countries, in fact. But P & L meddled in Belarus’ affairs because THEY wanted to detach Belarus from Russia. Russia is always the underlying issue. This approach would always cause problems, so they wrecked relations with Belarus and now are paying the price with Lukashenko. Russia is not threatening P & L. Poland and Lithuanian leaders are not thinking it through. And they got played by Angela Merkel all the time, who incited them to provoke Belarus and Russia indirectly, while she herself has made deals with Russia (e.g. over Nord Stream II).
  • Von der Leyen is now actively trying to isolate Belarus in terms of planes from other countries not being able to land in Minsk, not just from Europe. Why doesn’t she speak to Lukashenko and figure it out? Belarus is smack in the middle of the European area geographically. Why doesn’t she go in and diplomatically figure it out? Is it another excuse to demonize Russia and keep on funding NATO? Mercouris: these people are ideologues, not rational. The EU is an ideological project. Von der Leyen could send an envoy to Minsk to sort things out. But she won’t, and will continue an isolationist policy. And it’s absurd because Russia and Belarus have signed integration agreements that China will support.
  • Is there a cunning plan behind this? Mercouris: if there is, I can’t understand it!

Angela Merkel-EU sanction policy leads to Belarus-Poland border crisis
The Duran: Episode 1136

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