Trudeau dines with Dutch PM Mark Rutte after Canadian health bureaucrats ordered to eat lunch alone

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A photograph of Justin Trudeau dining with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte published in the Canadian Press shows the two enjoying an intimate lunch, nearly sharing the same side of the table. The photograph was taking during Trudeau’s visit the Netherlands this last month.

No masks were evident anywhere in the picture.

According to a report in Blacklock’s, new advice to federal health department bureaucrats back on Canadian soil will be implemented starting November 15 and cautions workers to eat alone:

Of 268,000 employees in core departments a total 255,533 or 95 per cent are fully vaccinated, with another three per cent partially vaccinated. Recommendations included:

  • spacing all desks six feet apart even if every employee is vaccinated;
  • mandating the wearing of masks in elevators;
  • requiring that employees eat lunch “with as few other people as possible”;
  • having managers keep doors open in meetings to “maximize ventilation.”

Although Canadian government workers are ordered to distance and eat at the bad kids table, in October, while at G20 meetings in Rome, Trudeau was caught maskless in a crowd on stage for a G20 leader’s “family photo.”

During public appearances back in Canada, including those during Remembrance Day events outdoors, Trudeau routinely dons a face covering for domestic cameras.

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