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This past weekend on my way to Toronto’s weekly freedom rally that takes place at Queens park every Saturday, I came across a large crowd of Ukrainian Canadians and their supporters outside of the U.S. consulate.

Canada has the largest Ukrainian population outside of the Ukraine itself and Russia, with over 1.3 million Canadians of Ukrainian descent across the country. That’s why when we all heard the news when Putin invaded Ukraine last week, it personally affected the families of many Canadians whose families are directly impacted.

Canada takes over $600 million dollars of Russian oil every year, but suppresses our own ethical oil coming from Western Canada through the cancellation of pipelines, the federal carbon tax and more.

Even America has done the same, in 2021 President Biden cancelled the Keystone XL pipeline, increasing reliance on Russian oil as well. Sign our petition at if you agree that it’s in the interest of both of our countries to build the pipeline and not rely on foreign influence for our energy demands.

I asked protesters what their thoughts were on Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, what can Canada do and if we should stop importing Russian oil as part of our sanctions.

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