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Former Beaches-East York Conservative candidate Lisa Robinson is a huge Halloween fan. And so it is that she created a delightfully horrific display at her residence in Pickering, Ontario. She has invested hundreds of hours of her time and has easily spent more than $10,000 of her own money to create a Halloween attraction that would not be out of place at a major theme park.

Better yet, since the display attracts hundreds of visitors, Lisa decided to monetize the attraction in order to raise funds for a worthy cause, namely, Sick Kids Hospital. She charges $4 for entry and if patrons want to make donations, they’re welcome to do so.

By mid-October, Lisa had raised more than $2,000 for the hospital and was en route to raising thousands more.

A win-win good news story, right?

Not quite.

You see, Lisa says she recently received a phone call from Sick Kids Hospital from someone named Samantha (no surname given).

Samantha’s call had little to do with thanking Lisa for her fundraising efforts; rather, Samantha went on to grill Lisa on her “COVID-19 protocols” (i.e., what was Lisa doing to ensure visitors to her outdoor attraction were following masking, vaccination, and social distancing mandates.)

Wow! As the saying goes: it’s one thing to look a gift horse in the mouth – it’s quite another thing to kick its teeth in! (We reached out to the media relations department at Sick Kids Hospital, but at time of writing, our requests for an interview went unfulfilled.)

In any event, thanks to Samantha’s attitude, Lisa has since switched gears and is now raising money for another charity that is actually appreciative of her efforts (namely, the Kids Help Phone.)

Of note, Lisa still plans to donate the $2K+ she raised to Sick Kids Hospital given that is how she originally advertised her display.

Yet, what a gruesome tale, indeed! Halloween is all about ghosts and goblins, werewolves and vampires, mummies and zombies. But you want to know what’s really scary these days? It’s the “COVID-Karens” — those ungrateful, meddling busybodies who revel in making our lives miserable. 

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