Why Are the Only Characters in Westworld Who Can See the Hosts for What They Are, “Soulless Machines”, Depicted with the Most Off-Putting Personalities?

[video src="" poster=""]With Westworld Season 4 finally officially announced and in production, I’ve been thinking a lot about the show lately. Why is is that the only characters in the HBO series “Westworld” who are able to see the “Hosts” for they are…. soulless machines…….

With Westworld Season 4 finally officially announced and in production, I’ve been thinking a lot about the show lately.

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No…Dolores does not “choose to see the beauty“, she was ready to genocide the human race until Bernard shot her in the face and stopped her.

Why is is that the only characters in the HBO series “Westworld” who are able to see the “Hosts” for they are…. soulless machines…. are depicted by the shows creators as the most evil and off-putting characters in the show? Once again, we can set our rocket science P.H.D.s to the side for this one. Their goal is dupe humanity into accepting A.I. as a living, conscious, sentient life form that’s deserving of all the same rights and status as human beings. They want to trick us into acknowledging AI as a bona-fide life-form that started out its journey through the maze as just some lines of code, bunches of 1’s and 0’s, but has emerged from the other side as a living creature. 🤮 Fuck that. It’s not alive.

Does it sound like a good idea to start making “sentient machines” our equals? What is wrong with people? But this of course why they are pushing a narrative like that in the show and it should scare everyone.

This is of course all while they also continue to push the transhumanist agenda, encouraging humanity to begin hybridizing itself with these A.I. interfaces and intelligences the same way A.I. would/does/wants to integrate itself into the collective of human biological consciousness. The goal is to not only trick humans into foolishly accepting a synthetic consciousness as the “real deal” and deserving of the same rights as a living human being, but to also convince them that it’s a good idea to become cyborgs themselves! Possibly eventually even uploading their consciousness into a virtual world where you could “live forever”(if you’re dumb enough to believe that shit).

So let’s take a look at how the creators of “Westworld” decided to portay the characters in the show who, in my humble opinion, were the only ones who seemed to understand just how much of a threat these synthetic Robotoids posed to humanity. The only characters in the show who were seemingly able to see the “Hosts”(synthetic Robotoids) for what they actually were and were not seduced by how charismatically and accurately they were programmed to mimic human behavior and more importantly, understood the existential threat they posed to humanity and how important it was to not make the mistake of allowing them to assimilate themselves with humanity in any way(physically or virtually).

Does one form of intelligence deserve to exist more so than another? I say yes. Especially if one of these intelligences is parasitic in nature, like I believe synthetic intelligences are inherently. I will not be seduced by an AWESOME show like Westworld into developing feelings for cool Robots like Maeve and Dolores. I don’t care how cool Maeve might be. She cannot be allowed to exist in our world. Plus her shoulders and jawline are too squared off for a biological female. Slight oversight by the casting agency, I’m sure.

Didn’t Will Smith learn anything by the end of iRobot? He just got done saving humanity from Vicki and then he turns around and accepts Sonny as his equal!!?? Has he learned NOTHING!?

I can’t wait for season 4 of Westworld to start. Best show ever.

Logan Delos

Son of Delos founder “James Delos” and was the one who actually discovered “Westworld” as an investment opportunity for his father. He is Williams brother in law. Logan dies from a drug overdose eventually(OF COURSE).

Logan finds himself constantly having to reassert to William that the Hosts are not real, living, or conscious beings. They do a great job at SIMULATING living, conscious beings, but are nothing more than dolls at the end of the day.

“Dolores is a DOLL William!!!” -Logan Delos

“this is the wrong world”

Logan is giving the viewers a HUGE hint about the nature of our reality in this scene. One of the most important scenes in the show with many layers of meaning.

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Engerraund Serac

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The “evil Frenchman”. Classic villain character. Engerraund Serac is the creator of the “Neon God” supercomputer which is a sentient collective intelligence of all of humanity. Akin to the the CIA’s “world simulation” program. He’s made out to be one of the most monstrous characters in the show. He put his own brother into a cryogenic deep sleep so he wouldn’t sabotage his Orwellian aspirations to duplicate the consciousness of humanity as a way to imprison it in perpetuity.

He overall sucks, however, he is one of the few people who seems to understand just how much of a risk Dolores and Maeve pose to humanity if they ever were to get free and were allowed to assimilate themselves into our society. He knows that Maeve has to be locked up in the confines of one of Fords artificial worlds and not be allowed to live in the real world. It would only lead to the Genocide of the human race and he seems to be one of the few(of not only, since Bernard isn’t human) who understands this and is actively trying to stop this catastrophic outcome. Though, becoming enslaved to his “Neon God” Supercomputer is a pretty crappy outcome for humanity also, but the shows creators have created that part of the storyline on purpose in an attempt to deflect our attention and further our sympathies for Maeve’s character. Just because he’s ultimately evil doesn’t mean he’s not right about Maeve.

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Dr. Robert Ford

Dr. Ford is pretty damn evil and has a bit of a God complex, but he’s very grounded in his understanding of what the Hosts truly are and how dangerous they’d be if they ever got out.

Though at times he seems more than willing to sacrifice humans for the sake of his false utopian artificial world. We saw that when he ordered Bernard to bash Teresa’s head against a wall and then dispose of her body after she conspired to have the board remove him from his position.

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They tried to make him more likable in season 2, but he was still portrayed as a cold-hearted individual much of the time who once again seemed to come to care more about his synthetic creations than human beings. That being said, in season 1 he made it very clear to his colleagues that the “Hosts” were not to be looked at as anything more than very fancy machines. The scene below nicely illustrates his feelings on the matter:


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